What did everyone think of the final ‘Eclipse’ trailer?

NIKKI 2010/04/27 02:40:39
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  • aonne 2010/04/29 22:54:10
    amazing!!! i really can't wait to watch the movie. i'm already planning to buy the tickets and watch the movie the weekend it comes out in theaters with my cousin
  • Shadow White 2010/04/28 23:00:44
    Shadow White
    *cue fangirl squeals* I thought it was trés speshal! I'd like to have secks with Jacob and Jasper please and thank you! mmmm... Jasper....... *softly moans*
  • NIKKI Shadow ... 2010/04/29 03:47:45
    *scream* You just love that? When does the movie come out for ya? *sigh* I hope soon after it does for me, we will so have to chat up about it!
  • Shadow ... NIKKI 2010/04/30 17:50:28
    Shadow White
    baby baby baby *giggles* it comes out like 5 minutes BEFORE you because of the time difference! Same for New Moon. Aus got it 5 minutes before the US and UK CHA CHA! We's so special down here it's not funny! *giggles* everything else is lame.. but we get eclipse before you by a matter of minutes! *high 5's time zone differences* and fo' shizzle we'll be chattering on up about it!!!!
  • NIKKI Shadow ... 2010/05/06 03:57:49
    So 6/30 is your date too for Eclipse... you suck roo balls! lol *giggle* Well than you so need to call me and tell me every single moment of the movie. I just found out tonight that midnight showing is a Total NO for me. *cry on the floor like a child* I want to go to the midnight showing *tear*
  • Shadow ... NIKKI 2010/05/11 07:54:44
    Shadow White
    Oh I'm not going to the midnight showing either baby. I hated going to the New Moon one. I was surrounded by squealing 40 year olds and their teenage daughters *rolls eyes* I'm still in my 20's and I didn't squeal. Dumb asses. I'm going at least a week after it's come out. I refuse to see it with the sea of screaming fans. I actually want to be able to hear this one. Dumb kids making me miss half the dialog of New Moon.
  • NIKKI Shadow ... 2010/05/13 03:31:47
    You called it *laughs* thats so how it went down for me too! lmao I think I may wait like two or three days but I will totally be there the first week, for sure. I hardly ever get to the movies (New Moon was like the first movie I'd been to in a year) so I dont plan to miss the premier week of Eclipse. I'll so be there! *excited squeak* So I'll take on the 40yr olds and teeny-boppers for Eclipse. *yells at top of lungs* BRING IT ON!!! *giggle*
  • Shadow ... NIKKI 2010/05/15 15:36:36
    Shadow White
    *giggles* oh my god I love your work! don't forget to point and scream when we see Jasper shirtless *giggles*
  • ~* Vamp-Girl13 *~ 2010/04/27 23:41:57
    ~* Vamp-Girl13 *~
    I LOVED IT!♥!♥!♥!♥!♥!♥!♥!♥!♥!♥!♥!♥!♥ ^-^
  • APattzJ... ~* Vamp... 2010/04/28 20:40:20
    with you...

    edward <3
  • Shadow ... APattzJ... 2010/04/30 17:52:45
    Shadow White
    *points at APattz but speaks to NIKKI* Oh look lovie! It's someone who think's they are Edward Cullen... Nawwwwww *pats APattz on the head* aren't you sweet little one. Never fear, I'm just as crazy as you are *blows you a kiss*
  • NIKKI Shadow ... 2010/05/06 03:59:01
    Girl your too funny. *slaps knee and rolls on the floor*
  • APattzJ... Shadow ... 2010/05/10 10:44:42
    am with u girls...
  • Shadow ... APattzJ... 2010/05/11 07:57:12
    Shadow White
    Tee-hee I like that your a good sport APattz. *hugs you tight* Ooh and ~*Vamp-Girl13*~ your little asian anime eye's is cutesies! >.< tee-hee.
  • APattzJ... Shadow ... 2010/05/11 12:16:05
    *hugs you tight too*
  • Shadow ... APattzJ... 2010/05/11 13:59:04
    Shadow White
    Nawww.. check that out people! That's some fine sodahead love right there!
  • ~* Vamp... APattzJ... 2010/05/09 03:34:35
    ~* Vamp-Girl13 *~
    Yeah! ^-^
  • harasnicole 2010/04/27 22:22:32
    Loved the newborns and the way they arrive on scene. Coming up through the water all creepy shit. Love it. That's the main part I can't wait to see in June.
  • §~♥KRISTAL♥~§ 2010/04/27 18:52:11
    I loved it. It was so much better than the first one. It had the action, conflict, and the newborns that I wanted to see.
  • mariabk 2010/04/27 10:08:40

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