We Know the Top 24... But Who Will Be the Next 'American Idol'?

The bikini boys, Big Kahunas, and boob boxers have all gone home. America, you now have your Top 24 "American Idol" contestants. But which hopefuls will achieve full "Idol" glory, and which ones will fade into reality show oblivion?

Read on for our odds of each contestant's chances of making it all the way to the top.

Did your favorites make the Top 24? [Poll]


1. Katie Stevens
Age 17, Middlebury, CT

Gorgeous "Neutrogena Girl" looks, check. Relatable to teen voters, check. Flawless performances, check. Wholesome, Middle America appeal, check. Katie Stevens has it all — and Kara even told her that she could be the "potential winner." Randy did predict that a girl would take it this year...

Her odds of winning: 3:1.

WATCH frontrunner Katie Stevens perform Etta James' "At Last."


2. Ashley Rodriguez
Age 22, Chelsea, MA

That glossy hair, that huge smile. With her Rosario Dawson-esque beauty and powerhouse voice, Ashley Rodriguez just jumps off the screen. We still want to hear more from her, though.

Her odds of winning: 5:1.

WATCH Ashley Rodriguez wow the judges at her Boston audition.


3. Andrew Garcia
Age 24, Moreno Valley, CA

Andrew Garcia might be the most talented contestant on "Idol" this year. Not only is he a great singer, but he also has that David Cook way of making every song his own. Watch his slow, sexy version of Paula Abdul's "Straight Up" for a refresher course.

His odds of winning: 8:1.

WATCH Andrew Garcia's "genius" interpretation of "Straight Up."


4. Crystal Bowersox
Age 24, Elliston, OH

Single mom Crystal Bowersox has true indie cred, with her dreadlocks, piercings, and slightly gritty edge. However, unlike Season 7 finalist Jason Castro, she seems to have enough appeal to be a hit outside America's dorm rooms. And she nails every performance.

Her odds of winning: 10:1.

WATCH Crystal Bowersox take on Aretha Franklin's "(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman."


5. Janell Wheeler
Age 24, Tampa, FL

At the risk of sounding superficial, we think this gorgeous girl is going to pick up a lot of votes with her looks alone. That said, we thought the same thing about last season's Megan Joy, and she only made it to ninth place. Janell's performances have also been kind of hit-and-miss, so she might crack under the pressure.

Her odds of winning: 12:1.

WATCH Janell Wheeler's winning Hollywood Week performance.


6. Aaron Kelly
Age 16, Sonestown, PA

There's no question about it: Aaron Kelly is this season's David Archuleta. While he might not have quite the angelic appeal of our beloved Archie, Aaron is going to flutter the hearts of those texting tween voters. That said, we fear he might wind up like Season 5's adorable-but-dorky Kevin Covais, who made it to 11th place but became known as "Chicken Little."

His odds of winning: 14:1.

WATCH Aaron Kelly sing Miley Cyrus' "The Climb."


7. Casey James
Age 27, Fort Worth, TX

While the little girls are voting for Aaron Kelly, their moms are going to be voting for strip-teasing hunk Casey James. Casey has an original singer/songwriter appeal that reminds us of the '90s somehow. This could be good or bad.

His odds of winning: 15:1.

WATCH "Idol's" resident hunk, Casey James, audition in Denver — with and without his shirt.


8. Lilly Scott
Age 20, Littleton, CO

Sandwich maker Lilly Scott is Top 12 for sure: She has an awesome, catchy voice; tons of confidence; and a unique style that stands out from the crowd — not to mention a great collection of patterned tights. As Kara said, everything about her is refreshing.

Her odds of winning: 15:1.

WATCH Lilly Scott's original take on Ella Fitzgerald's "Lullaby of Birdland."


9. Didi Benami
Age 23, Hollywood, CA

Didi Benami is going to appeal to fans of Season 7's Brooke White – she's pretty in that hippie-chick way, and we've loved most of her performances. That said, we're afraid Didi's emotions will get the best of her: does she ever stop crying?

Her odds of winning: 15:1.

WATCH Didi Benami sing Kara DioGuardi's "Terrified" during Hollywood Week.


10. Michael "Big Mike" Lynche
Age 26, Astoria, NY

We'd place "Big Mike" higher on this list if it weren't for the rumors that he's going to be replaced in the Top 24. Mike has an effortless, salt-of-the-earth charm that makes you want to have a beer with him. Isn't that the most important criteria for winning over American voters nowadays?

His odds of winning: 20:1.

WATCH Michael "Big Mike" Lynche's Hollywood Week performance.


11. Haeley Vaughn
Age 16, Fort Collins, CO

Like Ashley Rodriguez, there's something about Haeley Vaughn that just jumps off the screen. She's just so cute! We think she'll appeal to fans of Season 5's fifth-place winner, Paris Bennett. But as Simon said, while she's super talented, she can also be "annoying."

Her odds of winning: 24:1.

WATCH Haeley Vaughn's version of Taylor Swift's "Change."


12. Katelyn Epperly
Age 19, West Des Moines, IA

All Katelyn's talk about her parents' divorce was a bit TMI for us, and her performances have bored us a little. That said, she might resonate with teenage girls.

Her odds of winning: 25:1.

WATCH Katelyn Epperly get mixed reviews from the judges.


13. Tim Urban
Age 20, Duncanville, TX

Tim Urban has tween heartthrob written all over him, and he sounded pretty good singing David Cook's "Come Back to Me." We don't think he'll go Top 12, but it's possible.

His odds of winning: 32:1.

WATCH Tim Urban perform David Cook's "Come Back to Me."


14. Todrick Hall
Age 24, Arlington, TX

Todrick Hall has something critical to commercial success in America: an affiliation with Oprah! In case you weren't watching Tuesday night, he appeared in Winfrey's musical version of "The Color Purple." He also has a fun personality and some great dance moves.

His odds of winning: 32:1.


15. John Park
Age 21, Evanston, IL

Handsome John Park got Shania Twain's attention during auditions, but we admit that we had a hard time remembering what his voice sounds like.

His odds of winning: 32:1.


16. Tyler Grady
Age 20, Nazareth, PA

Tyler Grady is kind of weird (he had to have titanium plates put in his arms after he fell out of a tree), but he has that wannabe Jim Morrison look that should appeal to college kids.

His odds of winning: 40:1.


17. Alex Lambert
Age 19, North Richland Hills, TX

Alex Lambert seems kind of boring at first, but he has excellent personal style (trendy haircut, cool blazers over T-shirts) and looks funky playing the ukulele. Mary Powers said he was "the weakest link," but we don't agree.

His odds of winning: 40:1.


18. Michelle Delamor
Age 22, Miami Beach, FL

We haven't seen much of Michelle, but she was good in her group performance of Beyonce's "Irreplaceable" and injects some sex appeal into the show.

Her odds of winning: 50:1.

WATCH Michelle Delamor's sexy performance during Group Week.


19. Lee Dewyze
Age 23, Mount Prospect, IL

Lee Dewyze seemed to lack charisma at first, but his passionate performance of The Fray's "You Found Me" got our attention.

His odds of winning: 50:1.


20. Lacey Brown
Age 24, Amarillo, TX

Lacey Brown's rendition of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" was one of the most original of the season — but we think that her personal style might be too eccentric to resonate with voters.

Her odds of winning: 60:1.

WATCH: Lacey Brown sing "Somewhere Over the Rainbow."


21. Jermaine Sellers
Age 26, Joliet, IL

The church singer who takes care of his ailing mother seemed like a nice guy at first, but he "threw the band under the bus" during Hollywood Week, accusing them of deviating from rehearsal. Sellers sticks to inspirational tunes, such as "What If God Was One of Us?" and "Man in the Mirror" — songs that may not play well with the teeny boppers out there.

His odds of winning: 60:1.

WATCH Jermaine Sellers' Golden Ticket-winning Atlanta audition.


22. Siobhan Magnus
Age 19, Barnstable, MA

Ellen told teenage Siobhan not to "be so old" on Tuesday night, and she quickly ditched her mousy look for a fresher one. That said, we're not sure she has the charisma to go very far.

Her odds of winning: 62:1.


23. Paige Miles
Age 24, Cypress, TX

Apparently, Paige was only shown during Group Week, and it's hard to hear enough of her voice to make a prediction on this one!

Her odds of winning: Can't predict.


24. Jose (Joe) Munoz
Age 20, Huntington Park, CA

We can't find any footage of Joe performing, so your guess is as good as ours!

His odds of winning: Can't predict.


25. General Larry Platt
Age 62, Atlanta, GA

So far, this season's most talked-about contestant is Gen. Larry Platt, singer of the now-infamous "Pants on the Ground." Why shouldn't he have a shot at winning it all?

His odds: 100:1.

WATCH this season's first viral hit, "Pants on the Ground," and the best remixes and covers it inspired.

—Jennifer D'Angelo Friedman, Amos Content Group
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Top Opinion

  • Bri Nicole 2010/02/19 18:40:27
    Bri Nicole
    I think most of them did a great job and should have made it! I'm just glad that punk rocker chick with the major ego is GONE! I hated her, glad she's out! But I really do like Casey, and Katie and more....

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  • person 2010/03/22 16:53:38
    Lee Dewyze shud win!!!!!!!
  • peacecandy 2010/03/05 23:36:19
  • justinfever1725 2010/03/05 18:53:03
    lee dywyez all the was hes awesome also I love Kattie Stevens . They have my vote
  • MsJonas 2010/03/05 17:11:14 (edited)
    park stayed love andrew john andrew favorites httpwww thespreadit comp

    john park stayed love andrew john andrew favorites
  • ellomotto 2010/02/23 03:22:05
    I love Andrew Garcia
  • jbieber... ellomotto 2010/02/23 05:30:52
    i know! he is like my fave! but it would be kewl for a girl to win this year..
  • Alice C.* the Super Sister ♥ 2010/02/23 02:27:30
    Alice C.* the Super Sister ♥
    GO KATIE...I not only like her becuase we have the same name, but she is also a really good singer. She has raw talent.
  • Reject ~ Placebo All Da Way 2010/02/23 02:17:09
    Reject ~ Placebo All Da Way
    idks but hey if i had watched it i would be able to tell you... like david cook i thought he was gonna win when i first saw him
  • Rumpleteazer 2010/02/23 01:41:46
    Kill your Idols
  • ¢låµÐïå jåñê 2010/02/21 18:13:22
    ¢låµÐïå jåñê
    andrew garcia is gonna win . i have a gut feeling .
  • тrisʜɑ 2010/02/21 16:45:44
    Katie stevens, alexandre garcia & john park.
    Those are my favorites so FAR.
  • @corneliuscmp FOLLOW ME TWI... 2010/02/21 09:02:27
    @corneliuscmp FOLLOW ME TWITTER
    i really was countin on tori kelly

  • justinfever1725 2010/02/21 03:51:46 (edited)
    I feel american idol has changed from a singing competion to a look competsion even victoria beckem all she said was i like your look isnt the voice whats important!!!!
  • Weebsley justinf... 2010/02/22 22:51:56
    its not just singing or just looks, its a mixture of those and charisma. They are just trying to find the whole package, someone who just seems like they are supposed to be a star, someone who just feels like that.
  • justinf... Weebsley 2010/02/22 23:13:47
    thanks for replying and i agree with you it is a mix :)
  • mrs awesome face 2010/02/20 22:34:16
    mrs awesome face
    andrew garcia is mi fav
  • RayToroIsSexy 2010/02/20 21:35:31
    I want Casey to win! My Chem likes coffee
  • hailey b :) 2010/02/20 13:06:27
    hailey b :)
    i love casey.........and crystal they are my favorites right now
  • jacquie 2010/02/20 01:00:17
    aarom kelly, alex lambert, tim urban are my favorites!!!!!!!!
    But no one will be as awsm as aarom kelly alex lambert tim urban favorites love awsm aarom kelly alex lambert tim urban favorites love awsm adam lambert
  • RayToro... jacquie 2010/02/20 21:36:47
    I love Adam Lambert got his cd two weeks ago so awesome!!! My Chem likes coffee

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