What are your favorite hillbilly sayings and slang words???

C'mon cough it up---Keep it clean!. Bring it on! I'll start What's a "donnick'? cough up---keep clean ill donnick
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  • judy.dowell.94 2015/01/27 04:05:46
    When my granny heard I had divorced my fourth husband and married a fifth, she exclaimed, "laaawd, she shod the horse and started on the foal"
  • jerrbear 2009/06/19 02:30:17
    Tater's , mater's, gone to the crick, way up yonder, by the way the crow flies, roundtuit,
  • Country Girl 2009/06/17 20:17:01
    Country Girl
    asinine, I give her face a seven and her asinine.
  • Attila 2009/06/17 04:57:22
    I don't reckon I understand yer question. What you syphering on? Iffen you can be more clar wit yer asken I might be able to help youins out.
  • hmjtrj-... Attila 2009/06/17 13:01:30
    hmjtrj-searching for truth
    I was thankin' ifn' yo knowed wat a 'donnick' was ya might know other slang words used by hill folk-hillbillies--country folk used back in the day.
  • Attila hmjtrj-... 2009/06/17 14:17:03
    itsa small town in the flat lands south of Truman Arkansas named after someone in the Donnick family.
  • hmjtrj-... Attila 2009/06/17 14:28:50
    hmjtrj-searching for truth
    Nope. My Granny said "I scerd a snake by throwin'a donnick at it." (rock)
  • Attila hmjtrj-... 2009/06/17 15:03:00
    well ial be.

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