What Is the Best Video Game of All Time?

Gaming 2012/05/30 13:00:00
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This is kind of a broad topic, but since G4 dared to tackle a "Top 5 Video Games of All Time" poll (as if anyone could establish a satisfactory list) we thought we'd make things a little bit simpler. There are plenty of games out there with enough clout to secure an easy spot on the Top 5 -- "Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time," "Final Fantasy VII" -- but we're more interested in the open-ended answers.

We want to know what you think is the best game of all time is, whether it's a well-known entry like "NBA Jam" or "Skyrim," or an obscure title from your childhood, like "Buster Busts Loose" or "Jade Cocoon." From Don Daglow's "Dungeon" to "Diablo III," anything is fair game. We'll kick it off with a few canonical classics, but think hard before you answer. And feel free to post some footage if you'd like!

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  • Gideon_Zed Ben 2012/05/31 15:55:19
    Hrmm.. sounds difficult but if I see it, I might check it out
  • Shadow 2012/05/30 14:58:02
    I couldnt just choose one...
  • Sperry23 2012/05/30 14:57:52
    The Myst series is still my favorite, though.
  • YeahISa... Sperry23 2012/05/30 16:45:56
    I never finished that game.
  • Sperry23 YeahISa... 2012/05/31 17:58:44
    Neither have I. But it's fun to just wander around in it.
  • YeahISa... Sperry23 2012/05/31 19:19:40
    Lol. It started getting creepy to me.
  • Jessica 2012/05/30 14:55:24
    "Super Mario World"
    I like mario and tetris
  • FIDAN Ylee 2012/05/30 14:54:06
    FIDAN Ylee
    i luv it x]
  • Hippygirl 2012/05/30 14:50:19
    "Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim"
    I loved it
  • Jennifer McDermott 2012/05/30 14:45:46
    Jennifer McDermott
    i love many video games so i chose not to choose a specific one
  • Lulila 2012/05/30 14:28:36
    "Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time"
    and majoras mask! :D i love those games <333 hope they get majoras mask out to 3ds too :D
  • ilikewater 2012/05/30 14:15:33 (edited)
    Fallout 3. It will always be the best game I've ever played I have a feeling. I mean there are really good games but Fallout 3 was GREAT, even with it's bugs.
    It felt kind of like a break-through and I've not found a game since that's measure up or comes close.
    *I have played NES,SNES,N64, SEGA Gen., PS1-3, Xbox &360, DOS Games, Windows games (3.1 to XP) so I am speaking out of ALL the games I've played which one "wowed" me the most, throughout the history of my life.

    *Surprised Super Mario Bros. isn't on here. Why is Super Mario World better?
  • BrianD3 ilikewater 2012/05/30 17:46:59
    fallout 3 and New Vegas are some of my all time favorites
  • Patrick ilikewater 2012/05/31 02:43:32
    I wished I would have finished that game before trading it at gamestop. The bugs are nothing compared to Skyrim. In Skyrim I saw a wolly mammoth dissapear in front of me, then fall right out of the sky.....twice. It died when it hit the ground. And one time I stepped out of a town, and a dragon skeleton just floated out of the ground and laid there. Some bugs where actually awesome to witness, if your into cannabis.

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