Were Brandi Glanville's comments racist on "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills"?

ABC News U.S. 2013/12/10 17:08:44
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  • Jill 2013/12/18 06:04:15
    No, she was just joking
    what were Brandi and her mom drinking when they were at her new home. It looked like a bottle of wine and I thought it said Caos. Does anyone know
  • Dickens 2013/12/10 21:00:58 (edited)
    No, she was just joking
    ...how would anyone know; is there anyone stupid enough to even WATCH that show??
  • Jeanne Jordan Glover 2013/12/10 19:47:08
    No, she was just joking
    Jeanne Jordan Glover
    I don't think anything racist was meant by the statement. And, I'm black woman writing this comment. She's just being Brandi. We're all so caught up in being so "Politically correct and we just can't laugh anymore about the stupid stuff that comes out of some peoples' mouths. Lighten up!
  • millie3939 Jeanne ... 2013/12/21 12:11:24
    finally person who has common sense, thank you
  • Cezar 2013/12/10 19:03:43
    No, she was just joking
    They do this for controversy and to bring in the ratings.

    If it is on television it is scripted.
  • aphotodude Cezar 2013/12/27 19:41:21
    You are absolutely right !!!The news and media have been going totally crazy trying to make a buck off false claims of racism ever since BO got in office we need as a country to put an end to the lies being foisted on us by the major media corps and the sickos that own them!!
  • Marie 2013/12/10 18:23:15 (edited)
    Yes, definitely
    Everything said in jest is not a joke. Still, it's good to know what's lurking in peoples hearts (nothing like booze to get your guard down so you let it out). At least you always know where you stand with the Klan and they stay tucked away in some compound boinking their sister/wife. It's people like her that are the real problems in our society.

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