What does the flag mean to you?

anon90 2009/07/28 23:24:00
It's Folk Art
It's a Family Tree
It's a piece of history
It's the final honor
(Other) The flag is...
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I reccently read an article in Reader's Digest describing the 4 interpretations of the flag: as folk art, as a family tree, as a piece of history, and as a final honor. I'm just curious as to what people think of the U.S flag today. Thanks.
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  • TinCanSailor 2009/08/12 05:55:42 (edited)
    (Other) The flag is...
    The flag is a symbol of my pride in america. I still adhere to all the protocol connected with displaying it properly. I always attend the VFW ceremony of retiring the old and worn out flags. My first training on respect of the flag was when I was a cub scout in 1947. The pledge was recited every morning before class started in the public school I attended and that lasted the full 13 years. I always raise my voice when reciting the pledge of allegiance when it comes to "ONE NATION UNDER GOD" I am a VFW member and respect of the flag is center point at every meeting. The years I was on board a destroyer in the Navy was full of ceremony for raising and stricking the colors everyday.
  • anon90 TinCanS... 2009/08/12 05:59:30
    Thanks for your input, and also for serving. It's great to hear some people still care about our flag.
  • Smashing Pumpkins #1 Fan 2009/07/28 23:35:21
    (Other) The flag is...
    Smashing Pumpkins #1 Fan
    Only a flag, right? Then again, the Grand Canyon is just a deep hole in the ground ... Which it is. Therefore, I'll conlude with this: The flag is boring.
  • anon90 Smashin... 2009/07/29 03:15:40
    Thanks for your perspective.
  • 7leads Smashin... 2009/08/12 05:42:31 (edited)
    It boring because you know nothing of the American flag. Come with me and I'll walk you through the Vietnam memorial and see how many people died so you have the freedom to say the flag is boring. Would you give up your life for your freedoms? The problem is, you're boring.
  • anon90 7leads 2009/08/12 05:46:17
    I was hoping someone would take a little more interest in our flag, but I guess there are not many people who respect the flag for all that it represents. As a "military brat", the flag has meant a lot to my family. Thanks for adding to the discussion.
  • 7leads anon90 2009/08/12 05:50:11
    Yes, it is truly something to be very proud of. Depends what time you posted this to the people. It should have recevied a better response other than the 14 year old who apparently knows very little about the flag. As a 100% disabled veteran...I had to add my two cents worth...I could go on and on about our flag, but you did a good job in describing it. Thanks for asking the question !
  • anon90 7leads 2009/08/12 05:52:27
    Thank you for serving.
  • TinCanS... Smashin... 2009/08/12 06:02:33
    There have been millions of men and women that have died in direct defense of that flag. It is far from being boring. If you love freedom you should love the flag.

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