What 2012 Movie Sequel Are You Most Excited About?

Film 2012/01/03 23:58:40
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  • don nh 460 2012/01/29 15:02:43
    "The Dark Knight Rises"
    don nh 460
    Looking forward to the story line and the line up of actors.
  • Hebsi 2012/01/27 00:09:05
    "The Dark Knight Rises"
    Although in comedy, American Reunion should be interesting to see, especially since the characters have grown 10 years.
  • devon.stearns.lautner 2012/01/24 07:32:37
    "Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2"
    I'm more about Twilight and I'm actually pretty psyched to see a duet with Rob's character playing the piano with Reneemse!
  • King of the woodland realm 2012/01/16 01:01:49
    "Men in Black III"
    King of the woodland realm
  • KatherineKnight250 2012/01/14 13:00:13
    "American Reunion"
    O f course i'm going to vote for American Reunion. Who doesn't love American Pie ?
  • stevie.luplow 2012/01/13 23:44:55
    "The Hobbit" (prequel)
    For me, I will see 2 movies this year (which is amazing since I haven't seen a movie in theater since my 26th birthday, over a year and a half ago! I have seen movies at a Drive in though, but they don't count as much as an actual theater) The Hobbit and Dark Knight Rises. Oh I can not wait!
  • Mae 2012/01/08 22:53:14
    "The Hobbit" (prequel)
    This looks like it will be amazing, but sadly, none of the choices makes me excited like I felt, waiting for the next Harry Potter movie to come out.
  • Rebecca Louise 2012/01/08 17:30:57
    "Men in Black III"
    Rebecca Louise
    I know lots of people will pick the hobbit but I'm not into that
  • Dave 007 2012/01/08 12:59:02
    "James Bond: Skyfall"
    Dave 007
    Batman is okay, but I can't understand the dude. Bourne without Damion will be lame. And Twilight & Hobbit are for geek of those films.
  • Pinball Wizard 2012/01/08 05:41:02
    "Men in Black III"
    Pinball Wizard
    I'm tired of Batman, Spider-Man, Ice Age, The Expendables, & cartoon movie. I saw enough vampire movies growing up. Men In Black III will be worth the cost of the ticket.
  • Tori 2012/01/07 19:38:33
    "Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2"
    Also Madagascar 3. I love both of them.
  • LarryStylinson 2012/01/07 06:00:24
    "The Dark Knight Rises"
    None of the 2012 sequels look any good so how about a 2013 one ZOMBIELAND 2!
  • ACT17 2012/01/06 22:04:02
    "The Amazing Spider-Man" (reboot)
    I meant to press "The Hobbit" but I was so excited I pressed the wrong one :(
  • Get Bashed 2012/01/06 16:18:04
    "The Hobbit" (prequel)
    Get Bashed
    THE HOBBIT by far is to be worth the wait!
  • Jackie 2012/01/06 11:05:00
    "Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2"
    Twilight is so good!
    But also excited for Spiderman remake!
  • hannah 2012/01/06 05:00:08
    "The Hobbit" (prequel)
    i liked the lord of the rings movies soooo im so excited for the hobbit
  • vis_viva 2012/01/06 04:00:06
    "The Dark Knight Rises"
    Yeah, I'm a nerd. I'm even more excited about Superman:Man of Steel.
  • Cain2012~POTL~PWCM~JLA 2012/01/06 03:19:37
  • Ashlea 2012/01/06 03:06:32
    "The Hobbit" (prequel)
    I've been waiting for this to come out for years, and it's partly filmed where I live!
  • WhoMe 2012/01/05 21:30:07
    "Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2"
    i don't care what anyone says lol care lol
  • N.J.R 2012/01/05 21:20:29
    "The Hobbit" (prequel)
    Yeah definitely the Hobbit, but the new Batman is gonna be awesome.
  • Marleneemm 2012/01/05 19:45:51
    "The Hobbit" (prequel)
    I'm waiting Season 5 of TrueBlood & Season 2 of Game of Thrones.
    Don't care about Twilight sequel.
    Movie I care about is Battleship coming out in may.
  • Solitud... Marleneemm 2012/01/06 15:26:54
    Solitude's Shadow
    I love True Blood and Games of Thrones! But I think I like Games of Thrones more because True Blood is starting to kind of get old. Sookie is always in danger and she's always falling in love with the evil vampires (I'm not really sure Bill was evil) and as usual in every vampire saga, the werewolves are trying to destroy them.... blah, blah, blah, lol. Games of Thrones is better. I like in the first season how all the children Ned Stark of the got Dyer wolf puppies! It was cute.
  • Angelic Kitty 2012/01/05 19:40:38
    "The Hobbit" (prequel)
    Angelic Kitty
  • syl 2012/01/05 19:17:16
    "The Hobbit" (prequel)
    Nothing comes close to this story-the prequel to "Lord of the Rings trilogy". The Hobbit is incredible, just as the rest of the story is. It's written light years beyond it's time, back when people really used their minds to "think". The guy who did the Lord of the Rings, I hope will also be doing the Hobbit-utilizing real outdoors scenes, with CG done perfectly meshed together with those astounding sets. Can't get any better than that!
  • Zomba Fett 2012/01/05 19:03:13
    "The Expendables 2"
    Zomba Fett
    ALL OF THEM!!! And I am also waiting for remakes of "True Lies" and "Robocop", to name a few.
  • Jaiheena Star 2012/01/05 18:49:55
  • White Raven 2012/01/05 18:26:16
    "The Hobbit" (prequel)
    White Raven
    gandalf I may not always cast spells

    I have marked my calender!!
  • Ghostie Of the Night 2012/01/05 17:57:46
    "The Hobbit" (prequel)
    Ghostie Of the Night
    I will also watch Madagascar and Ice Age! :)
  • KendraTaylor 2012/01/05 17:14:22 (edited)
    "The Hobbit" (prequel)
    Tolkien + Peter Jackson=Greatest thing ever. Seriously what more can you ask for. I will be there on dec. 14th, waiting in some neverending line!

  • SilveryRow 2012/01/05 16:00:42
    "The Dark Knight Rises"
    Huh, wow, I agree with the first and second votes so far - that rarely happens on here! Third would've been James Bond.
  • Solitude's Shadow 2012/01/05 15:30:02
    "Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2"
    Solitude's Shadow
    I honestly don't want to see any of those! I want to see Underworld: Awakening!!!! :D

    Underworld  Awakening
  • Ghostie... Solitud... 2012/01/05 17:58:51
    Ghostie Of the Night
    OMG,Underworld comes back!??! I didn't know! :-O
  • Solitud... Ghostie... 2012/01/05 18:01:08
    Solitude's Shadow
    I know!!!! I can't wait to see it! Evanescence and Linkin Park will be on the movie's album!!!! :D
  • Ghostie... Solitud... 2012/01/05 18:05:43
    Ghostie Of the Night
  • Solitud... Ghostie... 2012/01/06 15:21:47
    Solitude's Shadow
    I know, it's freaking awesome! I love the Underworld movies!!! Kate Beckinsale is a total bad-ass!!!! She also looks tight in her leather outfit! =D

    Kate Beckinsale Underworld
  • Ghostie... Solitud... 2012/01/06 15:27:09 (edited)
    Ghostie Of the Night
    Totally awesome! :D I agree!
  • Solitud... Ghostie... 2012/01/06 15:27:55
    Solitude's Shadow
    I kind of want to see the Breaking Dawn series as well, but only because I LOVE vampires.
  • Ghostie... Solitud... 2012/01/06 15:33:02
    Ghostie Of the Night
    I love vampires.And Twilight surely hasn't any of them in it!
    vampires demotivational
  • Solitud... Ghostie... 2012/01/06 15:35:28
    Solitude's Shadow
    Yeah, the twilight series totally took away the gothic, deathly beauty of vampires. It made them all sunshine and rainbows, which doesn't really work for the other vampires. They are better when they live their life in the darkness of the night.

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