What email subject line gets you to open?

Let's Ask America 2013/02/26 01:02:09
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Nobody likes to open an email they know is spam, but sometimes those spammers can be tricky. What subject line usually gets you to click through?

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  • bigbatboy23 2013/03/03 19:39:56
    You win
    there was no other option, mine is birth control.
  • Georgia50 2013/02/28 17:09:19
    Check out this video
    "Nigerian National Bank"

    What? I could get one that's legit someday!
  • Jon the Flamer 2013/02/28 06:02:38
    Check out this video
    Jon the Flamer
    I'm a sucker for videos. Also, that guy is in the red shirt is pretty cute.
  • Captain-Morgan 2013/02/28 05:06:51
    I'm young and single
  • MercuryZero (v.2) 2013/02/28 03:35:28
    Free gift
    MercuryZero (v.2)
    Oops. I meant 'Check out this video'
  • piegirl333 2013/02/28 02:22:45 (edited)
    Check out this video
    I only open emails from family, people on sodahead, and fanfiction.net. And sometimes youtube.
  • pantagruella 2013/02/27 23:39:45
    You win
    Thanks for the choice. Although those titles are useless. I've spent my life memorising obscure words and I only open e-mails with obscure words in the title or extinct languages. The only thing that is free and worth having is some uneaten chips in a service station.
  • katywon 2013/02/27 22:31:30
    You win
    None of the above. Too many computer scams. Don't gamble or buy lotto tickets so how could I win anything?
  • Sperry23 2013/02/27 21:57:40 (edited)
    You win

    I immediately delete ALL email with any of these subject lines. They are invariably spam and frequently lead to malware.
  • strange_armour 2013/02/27 21:53:40
    You win
    None of the above.

    My ideal subject line would be. "New bank details for Mr Bill Gates."

    CH-CHING!!! :)
  • S123 2013/02/27 21:48:44
    Free gift
    None of the above, I never open spam.
  • bacon.nivison 2013/02/27 20:10:39
    Free gift
    Actually, no subject line. I look at the sender and if I don't recognize it, into the trash it goes.
  • Car1u5~PWCM~JLA 2013/02/27 20:10:10
    Check out this video
    none of the above.
  • gaylehelen 2013/02/27 19:56:47
    Check out this video
    I never open the "Free gift" ones. There is no such thing. I'm not going to waste my time taking a never-ending survey to get nothing in return. I don't know anyone who has actually "won" anything online.
    I actually open very few links. Been burnt too many times so don't waste your time or mine. I don't pay as much attention to the subject matter as I do the email address it's coming from.
  • 001 2013/02/27 18:18:14
    Check out this video
    None, if I don't recognize the sender I usually don't open the mail.
  • SoCalEx-Dem 2013/02/27 17:32:07
    Check out this video
    I'm into mini movies!
  • Drageona 2013/02/27 17:24:26
    Check out this video
    Actually none of the above, my spam usually picks out anything that is not in my address book. This is on reason I switched to gmail. com and got away from Yahoo.
  • doc moto 2013/02/27 16:44:35
    Check out this video
    doc moto
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?... <---and it words and this one is coming to the Discovery Channel and is very good!
  • kick2head 2013/02/27 16:38:58
    You win
    I use filters to send email with keywords like "lottery" anywhere in them for instance to trash, I actually have a lot of filters I have implemented over time. I just sort my trash folder by sender once a day and give them a quick scan to make sure I don't delete any legitimate emails. It works pretty good.
  • Jimm 2013/02/27 16:34:45
    I'm young and single
    Actually NONE of these subject lines will get me open an email, but I just chose the most crazy one! lol

    The only thing that gets me to open an email is if it's from a friend or from a business associate that I expect email from. Otherwise I generally automatically mark them for delete! Too darn many viruses and trojans out there!!
  • Lerro DeHazel 2013/02/27 16:22:12
    Free gift
    Lerro DeHazel
    "I Am A Rich African King And When I Die Next Week Then I Would Like To Send You Some Money" . . .
  • Ashley 2013/02/27 15:37:48
    I'm young and single
    lol I have to know the sender.
  • The Andoxico 2013/02/27 14:52:05
  • Temlakos~POTL~PWCM~JLA~☆ 2013/02/27 14:09:36
    Check out this video

    Because I already know that:

    I never win at gambling, so "you win" is a lie.

    "Free gift" always continues with "with purchase of $100 worth of other merchandise or services, or wading through 1000 on-line offers." Not worth a Continental.

    "I'm young and single" is never aimed at me unless that person sought me out on other grounds.
  • AM 2013/02/27 13:37:00
  • mrdog 2013/02/27 12:43:34
    You win
    Answer is NONE... never open emails unless I know who sends it...bark
  • ♰SɕαɾƖεt♰ 2013/02/27 12:28:08
    You win
    where's the 'none of the above' option?
  • sαиѕ sσℓєιℓ~ 2013/02/27 12:26:23
    You win
    sαиѕ sσℓєιℓ~
    Updates or messages
  • sneekyfoot 2013/02/27 12:26:22
    Check out this video
    you dont know me but
  • Who wants a cupcake? 2013/02/27 12:25:01
    You win
    Who wants a cupcake?
  • ♥Gabs1697♥ 2013/02/27 05:45:31
    Check out this video
    75% off on online shopping!
  • Alexander 2013/02/27 02:28:47
  • ll 2013/02/27 00:21:22
    I'm young and single
    more like..check out this VIDEO with hot YOUNG, SINGLE guys and WIN a FREE ipad!!
  • Osk 2013/02/27 00:18:39
    You win
    None of the above
  • Zoe Michele 2013/02/26 23:13:59
    You win
    Zoe Michele
    I would say non of them... unless it is from a friend I don't bother.
  • Grant Straka 2013/02/26 23:06:01
    Check out this video
    Grant Straka
    But everytime it manages, somehow, to dissapoint
  • RachelA7X 2013/02/26 21:38:14
    Free gift
    I hate it when people share videos with me
  • Alexander RachelA7X 2013/02/27 02:29:42
  • Drebi 2013/02/26 20:46:00
    Check out this video
    None of the above.
  • L1 2013/02/26 20:41:34
    You win
    Bills, and that was not listed. The rest are phishing/scam requests....

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