What Do You Think Of New 'Harry Potter' Trailer?

Film 2010/06/29 23:22:06
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The trailer for the highly anticipated conclusion to the Harry Potter film franchise has finally arrived.
“Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” is based on the last book in J.K. Rowling’s series. Coming in at 784 pages, the epic conclusion was deemed too long to fit into one film, so the story has been divided into two parts. The first part will arrive in theaters in November, with the second part premiering in July 2011. Both parts will be presented in 3D.
In the trailer, we see Harry Potter (Daniel Radcliffe), looking mature, dark and tortured, finally facing off with the epitome of evil, arch-enemy, nose-free, Voldemort (Ralph Fiennes). We also see glimpses of the romance that continues to bloom between Ron and Hermione (Rupert Grint and Emma Watson), as well as a kiss between Ginny Weasley (Bonnie Wright) and Harry.
We think it looks positively epic.

What Do You Think Of The “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" Trailer?
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  • Music Lover 2010/07/28 01:40:42
    It rocks!
    Music Lover
    I like it and cant wait for it to come out!
  • Aqua 2010/07/24 13:46:09
    I think ...
    duno dnt watch... hehe...
  • rizki 2010/07/24 08:49:24
    I think ...
    Cz I'm boring
  • happy bunny 2010/07/21 20:56:37
    I think ...
    happy bunny
    i think he needs to move on with his life and stop making this harry potter movies harry potter graduate and leave that school g-weez lol
  • Poison Ivy 2010/07/16 02:28:07
  • SJesh 2010/07/15 05:01:47
    I think ...
    to wnsday nigth, but it´s more better that Twilight .... this for baby girls
  • sol 2010/07/08 17:05:06
    It rocks!
    This is gonna be one of the best movies of all time. A great end to one of the best series of all time And Twilight won't even compete with it.
  • nowgetyerjugsout 2010/07/07 09:42:33
    I think ...
    what about the book too much film adaptations it also allows youngsters and not so young watch instead of read that's if they can. Knowledge should be worked for.

  • Alice 2010/07/06 17:41:41
    I think ...
    I like it, but I still think Twilight is the best forever. Of course I have to admit that "harry Potter and Deathly Hallows" will be one of the most interesting and famous movies that we'd see. But I'm sure there wouldn't be such mystical and romantic moments that are in Twilight. It's a bit early to discuss the movie, so we're looking forward for the last part of the magic collection written by J.K.Rowling. :)))
  • maka 2010/07/06 17:29:12
    I think ...
    Twilight is the best forever. Without a doubt, "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" is one of the most interesting movies that we've ever seen, but Twilight has it's own character that makes the movie more mystical and romantic. But I must admit, I'm looking forward for the last part of this magic collection written by J.K.Rowling.
  • Alice 2010/07/06 17:18:07
    It rocks!
    OMG! that was... Wow
  • lydia 2010/07/06 05:39:17
    It rocks!
    AWESOME! but has anyone noticed the change in colour of voldemorts eyes? also the end scene looks quite diff from what the book describes it as...
  • adut 2010/07/06 02:15:41
    I think ...
    IM not into harry potter
    its soo boring and so ugh and mabey
  • *HARRYPOTTER* 2010/07/04 21:15:18
    It rocks!
    OMG! It is amazing!!!!! :))))
  • paintingstars 2010/07/04 07:37:06
  • Andrew 2010/07/04 05:30:34
    I think ...
    Im just not into Harry Potter.
  • kaykay7293 2010/07/04 05:07:48
    It rocks!
    Can't wait!
  • leticia 2010/07/04 01:56:27
    It rocks!
    cannnnnnnt wwaaaaaaaaaaaiittttttttttttttt!
  • pdshanny 2010/07/04 00:28:37
    It rocks!
    Love Potter
  • logan-er-a-tops 2010/07/03 23:17:46
    It rocks!
    AMAZINGGG!!!!!!!!!!! <3
  • Gabby 2010/07/03 21:40:26
  • K 2010/07/03 19:33:42
    It rocks!
    i cant wait to see it:)
  • dais_y21 2010/07/02 23:32:42
    It rocks!
    i think it looks very exciting
  • Rebekah 2010/07/02 21:26:59
    It rocks!
    Can't wait to see it!
  • Emily 2010/07/02 21:24:51
    I think ...
    I dont want to spoil the movie because they always show the coolest parts or the funniest parts in the trailer, so....... I refuse to watch it!
  • tabzy_95 2010/07/02 20:46:52
    It rocks!
    i sooo cant wait to watch the film......but its out in november....AGES AWAY!!!!!!
  • sweeetnsour 2010/07/02 20:40:29
    It rocks!
    lol it freaks me out when voldemort say, time to die!!!
  • vampire666ls 2010/07/02 19:54:00
    It rocks!
    hell im gona go see it!!! :) cant wait
  • hw 2010/07/02 15:52:24
    I think ...
    Wow ... and Voldemort so needs a nose job!
  • tabzy_95 hw 2010/07/02 20:48:02
    you dont say......but he kinda suits it in a way....it would look sooo wrong if he had a normal nose!!!
  • hw tabzy_95 2010/07/03 23:48:47
    OK! -grin- I vote for a big honkin Clown Nose ... A RED one. While we're talking wrong ......!
  • Edwin 2010/07/02 15:49:47
    I think ...
    I think they changed too much.
  • siggy 2010/07/02 15:20:48
    I think ...
  • tabzy_95 siggy 2010/07/02 20:52:42
    whats wrong with english movies?????
  • Lil Pin... siggy 2010/07/06 18:36:56
    Lil Pink Kitsune
    Your an idiot, Harry potter is Amazing! Both the books and the movies! I don't care who makes money as long as I get to keep watching/ reading Harry!
  • foblover321 2010/07/02 11:19:52
    It rocks!
    it looks amazing wow!!
  • CPotter9 2010/07/02 07:44:28
    It rocks!
    omG i loveeeeee it!!!!!!!!!!!!! i've seen it honestly and literally more than 50 times, no joke, and i cried the 1st time i saw it like hardcore!!!!!!!!!! it looks like the bestt movieeeeeee ever!!!!!!!!!!!!
    totally epic and marvelous!!!
  • Randomchick85023 2010/07/02 04:48:57
    It rocks!
    Omg. It looks like AWESOME!!!!!!! I hope it knocks out Twilight.I wanna see Ron and Hermine kiss.
  • robbinhoodhung 2010/07/02 04:06:32
    I think ...
    normal !
  • Lil Pink Kitsune 2010/07/02 04:05:51
    I think ...
    Lil Pink Kitsune
    IWANT TO SEE IT SO FFING BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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