What Is The Best And Worst Movie You Have Ever Seen? And Why?

VoodooDemon 2010/07/29 17:15:16

Remember, people. The "why" is the most important part. Your opinion will mean nothing unless you explain yourself.

It looks like I will have to do an example because almsot no one seems to get it:

Best movie: Let the Right One In
In a time when crappy vampire love stories are the big thing, it's nice to see one that is interesting and engaging. The two main characters, Oskar and Eli, are a joy to watch. Oskar is a young boy who is hounded by bullies who torment him at school. He secretly seeks revenge and it's not in the form of some stupid prank. He is so driven by hatred for these boys that he wants them dead. Oskar wants to torture them the way they tortured him. However, he never feels like he can. The best thing about Oskar is that he is relatable in this sense. Those of us who are bullied sometimes want to get revenge on our tormenters but rarely do so.
Eli is a vampire who has been stuck in the body of a 12-year-old for a very long time. She is lonely and longs for companionship. Despite her warnings to Oskar, the two soon become close friends and that friendship soon blossoms into a romance. The romance between the two characters. It makes sense why they are attracted to one another. They are each the friend that the other never had.

Worst: Bratz (2007)
I feel ashamed that I ever watched this movie but a friend forced me to endure it because she used to love the Bratz. Once it was over, it took every ounce of my strength not to strangle her and demand to know why she made me sit through this piece fo crap.
Our four main characters are devoid of any personality. While the movie is supposed to be about the importance of friendship, it fails because it seems that the only thing these girls are obsessed with is fashion. Also, the performances from the main actresses are absolutely terrible.
It's a superficial piece of crap filled with stereotypes. The school they go to is divided into cliques and each person in that clique is a walking stereotype. The geeks, the cheerleaders, the goths (who act more like the "emo" stereotype), the tree huggers, the jocks, and so forth. Is there really any high school like that? I doubt it.
Also, did you know Jon Voight is in this movie? I sh*t you not. That's right, Academy Award winner Jon Voight is in a movie based on a sh*tty line of toys that promote superficiality. That's like putting Dakota Fanning in a movie about sparkly vampires!...Yeah, we're doomed.
This movie does every cliche in the book. The bitchy blonde antagonist, the self-righteous main characters, the romance that is devoid of any chemistry, the scene where everyone hates the main character and ditches her thus slowing down the movie, the make up scene where everyone forgives her, the scene where the main characters put the blonde bitch in her place, etc.
Do not go see this movie. It's a piece of sh*t.

Now, your review doesn't necessarily have to be as long as mine. Just a few things will do. You can just talk about the plot, characters, actors, theme, setting, or anything else.
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  • aaliya 2011/01/10 05:59:11 (edited)
  • classact-11 2010/08/02 15:11:59
    best= one night in paris worst= harry potter
  • VoodooD... classac... 2010/08/02 15:50:22
  • classac... VoodooD... 2010/08/02 15:51:18
  • VoodooD... classac... 2010/08/02 15:53:49
    Could you tell me why you liked One Night in Paris and didn't like Harry Potter?
  • classac... VoodooD... 2010/08/02 15:55:11
    it was funny
  • VoodooD... classac... 2010/08/02 16:07:30
    And why didn't you like Harry Potter?
  • classac... VoodooD... 2010/08/02 16:10:17
    because... i just didnt.
  • VoodooD... classac... 2010/08/02 16:13:26
    There has to be a reason. Plot? Characters? Acting?

    There must be some reason why it's the WORST movie you've ever seen.
  • classac... VoodooD... 2010/08/02 18:47:09
    i read the books and imagined harry hotter in my mind...thats the real erason.not that daniel radcliff isnt hot. but i just imagined something different
  • whitewulf--the unruly mobster 2010/08/02 14:41:33 (edited)
  • enjoythepoison 2010/08/02 13:02:09 (edited)
    Best - War of the Worlds
    Why? Because it's original... And it's scary if it really happens

    Worst - Fire & Ice
    The effects are bad. The editing is bad. The costumes are... Bad. You can see that they didn't even try their best to make that movie...
  • Zach 2010/08/02 12:35:14
    Best movie - Good Fellas
    movie fellas

    I think this is one of the best movies because the cast was great. The movie is based off the book Wise Guys which is a true story written about the life of Henry Hill. Henry Hill was a half Italian, half Irish mobster. The movie shows his life from getting into the mob to getting into the Witness Protection Program. The acting was great, it followed the book very well, overall great movie. Plus it is a true story so makes it more believable.

    Worst movie - One Missed Call
    protection program acting book movie true story believable movie missed
    This is a sad attempt at a horror movie. First off it is not scary. Its plot is terrible and the acting is horrendous. I had to watch it twice and I truly despise the movie.
  • Ara 2010/08/01 23:27:41
  • angel_of_madness 2010/08/01 14:15:28
    hard to pick...

    Best: Shawshank Redemption

    prison movie set in the 60s in one of the worst prisons. An inncocent man is blamed for the murder of his wife and her lover and incarcerated.
    The film has interesting and various characters, a sad melancholy but also a message of hope.
    Also shows how one man doesn't except his fate.
    Best line: Get busy living, or get busy dying.
    Based on the novel by Stephen King. The actors are Tim Robbins, Morgan Freeman as the main characters.

    Worst: Glitter

    anything with Mariah Carey trying to act but failing is seriously bad.
  • Cindy 2010/08/01 09:35:13
    Best Movie : I love you , man !
    Worst Movie Coco Chanel
  • VoodooD... Cindy 2010/08/01 17:39:04
  • Cindy VoodooD... 2010/08/01 18:23:44
    because it was boring for me
  • VoodooD... Cindy 2010/08/02 01:08:05
    And what's your reasons for liking I Love You, Man?
  • Cindy VoodooD... 2010/08/02 07:31:15
    because is funny .... i think that you didn't see it if you are asking this .... check it out , please
  • VoodooD... Cindy 2010/08/02 15:04:01
    I will. But even if I did, the point of this question was to get YOUR opinion.
  • panda in bandanna 2010/08/01 05:58:20
    panda in bandanna
    worst:Dragonball evolution---its not even close to the cartoon series
    best: (good enough) taken,shooter--action, just full of action
  • kissbeth 2010/08/01 05:37:39
    best movie goes to Legend. It was my very favorite when I was younger. I loved that Jack loved Lillie not matter what she did. She was able to resist the dark lord and all his evils to set the unicorn free.

    worst movie goes to Walking Tall. I hate predictable movies. Through the whole first half that I watched I was just itching to hit the stop button. I love The Rock, but this movie was not very good at all.
  • Sam 2010/08/01 05:22:12
    Best: The Hangover
    Its hilarious and about a hangover. The storyline is amazing and I don't know one person who's seen it who hasn't loved it.

    Worst: Push
    I don't even know what to say. It simply didn't make sense. Oh yeah, and I HATE Dakota Fanning....

    My opinion on Dakota Fanning:
    You can't start being an actress at like 10 and then when you're 16 expect people to think you're old enough to have mature roles.
  • VoodooD... Sam 2010/08/01 17:58:32 (edited)
    Well, let me be the first to speak out and say that I actually didn't like The Hangover. I didn't think the jokes were funny at all. The only one I liked was the one said by Tambor's character at the beginning of the film: "Rememer, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas...except for Herpes. That sh*t will come back to get you." (I think that's how it went)

    I don't know. Maybe it's because I'm not into that kind of humor.

    Thank you for sharing though.
  • Zach Sam 2010/08/02 12:15:58
    I thought Push was a really interesting movie. And Dakota Fanning didn't have an adult role in that film?
  • Sam Zach 2010/08/02 17:17:45
    Sorta....but in films like The Runaways where she's a lesbian and stuff...
  • Zach Sam 2010/08/03 06:09:54
    Yeah but she still played a teenager in that movie.
  • Ben 2010/08/01 05:18:43
    Worst Movie: Smokey and the Bandit 2. I serious don't know what they were thinking when they wrote that script. How can anyone possibly think that you can improve on the first Smokey and the Bandit movie by adding an elephant? Epic Failure!

    Best Movie: Although it's not my favorite movie, I would have to say Avatar stands out. It was beautifully filmed and written. I was intriguing and it kept your attention. And the $2 billion plus gross kinda speaks for itself.
  • Mithol 2010/08/01 04:35:56
    Best: It's A Wonderful Life (1946). My favourite movie ever. It's got such a great message and it's such a wonderful story. It gets so emotional and you feel awful for the character and then it gets so happy. Seriously, if you're ever feeling depressed then you should watch it. There may be better movies, but I can't think of them right now because It's A Wonderful Life is my personal favourite.

    Worst: Step Brothers (2008). Saw it at a friend's house. The only reason I didn't leave was because my pants were in the dryer still and I wasn't sure I had a BAC of zero in order to drive home yet. But I stuck it out to the end and the only benefit I got from that movie was that from now on I can say with perfect surety that it is the worst movie ever made. It was not funny. It was gross. There was no wit. There was no humour. It was just a bunch of gratuitous trash talk with no plot made for an incredibly dumb audience with no sense of humour.
  • Mike 2010/08/01 00:42:29
    Worst movie ever: Lost Highway by David Lynch

    There's no explaining how terrible this film is unless you've seen a David Lynch film before.

    This movie is done from a dream-state type of perspective. Each scene barely has anything to do with the next, from the start of the movie until the end of it. Nothing truly makes sense but there's just enough cohesion to consider it a film,

    and this is what makes it the worst. The director tries to make it into a movie that has so much depth that no one can really "truly" understand what the director/writer was thinking... when in TRUTH it's just a bunch of random scenes strung along into a 2 1/2 hour long pile of crap
  • KendraT... Mike 2010/08/01 05:54:26
  • KendraTaylor 2010/07/31 23:23:52 (edited)
  • Mithol KendraT... 2010/08/01 04:40:03
    I agree with you on the awesomeness and loveableness of Nimoy, Pacino and Jeremy Irons. I have had intense crushes on all of them at various times.

    Did you know that Leonard Nimoy is married to Michael Bay's cousin?
  • KendraT... Mithol 2010/08/01 05:53:08
    really! Eek, I feel sorry that he's related to the Bay Family. Gawd, I hate Bay.

    but Oh! I forgot to add Star Trek IX to my list. Nimoy, Nichols, Shatner, and Deforest Kelley were icons, but I think Zachary Quinto, Zoe Saldana, Chris Pine, and Keith Urban (as well as Anton Yelchin) all have made places in history and defined their Alternate characters.

    Pacino is just fantastic and doesn't need explanations.

    Jeremy Irons is hot til this day and his voice is like. aaah!he makes me wish I was John McClane so Simone would call me :o
    -kendra <3
  • Junior the Outer Space Musi... 2010/07/31 21:31:43
    Junior the Outer Space Music Man
    Best movie: Lord of The Rings :Return of the King

    When I first saw this movie, I thought how much Peter Jackson tried to capture the essence of what J.R.R. Tolkien was trying to say in his stories and Peter Jackson did a marvelous job at it as well. The scenery is magnificent, the acting is very good, the soundtrack is great(especially Into The West). And I still believe to this day the Aragorn scene at the Black Gate is one of the best scenes in movies today. Most people thought this film got it's 11 Academy Awards because the other two didn't, but I believe that was a bunch of crap. This film deserved EVERYONE of those Academy

    Worst movie: Last Action Hero

    What a waste of the 6 dollars I paid for this movie. I was just about ready to walk out. That is how angry I was, and it is very hard to get me angry. What a waste of the talent that is Arnold Schwarzenegger. The acting was horrible, it looked like EVERYONE was reading from cue cards and not basing their acting on their own talents. Basically just about the only thing that kept me in the theater was Arnold. The villain was the most horrible villain I ever seen in movies. When I got home after this disaster of a movie, I listened to music all night just to get this monstrosity of a movie out of my head.
  • ♫Alex Marie Armstrong Hoppus♫ 2010/07/31 17:47:59
    ♫Alex Marie Armstrong Hoppus♫
    alice in wonderland(not the old version, by the way.) robin hood: men in thights. why? because alice has alot of adventure and its not that much 4 lil kids. men in thights: just because its funny.
  • KMarieNieto 2010/07/31 16:01:55
    Best Movie: The Rocky Horror Picture Show

    It completely bypassed mainstream success and took over the Underground strictly by word-of-mouth. I would LOVE that kind of cult success for my own works! The soundtrack was awesome, the lyrics completely poetic and the music beautiful; "The Time Warp" is just pure zany fun. The plot and characters were insane, which is a breath of fresh air in our world of cardboard movies and the actors had REAL talent. The costumes, make-up, setting, and overall feel was deliciously Gothic. Overall, a work of art that runs like a poem.

    Worst Movie: The Ugly Truth

    The characters were stupid, the situation was unexplained and stupid, and the outcome predictable. For me and my female cousin, both of us independent and intelligent women, it was physically painful to watch a misogynist treat his female boss like an inferior in her own studio, in front of her own employees, and get away with it! It was even more painful to watch her turn around and let him coach her personal love life. The reasons for that were completely unexplained and unrelatable. We had to turn it off ten minutes in; I've never done that to a movie before.
  • kissbeth KMarieN... 2010/08/01 05:38:44
    I LOVE Rocky Horror Picture Show!!! I was just watching this on netflix yesterday!!!!
  • cupcakes 2010/07/31 15:28:06
    my best movie would be the harry potter series
    my worst would have to be avatar the last air bender they could even say the main characters name right

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