What can you tell about in our Country "PHILIPPINES.....

lalen 2011/05/31 06:39:29

Philippines Most Beautiful Places

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Banaue Rice Terraces

El Nido, Palawan

Boracay island, Aklan

Monaco de Boracay, Boracay island.

Mount Pinatubo Crater

Wind turbines, Ilocos Norte

Mayon Volcano, Albay

Batanes Island

Mount Apo National Park

Pearl Farm, Samal Island, Davao

Tinuyan Falls, Surigao del Sur

Hundred Islands, Pangasinan

Tagaytay City

Panglao island, Bohol

Pagudpod Beach, Ilocos Norte

Roxas Blvd, Manila

Mall of Asia, Pasay City

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  • Viper Two Six 2011/05/31 06:51:50
    Viper Two Six
    I've been there many times in my time in the military, I was stationed In Subic Bay also and participated in the evacuation of people when Mount Pinatubo erupted.

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  • leth 2011/06/01 06:44:38
    "philippines is a nice counrty and im pround to be a filipiana..we have lot of beautiful places beatches andmany more..be pround of it..those inetrested try to visit phil also..those not wel tank you..
  • Curious in Texas 2011/05/31 22:02:51
    Curious in Texas
    I just know history of WWII there, where my late father-in-law was wounded while building a landing strip.
  • tncdel 2011/05/31 10:16:56
    My wife's from Cebu.

    See also this:
  • Early in the Morning 2011/05/31 09:23:04
  • evelyn 2011/05/31 07:07:07
    its a simple place, but it has a secret place behind that simple description.... a lot of hides place that u can say OWW'AHHH....i think u can need to find that hiding place...
  • lalen evelyn 2011/05/31 07:13:05
    HEHEHEH iwill find it first.....i will check in google map heheheheh then i will tell you....
  • evelyn lalen 2011/05/31 08:20:12
    i think ur in a wrong move steps......u dont need to find it cause if u have a plenty of money its their at ur front........hehehhhe....for me ill go first to find a plenty money.....hehhehe
  • lalen evelyn 2011/05/31 08:40:03
    HEHEHEHEH ......i dont need money.....it not to expensive.....im just telling u i will check it first in my internet.... then i will present it to you....heller....don't be to serious....
  • evelyn lalen 2011/05/31 08:53:35
    ur not a good discovering person.....i dont like a pic, i want in real..i want to be their, feel it and i want to xperience that happy felling .....
  • lalen evelyn 2011/05/31 09:17:17
    so....then go find it.....explore your self.....Im not researcher.....remember....
  • evelyn lalen 2011/06/01 04:47:59
    Im not telling ur researcher, for me i want you to explore that place and feel it, u cant deny that u want to be their.
  • lalen evelyn 2011/06/01 04:56:07
    heller here we go again......no.....i don't want to go there i'm just checking the beutiful view in internet....i'm just browsing and i never plan to went in that places....anyway thats not my interest.....not like you....heller.....dont compare your interest in my interest.....im just post or share our beuatiful places in our country....then if your not interested just ignore......are you Filifina or not....
  • evelyn lalen 2011/06/01 04:59:17
    Im filipina, and u know me...heheheh....ok tought u want to be their......relax friends......
  • lalen evelyn 2011/06/01 05:22:00
    You should be proud in your country and the nature we have....okey....
  • evelyn lalen 2011/06/01 06:21:05
    im proud..
  • MAMMY51♥POTL~PWCM~JLA♥ 2011/05/31 06:52:53
    Beautiful country, especially the beaches.
  • Viper Two Six 2011/05/31 06:51:50
    Viper Two Six
    I've been there many times in my time in the military, I was stationed In Subic Bay also and participated in the evacuation of people when Mount Pinatubo erupted.
  • lalen Viper T... 2011/05/31 06:56:09
    really how old are you now sir.....thanks for helping us...i'm was young in that time sir.....i was in first year high school....but....im not from Mt. Pinatubo...Im From Bulacan....
  • Viper T... lalen 2011/05/31 06:58:24
    Viper Two Six
    I'm 46
  • lalen Viper T... 2011/05/31 07:02:01
    How are you today sir....are you retired.....as a being military sir....
  • lalen lalen 2011/05/31 07:05:35
  • evelyn Viper T... 2011/05/31 07:05:25
    wer form u?
  • Viper T... evelyn 2011/05/31 15:25:00
    Viper Two Six
  • evelyn Viper T... 2011/06/01 04:49:47
    OH,wat can u say the people in the philippines?
  • Viper T... evelyn 2011/06/01 05:50:57
    Viper Two Six
    Hello PI, Umaasa ako na isang araw upang bumalik at bisitahin ako had tulad ng isang magandang panahon doon taon na ang nakaraan.
  • evelyn Viper T... 2011/06/01 06:22:59
    wow,r u a pilipino?or you know how to speak our dialeque?its nice if u know hoe to speak our nature dialeque....tnx so much.....im proud....
  • Viper T... evelyn 2011/06/01 15:48:09
    Viper Two Six
    No I was born and raised in Florida.
  • evelyn Viper T... 2011/06/02 04:56:36
    wow its nice...im so glad that u learn our dialeque. i hope u can love the philippines and also the people..im thankfull im meet u and know u....again from my bottom of my heart i would like to say THANK YOU for all you done with my Beloved born and Raised country..
  • lalen Viper T... 2011/06/02 02:47:26
    Wow ang galing magtagalog....
  • evelyn lalen 2011/06/02 04:57:03
    gling nga noh.......swerte tlga ntin...hhehehhe

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