What horror movie character where you afraid of when you were a kid?

ṃεταllïс_ḋќ[сhατвøχ] 2010/09/15 04:42:58
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  • dixiegirl32492 2010/09/29 20:05:23
    it's a really old movie, but Critters used to give me nightmares. i hated that movie. Now i can watch it with no problem.
    movie critters nightmares hated movie watch
  • Annie~Pro American~Pro Israel 2010/09/26 11:26:44 (edited)
    Annie~Pro American~Pro Israel
    When i was a kid, the wicked witch on the Wizard of Oz was scary to me. Later, it was the Exorcist that scared me severely. So, guess that character would be Satan since Ragan was possessed by the devil.
  • lion 2010/09/18 17:20:02

    That scared me to death :)
  • Morgan 2010/09/17 01:38:19 (edited)
    i didn't even start watching horror movies till i was 12-13. my parents were really overbearing until middle school. XD
    so i've never really been afraid of a horror movie character...
  • Lori-kay 2010/09/16 02:38:41
    The step mother on Snow White and the 7 dwarfs step mother snow white 7 dwarfs
  • realityjunkie 2010/09/15 23:08:59 (edited)
    Freddy and Jason
    freddy jason freddy jason
  • I♥MyBandBoyfriend 2010/09/15 21:43:43
    The Shining, only because a man going crazy and trying to kill his family can happen. Fictional movies don't scare me. shining crazy kill family fictional movies scare
  • LJ 2010/09/15 21:41:52
    The witches from Hocus Pocus!! Not really horror, but it was to me when I was little...
    I used to sprinkle salt around my bed so they wouldn't get me.... I was only about five.

    witches hocus pocus horror sprinkle salt bed

    And Jeepers Creepers scared the hell outta me when I was about 10.

    pocus horror sprinkle salt bed jeepers creepers scared outta 10
  • I♥MyBan... LJ 2010/09/15 21:44:26
    I love Hocus Pocus! My favorite actor is in that movie!
  • LJ I♥MyBan... 2010/09/15 21:46:00
    Oo, who's that?
  • I♥MyBan... LJ 2010/09/15 23:00:23
    Sean Murray, he plays Binx (although he's a cat for most of the movie). sean murray plays binx cat movie
  • DollyVomit 2010/09/15 21:15:34

    oh god.
  • ♥ Emily the "Cutie Banana P... 2010/09/15 20:26:57
    ♥ Emily the "Cutie Banana Pie" ♥

    kid lol

    Seriously though, the question picture explains it.
  • shorty 2010/09/15 20:10:35
  • Honwe74 shorty 2010/09/16 04:50:51
    this movie scared the crap out of me lol
  • shorty Honwe74 2010/09/16 19:46:50

    I still pass it by if I see it's on TV.
  • Annie~P... shorty 2010/09/26 11:33:44 (edited)
    Annie~Pro American~Pro Israel
    This movie scared me too, even when i see pictures like this, my heart starts beating fast!! Guess i am still young at heart!!
  • shorty Annie~P... 2010/09/26 20:18:28
    I was never able to watch anything with Linda Blair again! Everytime I saw her on TV or in a movie I would picture her like that!
  • Annie~P... shorty 2010/09/27 07:51:36
    Annie~Pro American~Pro Israel
    Same here shorty!
  • SourCherry 2010/09/15 20:00:47
    I'm kinda still a kid but Freddy, The girl from "Ring" and IT!
  • ShakedAlmog 2010/09/15 17:49:43
    its not a horror movie character, but i remember i used to afraid of pamela anderson ><
  • johnnyfan1 2010/09/15 16:44:15
  • claudio 2010/09/15 14:54:24
  • Nick 2010/09/15 14:35:21
    Jeepers Creepers jeepers creepers
  • Mila Darias 2010/09/15 14:04:14
    Mila Darias
    I have only watch that movie with the psycho toys and I started to be afraid of clowns.
  • Trystan 2010/09/15 13:25:39 (edited)
    Poltergeist D: poltergeist
  • Jazzy-mine►One Hit Rage Quit◄ 2010/09/15 13:22:58
    Jazzy-mine►One Hit Rage Quit◄
    None, but I did have an odd dream about this dude:
    odd dream dude
  • RV ~ The Peacekeeper of PHAET 2010/09/15 12:30:57
  • I♥MyBan... RV ~ Th... 2010/09/15 21:46:48
    I love those movies, though.
  • RV ~ Th... I♥MyBan... 2010/09/16 12:35:16
    RV ~ The Peacekeeper of PHAET
    I like them too but when I was little I was scared of him lol :D
  • Mithol 2010/09/15 11:11:54
    The guy with the black hat in I Still Know What You Did Last Summer. I swear, I didn't sleep for a week.
  • Muzzer 2010/09/15 10:21:43

    Tottally freaked me out for years when i was a kid. Five years old when i first seen it. My parents had to switch it of. We where staying with my dads friends in the middle of the country. I had nightmares for years. I`m 33 now and still not seen it. I`m sweating now
  • ErinGoBragh87 2010/09/15 09:51:46
    freddy, jason, michael myers, itt and i'm a little embarrassed to say it, i was scared of chucky
  • herb 2010/09/15 09:25:52
    I watched a lot of scary movies a s a kid, but only one face haunted my nightmares. I thought, as the Boogeyman, he was waiting outside my bedroom window.
    watched scary movies kid haunted nightmares boogeyman waiting bedroom window
  • Juliet 2010/09/15 07:16:43
    IT was pretty scary but i was most scared of this dam ant eater on one of my kiddy cartoons. i was fine with it then one day my mum put it on n i remember crying and screaming until it came off LOL. dam ant eater
    cartoons fine mum remember crying screaming lol dam ant eater
    come on tho. they r scary!
  • Grissom 2010/09/15 07:07:52
  • Rumpleteazer 2010/09/15 06:57:49 (edited)
    Viggo the Carpathian, Ghostbusters 2

    viggo carpathian
  • Cory 2010/09/15 06:08:26
    He used to realy creep me out
    realy creep
  • Joe Finsternis 2010/09/15 06:01:02
  • JcJ 2010/09/15 05:46:39
    Dr. No's mummies! dr nos mummies

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