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Norah Jones' upcoming album has been in the works since 2009, when she teamed up with Danger Mouse in his Los Angeles studio for a week-long session. At the time, the duo wasn't content with the material they came up with and put the project on hold, but when Jones went through a rough breakup last summer, it provided her with the material she needed to turn the Danger Mouse sessions into something meaningful. She told Rolling Stone, "I always heard the old stories about how you write better songs when you go through some s---. That sucks, but it's true!"

The new album, due out on May 1, is called "...Little Broken Hearts," and "Happy Pills" is its first broken-hearted single. The poppy number is hardly a dirge or a ballad, opting for a lighter tone that shows off Danger Mouse's Grammy-winning upbeat production. The lyrics are deceptively dark -- Jones goes so far as to call it "evil and f---ed up ... I'm not sad, but there's a lot of hurt in there."

Broken hearts. It's a simple concept, but one that's driven some of the most powerful albums in music history. They didn't call it "Sgt. Pepper and the Happy-Go-Lucky Hearts Club Band," did they? There's a nearly infinite number of songs to choose from, so we're not going to limit your options. Whether it's a country ballad, an R & B harmony or a death metal lament, we want to hear your favorite song about heartbreak. Include a video if you'd like!

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