What do you think the eyes tell you when u look into them? lol

PsychoCarebear 2009/08/28 21:01:31
i got bored so humor me lol
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  • lucifer 2009/09/09 18:04:42
    the eyses will tell you everything if you know how to listen...................
  • PsychoC... lucifer 2009/09/10 04:28:11
  • Feria~Badass of PHAET~ 2009/08/28 21:40:16
    Feria~Badass of PHAET~
    A persons true intentions.
  • PsychoC... Feria~B... 2009/08/28 21:41:39
  • XSummerX Tokio Hotel Freak(= 2009/08/28 21:27:49
    XSummerX Tokio Hotel Freak(=
    eyes are windows to the soul eyes windows soul eyes windows soul eyes windows soul eyes windows soul
  • PsychoC... XSummer... 2009/08/28 21:30:02
  • kahless 2009/08/28 21:22:30
    The eyes are the windows to the soul....
  • PsychoC... kahless 2009/08/28 21:25:40
    exactly well said lol
  • andy 2009/08/28 21:08:40
    depends on who's your looking into and when you are. sometimes when you look into them you can tell if someone is lying to your or not or if they really mean what they are saying or if they are kind. or if they love you. if they are mean, mad or several different things. just depends on what moment and who's eyes you look into.
  • PsychoC... andy 2009/08/28 21:10:59
    that is very true but i do have to add that it doesnt always have to be the heat of the moment because a lot of people like my self have the eyes that show the past and what i mean by that is that u can look into my eyes and see that i have been through a lot of pain so your eyes can actually tell ur life story if someone looks deep enough into them. but i do like what u said
  • andy PsychoC... 2009/08/28 21:36:49
    yeah i've noticed that in some peoples eyes. it usually draws others into them.
    like this friend of mine his had it rough and you can tell when you look into his eyes you see the past hurt and how the little things that were good leave a little light of hope. there is also this other friend of mine who's 22 and it's like his seeing everything for the first time. he was in pretty bad spot a while back and they used to look sad and lost sorta. but now they have a newer look to them. i don't know how to explain it. but ever sense he got saved and freed of some chains his like a little kid all over agian.
  • PsychoC... andy 2009/08/28 21:40:33
    ya its weird how the eyes that most think are only there so u can see can actually tell a story and how u feel. i will always look into someones eyes before i judge them and it scares people how well i know them just from looking

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