Was Princess Diana pregnant at the time of her death?

SAM 2007/12/21 23:29:07
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Diana was not pregnant when she died, according to a doctor at a London clinic she regularly visited.

Lily Hua Yu, a practitioner in acupuncture and Chinese medicine, told the inquest into her death that an appointment with the Princess ten days before her death revealed no signs of pregnancy.

Ms Yu, who had treated Diana since 1996, said in their final meeting together she would have been able to tell if she had been expecting a child from a change in pulse.

But she told the High Court: "I found nothing in her pulse to suggest this was the case."

She had also asked the Princess when she had had her last period. Diana had said it had started six days before her previous appointment on August 15.

During the year before her death, Diana had told Ms Yu that she was on the contraceptive pill.

The pill would not have been affected by her Chinese herbal medicine, the practitioner said.

Ms Yu said Diana's well-being had been helped by the alternative medicine.

he said she was no longer taking sleeping tablets, which she had been doing for five years and that just before her death she was in a good mental state.

Ms Yu said: “She was very happy and in a very positive mood. After all the stress and depression she had suffered, the Chinese medicine improved her well-being.

“She never mentioned fears for her own safety, although I don’t think she would have discussed that sort of thing with me in any case."

She added: “She discussed her men with me. She mentioned Dodi. He appeared at the right time when she needed emotional support.”

The Princess had become very interested in Chinese medicine and liked the treatment so much that she recommended it to her friends.

Ms Yu told the court: “She became so interested in Chinese medicine that she said she was planning to go to Hong Kong and China.”

Ms Yu's evidence comes after the pathologist in the case told the court that he didn't think Diana was pregnant at the time of the accident.

Dr Robert Chapmen, who carried out the post-mortem on the body on the same night the Princess died, could not find any tell-tale signs of pregnancy.
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  • benjamin.lesperance 2012/04/08 00:01:02
  • Alicia 2008/11/21 01:00:28 (edited)
    I think Mr Fayed would like to believe that Diana was pregnant with his grandchild but she had only been going out with Dodi for 6 weeks and she was not stupid enough to get pregnant. I don't believe that Diana was serious about Dodi he was just a great looking rich guy who was giving her the attention she craved.
    Do I think Diana's death was an accident? No bleedin way as we say in England!!!!
  • Mason Templar 2008/08/14 19:21:06
    Mason Templar
    There's this really cool and interesting website that explains exactly who killed Lady Di, and why...


  • Dianafan1 2008/01/13 13:26:20 (edited)
    Of course Diana wasn't pregnant. It's a fantasy Mohammed Fayed wants us to believe in the same way he wants us to believe she was about to marry Dodi Fayed. She hadn't known Dodi long enough for either events to have happened. She was having a nice time with her new man and that is all. It is nonsense to even think such things were happening. Michael Cole is Fayed's soppy mouthpiece too, peddling his silly stories. Prince William is the one person who knows the truth and he, sadly, isn't telling. Having Diana as his daughter-in-law would have been the perfect way to get his British passport, and put two fingers up to the British establishment, for Fayed, wouldn't it. He was using Diana for his own ends, just as much as everyone else had been in the past. Why doesn't Fayed give up and go home to Egypt. By the way, the 'AL' in Fayed's name denotes aristocracy. Mohammed Fayed is not an aristocrat and it is his way of claiming that he is, another way of trying to get recognised by the British establishment. It won't work. He's just a shopkeeper.
  • alw_ays 2007/12/23 09:42:49
    Weird. It's interesting what bugs people about these things. Frankly, it is very possible she had a fertilized egg in her body.

    "It is estimated that up to 50% of all fertilized eggs die and are lost (aborted) spontaneously, usually before the woman knows she is pregnant. Among known pregnancies, the rate of miscarriage is approximately 10% and usually occurs between the 7th and 12th weeks of pregnancy." (from http://www.medhelp.org/Medica...
  • Megagenie 2007/12/22 01:57:49
    I didn't understand much about the article but I remember that I read some article in Yahoo and it said that Princess Diana was pregnant at the time of her death... I hate Camila cause she succeeded in taking Diana's place as a Princess and I hate Charles because he married that ugly witch
  • Dianafan1 Megagenie 2008/01/13 13:30:51
    Ooh, nasty!!! I agree, actually, but Camilla, a witch? Well, she DID cast a spell over Prince Charles! A fairy tale in reverse. She isn't what you might call, pretty, now is she?? No, I don't believe for one moment that Diana was pregnant. She'd only been with Dodi a few weeks and no evidence had been found to suggest otherwise. Fayed is the other fantasy figure in this sad story. He should be sent home in disgrace and left to grieve in peace - in Egypt where he belongs.
  • Megagenie Dianafan1 2008/01/19 04:18:20
    i find ur comment funny

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