What in the HELL happened to Mischa Barton?

Kina 2010/11/10 03:05:55
Our favorite cutie girl from "The O.C." was a skinny (if not a sexy curvy) young woman at the premier and finale of the show—but looking at her NOW, it's got me wondering: what the hell...Or maybe I'm being a little harsh...
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  • Toria5637 2010/11/11 07:42:31
    She doesnt look good in either! haha Shes wayyy too skinny in the first one.. which is honestly kind of gross xD and too blaaa in the other one.. but still better.. besides some things and the dramatic change xP
  • carlton999 2010/11/11 00:16:24
    I just saw a picture of Mischa taken Nov. 7. she looks the same as she always has, she is still thin. I think she would look better is she really did look like the girl in the red dress.
  • Jessicmaka! The cleavage qu... 2010/11/10 21:21:24
    Jessicmaka! The cleavage queen of  ~PHAET~
    She looks normal, not sickening skinny.
  • Caitlyn 2010/11/10 20:51:10
    She fell out of the limelight.
  • ~MandyLynn~ 2010/11/10 16:06:04
    All I see that happened is she may have perhaps learned to eat something besides salads? She looks better with some meat on her. Before it was just a bone. Yay for Mischa for looking healthier!
  • sicksicksick 2010/11/10 14:14:19
    She looks more like a human now, less like an android.
  • keliffa 2010/11/10 12:53:56 (edited)
    What happened to her? She decided being an unhealthy stick was not worth her life.

    Pierce Brosnan is my hero.
    pierce brosnan and wifeunhealthy stick worth life pierce brosnan hero

    pierce brosnan and wifeunhealthy stick worth life pierce brosnan hero
  • Roxxi 2010/11/10 10:44:37
    You're being a bit harsh. But I think she looks better like that than what she looked like after. ALthough it couldn't hurt to lose a bit of weight, but it beats being anorexic.
  • VERYwiseguy 2010/11/10 07:24:30
    She stopped doing coke maybe,now her drug of choice is food.
  • Laura In Dandyland 2010/11/10 06:34:04
    Laura In Dandyland
    So she added a few pounds.
    I like her curves.
    She looks good, better than she did before.

    mischa barton fatpounds curves
  • carlton999 Laura I... 2010/11/11 00:17:49
    she looks good in this picture.
  • nelipooh 2010/11/10 05:13:43
    She's winning the war against Anorexia...LOL
  • Kate 2010/11/10 05:12:44
    Mischa Barton is the last person I would have expected to get fat...When I was younger I used to wish I had her body. She was my role model. I'm not judging her for gaining weight, but she definitely looked better before.
  • ⟢ℂas℮y⟣ 2010/11/10 04:25:29
    I personally think she looks better now. She looks healthier. :)
  • Brick that were shat. 2010/11/10 03:47:36
    Brick that were shat.
    she looks great now
  • jerrbear 2010/11/10 03:16:46
    So what she added a couple of pounds,
  • Popanator 2010/11/10 03:16:21
  • Kina 2010/11/10 03:14:06
    OKAY: I am not hating on Mischa Barton—I like her. She's a gorgeous young woman...I would just like to know what HAPPENED? This is not to UPSET ANYONE or cause any arguments...just curiosity....so please, no one get defensive
  • EastIndianFemme 2010/11/10 03:13:06
    Mischa Barton...I think she is pretty. I have seen her on the O.C and a few movies she's been in too.

    mischa bartonmischa barton pretty movies shes mischa bartonmischa barton pretty movies shes
  • rockfan 2010/11/10 03:10:46
    You are being harsh. People have better things to do than judge over someone's weight who they don't even know personally.
  • Kina rockfan 2010/11/10 03:13:07
    yes...i know i'm being harsh
  • KODA 2010/11/10 03:08:31
    She found McDonalds LOL

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