What is the back cover of a book called?

Jessie 2009/10/17 00:19:09
Ok I know, stupid question but I seriously forgot.. please don't be too harsh lol
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  • My Name is to cool to know! 2012/09/12 17:52:33
    My Name is to cool to know!
    idk but i have forgotten it in welsh as well!! i think its a blurb..... im not really sure!! I went to a welsh primary and highschool so i should remember it in welsh but that was 7 years from now and i never thought about it!!
  • R ~In Harry Potter I Trust~ 2009/10/17 01:08:12
    R ~In Harry Potter I Trust~
    When it has a summary of the story its called a blurb if not then I guess its called the back cover lol.
  • riot girl 2009/10/17 00:23:20
    riot girl
    umm i dont know!!! i'm so confuse in this moment,, and you ask this question!! WHAT HAPPEN TO THE WORLD!!!
  • Jessie riot girl 2009/10/17 00:27:44
    lol, I guess it wasn't a stupid question after all. I thought I was going to get flutered with mail that states how stupid I am.. lol.. Unless I just have the question of the day??
  • kevracer 2009/10/17 00:22:05
  • Jessie kevracer 2009/10/17 00:29:41
    really? I thought there was another name but the definition matches your word so thank you!
  • secretmoon 2009/10/17 00:20:51
    well i just call it the back of the book cover.
  • paenitentia 2009/10/17 00:19:53
    I don't know, but the description is called a synopsis if that's what you mean. ^.^
  • Jessie paenite... 2009/10/17 00:24:17
    Is that what it is? I'm pretty sure there was like a word for the back cover and the description that goes along with it but I'm just lost for words right now. Thank you for that though maybe that's the answer I'm looking for I just don't know it yet. lol..
  • paenite... Jessie 2009/10/17 00:25:50
    The description is definitely a synopsis, not sure about the actual back cover though...
  • paenite... paenite... 2009/10/17 00:27:12
    It can also be called a blurb. :D
  • Jessie paenite... 2009/10/17 00:40:02
    a blurb? that's like an advertisement sorta thing right? that's good but I think the word I was looking for was endpaper which I guess describes itself. lol. And the definition matches the most to it too. Your word helps too. Thanks again! =)
  • Amy Col... Jessie 2014/08/04 03:45:23
    Amy Collins
    I thought it was called an excerpt...

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