What is prettier Green eyes or Blue eyes?

Girlies 2009/08/01 03:44:42
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  • PurrrfectEVE 2015/03/21 16:07:20
    you lucky ones! i wish i had green or blue eyes. mine are chestnut brown with blue rims. but i believe the shape is more important than the color.
  • callie 2014/11/16 02:23:07
    I personally think blue eyes are ugly and WAY over rated. I have green eyes and I am happy that I do. Green eyes are not as appreciated as they should be.
  • lauren 2013/10/26 23:07:31
    I have bright green eyes long black hair and I'm from England xx I like both though but I have to stick with the green
  • Left 2013/07/24 23:19:28
    The funny thing is, that most people consider brown eyes ugly because they're to "common". Red Albino eyes are the most uncommon, yet i've never heard someone call that pretty. I don't get the 'Blue-eyes-are-more-attractive' hype. Common colors don't have to be ugly. Example; Caucasian/White is the most common skin color on earth. Yet it's the most attractive/dominant skin color.
  • Sarah 2013/02/24 16:03:15
    I have graphite to cloud grey eyes with a green tinge and I Love grey eyes but I think all eyes are beautiful! My sister has beautiful hazel ones and my mum - a little like you has greeny grey eyes with a darkish blue rim. It is so strange because I only realised today that the reason I always thought hers were bluey grey was because of the rim yet her eyes are really greyish green - they are so pretty! I also always thought brown eyes are really pretty!
  • Feras 2012/09/21 00:10:36
    I have green eye and blue eye in my face and brown eye in my,,,,,,,,,,
  • Christina 2011/12/17 00:56:35
    Blue and green are two of my favorite colors!!! So blue eyes our beautiful. Green eyes are amazing. Brown eyes our cute. They remind me of a little pupies eyes. Hazel eyes are fablous. blue eyes green eyes brown eyes hazel eyes labdor puppy
  • Jay-Wilson 2011/10/03 01:32:19
    I think Green eyes are amazing - my eyes are a terrible Hazelly Brown colour, but if anybody with deep emerald eyes looks at me I just can't look away!

    But, as a close second, a pale steely blue/grey eye can be just as beautiful :)

    Having said that, colour isn't as important as the strength of the look, the eyes are "the window to the soul" so it's not what you see outside, it's what you see inside that truly makes an impact on people.
  • Lilly XoXo 2011/08/10 03:23:33
    Lilly XoXo
    Brown is sexy! brown sexy brown sexy Blue is a little scary!
  • Lilly XoXo Lilly XoXo 2011/08/10 03:24:14
  • Lilly XoXo Lilly XoXo 2011/08/10 03:24:46
  • L.D.L 2011/07/03 03:20:33
    Brown!!! Because brown eyes have passion! brown brown eyes passion Penelope cruz
  • Jack-Whitefield 2011/06/16 02:32:45
    brown eyes brown eyes  leigton meester
  • Molly 2010/10/28 19:56:01
    would blue-ish brown eyes be considered pretty? because that's what i have! the blue shows a little more than the brown though.
  • xxxaishaxxx 2009/11/02 16:37:24
    green is the best
  • nicole 2009/10/05 23:33:27
    both r nizz bt green is knda nizzr
  • Sunshyne 2009/10/01 15:56:09
    Brown eyes...... lol I ♥ brown eyes, personally! lol
    But, between blue and green, I don't know..
    It would depend on the shade.
    I love pale blue or pale green eyes.. Pretty.
  • missjai 2009/09/24 02:08:48
    i really love my eyes in the light. i have a really awesome condition, it doesnt do anything to my eyes or anything. i call it scc (spontaneous contact condition). when my eyes are in the sunlight, one eye turns green, and one eye stays brown. when im in brighter indoor lighting, both my eyes are really really pretty, i have to admit, they are both a really rare shade of green, sort of a olive, i dont know. but its really pretty. other wise, i have brown eyes in dark places. and very rarely, sometimes, i have a little ring of blue around my olivey-yellow clolred eyes, and they are just real pretty.
  • jenna rose<3 2009/09/23 01:54:20 (edited)
    jenna rose<3
    My fav are blue eyes, their so pretty <3
    mine are blue and i luvum <3
  • Daly 2009/09/21 02:15:54
    definitely blue eyes. no matter what shade they are they are gorgeous
  • Vlad759 2009/09/09 20:24:16
    I have greeen eyes so green ;]
  • sj 2009/09/09 03:51:25
    i have eyes with a ring of green around my pupil then a ring of dark brown then a mix of brown and a little yellow it realy is cool but green yellow eyes r probaly the coolest
  • Tasha 2009/09/07 12:17:45
    I'm english with Black hair and greeny yellow eyes. Weird i know..
  • Cosette 2009/09/07 08:14:11
    green, not so common as blue.
  • fffffffff 2009/09/06 20:59:58
  • kevin 2009/09/03 00:56:52
    i think green eyes are prettier because they are not as common as blue or brown
  • Maggie 2009/09/01 20:10:29
    Green or blue really are both very pretty. I have green eyes and when they are REALLy green, like afer i've been crying, then they look pretty. :)
  • VampyreHottie101 2009/08/31 19:55:53
    i have green eyes with a little blue rim around them so i have to go with GREEN cuz blue eyes are so common but i am the only one i know that has green eyes but blue eyes are pretty too!
  • meghan 2009/08/31 01:03:55
    Green Eyes r beautiful and stunning and i have blue eyes
  • Juliette 2009/08/27 23:10:17
    i haveclue eyes with a little green on the inside and on the out side so i can't relly chose i would say blue but green is 2nd beat
  • Em 2009/08/25 23:05:24
    I like almost all eye colours, unless its a really common shade that loads of people have.
    My eyes are light blue, change colours to grey and green sometimes.
  • hjri0e 2009/08/25 12:26:53 (edited)
    BLUE!! green is creepy by nimsaj
  • laura 2009/08/22 20:30:02 (edited)
    i dont have a solid colour.. there mainly green, and then like a ring of light brown/orange ( :S ) around the iris lol.

    love green eyesss. thery're really uncommon, unique like!

    hazel eyes r gorgeous toooo
  • beekay9 2009/08/22 12:00:42 (edited)
    GREEEEEN omg lol i love i love i love!! <3
    i'm completely obsessed with eye colour, and completely, utterly obsessed with GREEN!! heh heh since like, '06, and still goin' strong.
    && btw green eyes are fantastic - don't think they're ugly.
    they're AMAZING!! ;)
    haha a lot of capitals here...=P
  • cherry 2009/08/22 09:00:17
    green eyes...:)
    I really love green eyes...
    I wanna be friend with you...:D
  • selly 2009/08/21 18:55:46
    GREEN !!! well, it depends on the person. An english person with green eyes would be pretty ^^. Or a asian with blue eyes. Would look a bit odd, coz it's uncommon, but it would still look cool. But to me, grey is best >.<!!!!!!!!!
  • Caleb 2009/08/21 15:17:15
    my eyes are green and blue so mixed is this rare
  • pastel 2009/08/19 02:36:42
    I have neither green or blue eyes because I'm a typical East Asian. However, because I grew up seeing so many people with blue eyes, I've grown tired of that asset. It's not ugly, but it's so common to me, even if it's a recessive trait. I'm all for green eyes. Any more unusual, rare eye color, actually, as long as it looks nice, complimenting the person's features. So yes, green eyes.
  • CCL123 2009/08/19 01:08:00
    green! cause my eyes are green with a circle of blue around it, then in the center of the green, there's a ring of YELLOW!! and YES i'm serious YELLOW!!! lol
  • doodlebug CCL123 2013/06/08 04:49:36
    i have.

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