Were Mayweather's Comments on Jeremy Lin Out of Line?

Sports 2012/02/14 17:00:00
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As we've covered here at length on SodaHead, point guard Jeremy Lin has gone from Harvard grad (sleeping on his brother's couch in hopes of making it in pro basketball) to now the NBA's next big superstar. Lin has lead the New York Knicks to five straight wins, while scoring 20 points or more -- which includes out-dueling future Hall of Famer Kobe Bryant. But not everyone is impressed.

Boxer Floyd Mayweather, who is regarded as the best in the world (beside Manny Pacquiao), recently tweeted that the only reason Lin is getting all this attention is because of his race. "Jeremy Lin is a good player but all the hype is because he's Asian," Mayweather tweeted on Monday. "Black players do what he does every night and don't get the same praise."

Mayweather fails to realize that a fourth-string point guard going from almost being cut to critical acclaim isn't easy and something that rarely happens. Lin didn't just save his career, but so far, he's saved the Knicks' season. He is also the first American-born Taiwanese NBA player, and showing fans through his success, that basketball is truly an international game. What do you think of "Money" Mayweather's comments about Jeremy Lin? Were they out of line?

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  • Dan T. 2012/02/28 00:52:10
    Dan T.
    Basic case of ignorance. If the blacks have nothing to report then they hit the racist highway. Morgan Freeman said it best, "stop talking about it".
  • Guido 2012/02/27 13:03:57
    This guy is a boxer; you guys are giving him way too much credit for intellect. He has fought 42 pro fights, that’s a lot of shots to the head. And look at his father, the fruit fell right under the tree it didn’t roll or anything. Check out his uncle, these are the people that raised him. At the end of the day it’s really hard to take his actions seriously, as long as no one gets hurt physically.
  • Rono 2012/02/22 03:42:23
    I guess he's jealous it's not him getting the attention.
  • pebbles 2012/02/17 22:26:11
    cant stand the guy or the team
  • mamacrash 2012/02/17 04:31:52
    I was under the impression that we weren't suppose to separate due to color!
  • Joey mamacrash 2012/02/17 05:42:50
    Do you know how Russle Wesbrook is ? He put up the same numbers as Lin. But know one is talking about him ?
  • mamacrash Joey 2012/02/26 16:07:06
    Sorry he hasn't had his day, just wait it might be right around the corner.
  • TTT 2012/02/17 04:12:23
    It wasn't all that many years ago that black people were making headlines for "doing what they do every night"
  • boneman1 2012/02/16 18:09:28
    Mayweather's an overrated athlete in a sport that's no longer relevant due to it's corruption and the increasing popularity of MMA. He shouldn't be talking about anybody after ducking Pacquiao for so long.
  • Akes88 2012/02/16 05:09:38
    like it says, few 4th string players rarely get a chance on the court, let alone turn that chance into crazy success.
  • Joey Akes88 2012/02/17 05:43:23
    Do you know who these guys are .

    Ben Wallace-
    Raja Bell
    Avery Johnson

    Did they get as much props as Lin ?
  • Mari 2012/02/16 01:53:09
    There are many black NBA players that get not only praised but way more than him he only makes $788,872 while his black Knicks team-mate Amar'e Stoudemire makes $18,217,705
  • Tenness... Mari 2012/02/16 18:10:45
    That is discrimination against Asian Americans who went to Harvard! He should get the ACLU to sue the Knicks and the NBA!
  • john Mari 2012/02/17 05:48:13
    What you just said is Absurd. About two weeks every NBA team thought he was a role player at best
  • Headshot760 2012/02/15 23:40:34
    Another Kanye West.
  • rightside 2012/02/15 22:46:59
    Just sounds racist to me. What's funny is that he probably doesn't even see it. He's angry because some other race may take over basketball.
  • Joey rightside 2012/02/16 11:23:08
    THe fact that you think that Lin is taking over basketball speaks to the issue. While he isa great.. no one else has ever got all this for a weeks wroth of a good play.
  • rightside Joey 2012/02/16 17:33:45
    #1 I never said that. #2 you and others are avoiding the question.
    His comment was rude and racist and tasteless. The question was "is this out of line"
    Not whether he had the right to say it.
  • Joey rightside 2012/02/16 19:33:26
    He was note racist it true. I have no issue saying one of the main reason I cared about Golf was due to Woods . The only male Tennis player I care about is James Blake. Funny a Republican can have a racist ad with a Asian person speaking broken English and thats ok.
  • rightside Joey 2012/02/16 19:44:57
    Whatever that means...OK.
  • sully Joey 2012/02/17 23:26:23
    You're mistaken. It wasn't a Republican.
  • Joey sully 2012/02/18 01:12:00
  • Kozman 2012/02/15 22:05:05
    Give me a BREAK!!! Mayweather Shouldn't have said ANYTHING. To many or
    maybe not enough hit's to the head. If you had more of the Jeremy Lin's playing. Weather he was Black ,White or Asian. It just improves the NBA. And trust me it needs
    improving. What an Idiot.
  • Stix 2012/02/15 21:14:23
    Mayweather is factualy incorrect...no player in the past 40 years has scored more points or made more assists in their first 5 games then Lin...Mayweather is an angry black man.
  • Joey Stix 2012/02/16 11:24:15
    Lin did not score that in his first 5 games .. he did it in his first 5 starts that is something every different .
  • JessicaPriest 2012/02/15 21:09:24
    there will always be someone that will pull the race card in every situation where they feel something is not fair. Lin is good at what he does, he deserves to be recognized for it.
  • Joey Jessica... 2012/02/16 11:24:50
    Do you know who John Starks is .. How about Ben Wallace, how about Russlle Wesbrook ?
  • Jessica... Joey 2012/02/16 14:19:26
    I'm just saying no matter ur race or color or religion or whatever else is different about u, if ur good enough to get the credit due then u deserve it. Not everyone will be happy about it so who really cares what they say.
  • john Joey 2012/02/17 05:50:33
    None of those players went from bench riders to avg 25 and 10 a night
  • Joey john 2012/02/17 05:55:15 (edited)
    Yes John Starks was.. but thanks for showing you have no clue about these guys . And thus proving the point .
  • DonFernandez 2012/02/15 20:36:38
    White and Hispanic people loves Jeremy Lin. Maybe Black people should get with the program and stop being a hater
  • Mari DonFern... 2012/02/16 01:54:16
    I like jeremy lin. I am black. ??!?!?!??!
  • moonlig... DonFern... 2012/02/17 00:13:11
    "Not that black People should get with the program". Me and my brother are black and we are excited and happy for Jerry Lin. I am a BIg Pacquioa fan and we say to hell with .
    He does not speak for any of us. He is just a chicken who hate most Orientals because of his fear of Pacquioa. i west he was around when Hearns, Duran, or Leonard were fighting. He is the greatest fraud.
  • Chef Bunyan 2012/02/15 20:24:56
    Chef Bunyan
    I'm a Christian, and I didn't like what he said BUT I'm also a firm believer in one's 1st amendment right to express an opinion, be it righ or wrong!
  • rightside Chef Bu... 2012/02/15 22:48:06
    The question just asks if its "out of line". He has the right to say it, but that doesn't mean he should have.
  • Chef Bu... rightside 2012/02/16 02:02:38
    Chef Bunyan
    Why not? He's entitled to his opinion! That's the fundamental right of the 1st amendment
  • rightside Chef Bu... 2012/02/16 03:03:44
    Again, that wasn't the question.
  • Chef Bu... rightside 2012/02/16 20:54:07
    Chef Bunyan
    OK, why shouldn't he have said it? YOU are the one missing the point! This political correctness BS has so permeated our society, and it's ridiculous! I say things all the time that other people totally disagree with or tell me I shouldn't have said but then I tell them then why did you ask me for my opinion!? I say again, right or wrong it is his 1st amendment RIGHT!
  • rightside Chef Bu... 2012/02/16 22:04:50
  • Angelika Insomniac 2012/02/15 20:04:34
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