What do u think of patrick stump being skinny now?

mygreendayfalloutromance <3 2010/07/19 12:15:11
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i think its great he decided to lose weight and be healthy and stuff but i kinda like d the old patrick alot too and why did he have to cut his gorgeous hair!!!!!??!?!?!and he stoppeed wearing hatts!!! D:
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  • abigail 2011/09/30 00:11:58
    uh i like the old patrick he was one sexy man. now hes ohkay :/
  • Limeh 2010/07/31 19:00:14
    the old patrick was better, i loved him muchly. all ma mates think pete was the hottest member of FOB but i prefer patrick.
  • mygreen... Limeh 2010/07/31 19:35:59
    mygreendayfalloutromance <3
    ya pete is pretty hot but he gets way too much attention,i think patrick is just as hot as him,i cant choose who's hotter
  • Limeh mygreen... 2010/08/23 16:14:09
    yep but he was better the way he was. he realy shouldn't have changed he looks a bit daft now to be honest.
  • mygreen... Limeh 2010/08/23 22:57:30
    mygreendayfalloutromance <3
    ahaa well i wouldnt say he looks daft,i think he looks good any way (: he probably did it to get healthier and stuff,though he wasnt actually fat at all before
  • ♥♫Kryzten♥♫ 2010/07/19 19:19:21
    i love the old patrick but this is better for him.
    pilsbarry dough boy no more. :(
  • Nik;) 2010/07/19 19:15:25 (edited)
    I miss his hats :(
  • James-The Pumpkin King 2010/07/19 12:22:21
    James-The Pumpkin King
    Patrick stump is skinny again wow I didn't know that
  • mygreen... James-T... 2010/07/19 12:29:04
    mygreendayfalloutromance <3
    ya and he shaved off his sideburns and cut his hair

    ya shaved sideburns cut hair
  • James-T... mygreen... 2010/07/19 12:45:32
    James-The Pumpkin King
    I'm gonna send that pic to my sister fall out boy is one of here fav bands and she's gonna be surprised to see that patrick is skinny again
  • mygreen... James-T... 2010/07/19 12:49:28
    mygreendayfalloutromance <3
    haha ok then

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