What do you make of Kevin Durant's first career ejection?

SportsNation 2013/01/03 19:00:00
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Oklahoma City Thunder player Kevin Durant was ejected for the first time in his career from a game against the Brooklyn Nets Wednesday night. Durant, 24, was not happy with the way the game was being officiated and cursed out one of the referees. The Nets ended up winning the game 110-93. Do you think Kevin Durant's first career ejection is a big deal?

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  • jacktown kid 2013/01/10 15:50:02
    Not a big deal
    jacktown kid
    So what just dont do that again
  • Glenda Simpson 2013/01/07 19:23:39
    Not a big deal
    Glenda Simpson
    More should be ejected for their behavior.
  • Ramón 2013/01/06 01:55:33
    Not a big deal
    Oh, eJection. I thought you said...
  • nicesteve 2013/01/06 01:13:13
    Big deal
    As many years as he's been in basketball, you'd think that he would know
    how to conduct himself in a sportsmanlike manner while on the court,
    during a game.
  • Brenda nicesteve 2013/01/10 12:59:33
    That should tell you something about the refs! Bought off crooks.
  • Tennessee3501 2013/01/05 21:42:16
    Big deal
    I thought you asked about his first career "erection." LOL !
  • DrRenovation 2013/01/05 21:08:56
    Not a big deal
    Watch soccer. You'll see it all the time.
  • Gingah ... DrRenov... 2013/02/16 16:05:56
    Gingah Bread
    I don't wanna watch gay guys run around in circles on a field.
  • Robert Strobel 2013/01/05 19:43:16
    Big deal
    Robert Strobel
    Who cares
  • Sperry23 2013/01/05 19:19:24
    Not a big deal
    First of many to come for the arrogant doof.
  • Quazimoto 2013/01/05 17:46:43
    Not a big deal
    Kevin who cares.
  • polock 2013/01/05 16:17:31
    Big deal
    hejust got another 15 minutes of fame. that's all.
  • Dave 007 2013/01/05 12:41:10
    Not a big deal
    Dave 007
    If the refs suck, a player no matter who it is can only take so much. And the NBA refs suck.
  • cranejumper 2013/01/05 06:41:32
    Not a big deal
    nope and who cares
  • cottineyedjoe 2013/01/05 05:10:33
    Not a big deal
    How the refs were calling they game, now that is a big deal. He had every right to be mad and the ref deserved to be cussed out.
  • JoshuaHarper 2013/01/04 20:56:43
    Not a big deal
  • Bob 2013/01/04 17:03:38
    Not a big deal
    These guys are big stars and lots of $ and ego so a 10k fine for acting like a dork doesn't really matter.
  • BoardinOK 2013/01/04 15:05:09
    Not a big deal
    It wasn't like he punched his way into the stands like Meta-World-Dumba$$. He voiced his opinion on a weak foul and got a chance to hit the showers early. Oh well. they play 82 games a year, it's not like a few minutes left in the 4th qtr will matter.
  • s2k 2013/01/04 06:09:07
    Not a big deal
    First time for everything
  • Gregaj7 2013/01/04 04:44:01
    Not a big deal
  • Gingah Bread 2013/01/04 03:06:23
    Not a big deal
    Gingah Bread
    Let's just enjoy it while it lasts. I would also like if he took an arrow in the knee.
  • ♥Nicole A♥ 2013/01/04 01:34:47
    Big deal
    ♥Nicole A♥
    He's disrespectful
  • cottine... ♥Nicole A♥ 2013/01/05 05:13:43
    Durant is one of the more respectful players in the nba. Everybody's for an ego at times, but he keeps a lid on it usually. The refs were blowing that whole game not just that one play, Durant had every right to be mad
  • Empress cottine... 2013/01/07 00:22:42
  • I NEED A HORSE 2013/01/04 01:25:03
  • I NEED ... I NEED ... 2013/01/04 01:27:10
  • CAPISCE 2013/01/04 01:22:37
    Big deal
    No class is always a big deal, that said the guy can play
  • Gingah ... CAPISCE 2013/01/04 03:07:42
    Gingah Bread
    No class is a big deal? Well, you'll be seeing me on the front page news I guess. Who cares?
  • Kyle 2013/01/03 21:36:20
    Not a big deal
    I have seen worse
  • Chaguy 2013/01/03 20:48:28
    Not a big deal
    Why are people making a fuss about it?
    Big name players like Carmelo Anthony and Lebron James have been ejected
    Calm yourselves
  • JBG13 Chaguy 2013/01/05 09:54:56
    Actually Lebron is one of the few Super Stars to have never been ejected but I get your point.
  • Chaguy JBG13 2013/01/05 21:10:41
    oh my bad

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