What do you think of the new Breastfeeding Dolls.. Disturbing or acceptable?

ಌMiss Ranaಌ 2009/08/08 00:23:49

It’s probably all Betsy Wetsy’s fault.

If the iconic baby-boom generation baby doll hadn’t introduced the world to the notion that dolls could have bodily functions, then maybe today we wouldn’t be talking about Bebe Gloton — the doll that that suckles 6-year-old girls.

“I just worry about what’s next,” TODAY’s Kathie Lee Gifford said after watching a video clip showing a young girl wearing a vest with daisies where her breasts would be ... if she had any.

The girl held the doll to the daisies, and the doll made suckling noises.

“It’s got a little creep factor,” Gifford opined to co-host Hoda Kotb.

“Why would you want a suckling doll for an 8-year-old?” Kotb wondered.

Some are wondering why you would want a suckling doll for anyone. The Spanish manufacturers of Bebe Gloton — “Baby Glutton” in English — say the doll is meant to encourage nurturing in young girls and to promote breast-feeding. But others, including Kotb and Gifford, are wondering whether it’s too much, too soon.

Then there’s the idea that it was just a matter of time. After all, Gifford observed, “we have dolls that go potty.”

That was Betsy Wetsy’s big trick when she was introduced in the 1930s. It made the doll one of the most memorable and creative playthings of the 20th century, according to the Toy Industry Association, which enshrined Betsy in its Century of Toys list in 2003.

Betsy’s success, which peaked in the 1950s, led to the invention of the next big thing in live-action dolls, Tiny Tears. Whereas Betsy Wetsy wet her pants after being fed a bottle, Tiny Tears cried after drinking hers.

Little girls were enthralled.

Today, there are anatomically correct dolls sold by specialty manufacturers such as Amamanta Family that take little girls and boys — and big ones, too — through the entire birth process. There are therapy dolls and disabled dolls and talking dolls and walking dolls.

And now a doll that sucks on a daisy on a little girl’s chest.

“I guess it teaches you about nurturing,” Kotb conceded.

“But to see a 6-year-old,” she added, “it’s just weird.”
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  • Soms Cougli 2011/01/11 16:23:44
    Soms Cougli
    Oh. Oh wow.
    I didn't realised four and six year olds were having babies these days.
    Really, not even twelve year olds need to know where babies come from, let alone how to take care of one when it comes.
    That's just creepy /:
  • the coolest 2009/12/06 02:50:03
    the coolest
    My goodness they are going waaaay too far with these dolls now
  • Silvery Slash 2009/10/12 23:54:43
  • The Original BonBon 2009/08/20 04:32:57
    The Original BonBon
    no, no, no.......
  • ăđăм™ *sex cake* 2009/08/16 12:36:58
    ăđăм™ *sex cake*
    Where do you draw the line at kids toys that become too "adult". Whatever happened to kids being kids?
  • Foo Master Angie 2009/08/10 16:56:49
    Foo Master Angie
    Seriously disturbing. I have a hard enough time when women breast feed REAL babies in public....
  • *~JENNBEAVER~* 2009/08/10 14:36:00
    uhhhh I think its a little disturbing, I understand what they are trying to do because breast feeding, regardless of what some people think, does NOT come naturally and can be very frustrating for some women, even discouraging...but to have a pretend baby suck on your tit? Erm....yea, no thanks...
  • NattiFan (oYo) 2009/08/10 10:20:32
    NattiFan (oYo)
    Yeah, this is a little too much. I don't think 6 year old girls need to know how to breast feed
  • 水 † Invidia-sama 2009/08/09 00:41:07
    水 † Invidia-sama
    No offence really disturbing...I wouldn't let that near my neices (and nephews)
  • TheWater 2009/08/08 18:44:02
    That's just weird. I saw one Tyra Banks show when this lady thought that breastfeeding children at the age of 10 is okay. That's scary.
  • ಌMiss R... TheWater 2009/08/09 08:15:24
    ಌMiss Ranaಌ
    Breastfeeding 10 year olds? THAT is disturbing...
  • TheWater ಌMiss R... 2009/08/10 16:26:57
    That's scary. The little girl even said that she wanted breast milk for her birthday. I hope her classmates doesn't know about that.
  • ಌMiss R... TheWater 2009/08/11 05:39:12
    ಌMiss Ranaಌ
    Ew... Yeah, sad. Very sad. But for her that's normal. She would probably be horrified when she gets older to find that she was on the boob for that long
  • TheWater ಌMiss R... 2009/08/11 12:39:39 (edited)
    Yeah. Welcome to high school. Nobody wants to be around her. It's too sad. But it's somewhat funny. I'm not trying to be cruel or anything. I can't find the video...
  • ಌMiss R... TheWater 2009/08/11 12:49:42
    ಌMiss Ranaಌ
    It's not cruel..
  • TheWater ಌMiss R... 2009/08/11 12:59:41
  • tinkerbell 2009/08/08 03:04:10
    Disturbing doesn't cover it...
  • crinklemynoseandsmile 2009/08/08 02:52:29

    I don't know why, I just guess it'll make kids think breastfeeding at a young age is okay, which makes pregnancy at a young age okay?

    Hmm...I don't know. I just think it's a bad idea.
  • GDG*SEX CAKE* 2009/08/08 02:40:49
    Wow that is just WOW I have no words cause disturbing is not strong enough of a word!
  • Taylor™ 2009/08/08 01:27:14
    Meh....... I don't see anything weird about. Children like to emulate their parents.
  • Girlies 2009/08/08 00:24:59
  • ಌMiss R... Girlies 2009/08/08 00:25:37
    ಌMiss Ranaಌ
  • ಌMiss Ranaಌ 2009/08/08 00:24:30
    ಌMiss Ranaಌ
    Too disturbing for my tastes....

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