Was Beyoncé's Grammy performance too risque?

ABC News U.S. 2014/01/27 18:00:00
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Beyonce and Jay-Z opened the 2014 Grammy Awards with a steamy performance of their hit record “Drunk in Love” that still has people talking.

The mother-of-one hit the stage in a sheer bodysuit and wet hair, performing a racy chair dance before she was joined on stage by her husband.

Jay Z / Instagram

The couple shared an onstage kiss. He caressed her famous derriere, while she ran her hands up and down his pant legs. Both then showed off their “surfboard” dance moves.

Some viewers labeled the performance too hot for television. “Beyonce seriously? It’s 8:00. That performance was NOT appropriate for children. Thank God mine are in bed. #shameonyou,” Theresa Bailey wrote on Twitter.

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  • Hebsi 2014/01/28 00:24:51
    Yes, Beyonce went too far for television
    It felt like I was watching a strip club dancer rather than a singer. I don't understand why female performers feel they need to dress and dance like a skank.

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  • veenaloy 2014/02/24 16:31:33
  • Roy Munson **SL, BD** 2014/02/24 12:52:14 (edited)
    Yes, Beyonce went too far for television
    Roy Munson **SL, BD**
    adults,watch this all you want. just don't let your kids watch it. damn,pretty soon people will just start having sex on prime time t;v.
  • Redd44 Roy Mun... 2014/03/02 02:34:51
    I agree!
  • ScabbyJohnsonConsAreEvil 2014/02/22 18:35:02
  • gamuve09 2014/02/21 21:33:12
  • True Genius 2014/02/19 19:06:11
    No, it's the Grammys, what do you expect
    True Genius
    The Grammys have become soft core porn for the wannabe songstresses of the music industry who have no real talent. NOOKIE SELLS RECORDS. I guess Jay (Camel face) Z doesn't mind pimping out the mother of his child.
  • emily 2014/02/19 06:55:39
    Yes, Beyonce went too far for television
    I just don't like that she is falling in line with the media portrayals of woman as sex objects. She should be more of a role model and show that woman can be entertaining without being sexual.
  • Joseph Stapleton 2014/02/16 08:49:35
    No, it's the Grammys, what do you expect
    Joseph Stapleton
    People should be aware of how far artists will go to express their songs best possible. Lady Gaga meat dress? Yeah. To be fair it was a bit much considering the age of some of the viewers but hey, viewer discretion. I think it may be best that the new generations realize Beyonce is a goddess as soon as possible. beyonce super bowl
  • No nonsense NanC...don't BS... 2014/02/16 03:53:08
    Yes, Beyonce went too far for television
    No nonsense NanC...don't BS me!
    She is acting like a whore..................too bad. She is beautiful and was once sweet........
    until she met up with the rapper POS Jay Z.
  • No nons... No nons... 2014/02/16 03:54:11
    No nonsense NanC...don't BS me!
    PS. He looks and acts like her pimp!
  • douglas... No nons... 2014/03/04 16:25:55
    He got the illuminat and don't think Obama isn't in it too. Did you read his sec is gay reggie love. real hot guy.
  • No nons... douglas... 2014/03/04 18:49:58
  • Linda7777 2014/02/14 20:30:55
    Yes, Beyonce went too far for television
    People just don't leave anything to the imagination any more and that makes them nothing but People who use sex to make money period!
  • dabeke14 2014/02/14 00:14:59
  • Jonathan V. 2014/02/10 10:29:54
    No, it's the Grammys, what do you expect
    Jonathan V.
    The song was sexual, so it was expected.
  • vanessar 2014/02/09 18:14:21
    No, it's the Grammys, what do you expect
    To prudish, priggish ,whining religious zealots , the flash of a bare ankle is too risque. Sticks in the mud and those with sexual repression issues belong in the 19th Century.
    I wish you would all return to it and pretend that life is Little House on the Prairie.
  • Roy Mun... vanessar 2014/02/24 12:53:02
    Roy Munson **SL, BD**
    well,listen to you.
  • vanessar Roy Mun... 2014/02/24 18:09:56
    Why? Libertarians never listen to ANYONE but their inner crazy person.
  • Roy Mun... vanessar 2014/03/02 03:17:52
    Roy Munson **SL, BD**
    i don't have an inner Buddah
  • douglas... vanessar 2014/03/17 01:29:45 (edited)
    She refers to a woman getting her ass beat. Sound like fun? And do you like "eating cake" (cum)? Maybe want your teen daughter to eat cake?
    Hollywood is run by Jews who eat Hashems ear for Purim and celebrate the massacre of 75,000 non-jews. They run over black kids to show whose boss. lmaof You a goym (non-jew) just like me so don't think a Jew is ever your friend. They are Zionists who think were the same as dogs or cats.
  • VeinyBones 2014/02/08 11:25:09
    No, it's the Grammys, what do you expect
    Calm down sheesh. Not a fan of sexy stuff? Your not obligated to watch it. Calling people whores, sluts and demeaning them for expressing something that's not hurting anyone? Prettttty confusing. When did shaming people become a part of moral code?
  • douglas... VeinyBones 2014/03/04 16:26:48
  • VeinyBones douglas... 2014/03/04 21:06:22
    Good is subjective!
  • douglas... VeinyBones 2014/04/30 15:34:14
    Shame on black people for thinking this is ok. We white people think having kids watch strippers is immoral. No wonder blacks are still living like slaves on government subsidies.
  • VeinyBones douglas... 2014/04/30 17:39:59
    lol, white people are into and have done a whole lot worse.
  • JAA 2014/02/07 06:49:19
    Yes, Beyonce went too far for television
    There's a reason why adults close their bedroom doors.
  • Natasha 2014/02/04 18:10:47
    No, it's the Grammys, what do you expect
    I don't watch them anymore (also at work), I just catch the headlines now. The recaps were enough (on YouTube), and I was glad to see Daft Punk's performance with Stevie Wonder/Pharrell Williams/Nile Rodgers when I heard they won.
  • douglas... Natasha 2014/04/30 15:35:29
    I apologize, I met some black Christians who know JayZ and trash Beyonce are with Satan.
  • Dave 007 2014/02/02 13:11:07
    Yes, Beyonce went too far for television
    Dave 007
    Isn't it always. Dressing and dancing like that is to hide the no talent she is.
  • No-to-n... Dave 007 2014/02/07 04:55:31
  • JAA No-to-n... 2014/02/07 06:50:47
    Are you her maid? Must be a pretty busy toilet she has goin' on.
  • Liberal Pothead 2014/02/02 06:50:54
    No, it's the Grammys, what do you expect
    Liberal Pothead
    I liked Miley Cyrus' VMA performance better.

  • Mariann... Liberal... 2014/02/07 05:05:13 (edited)
    All skanks liked it.
    male skank
  • JAA Liberal... 2014/02/07 06:51:37
    Yea, but you're a typical liberal pothead.
  • douglas... Liberal... 2014/04/30 15:36:35
    She's a mind control slave to satan now. She said she isn't allowed to leave her house. She doesn't run the show. She does what her handlers want. Isn't it obvious?
  • DFROST 2014/02/01 13:57:46
    No, it's the Grammys, what do you expect
    There are way too many "other" atrocities in society to really be concerned about then a Beyoncé performance on the Grammy Awards show. The fact that she's a married mom in a competitive industry only speaks volumes of her genius as an Artist and Marketing Guru. She is a DIVA, STAR, MOM, WIFE, all wrapped up into her Entertainment package. Her performance was classy in my opinion...It matched the Song and the fact that her Husband performed with her Hubby has only increased their family Brand. Good for them! Loved IT! - All the Haters need to really "GET A LIFE" - and put your Kids to Bed and turn the Channel if you cannot stand the SEXINESS....DFROST
  • JAA DFROST 2014/02/07 06:52:34 (edited)
    Does the word "whore" mean anything to anyone? We have a life, btw, & skanks like this keep interfering in it. Yes, she's got a great voice; more the reason why she doesn't stoop to this type of shock, nasty behavior. Adults have all seen that type of behavior, mostly in our bedrooms, so she can only be catering to our youth.
  • VeinyBones JAA 2014/02/08 11:21:20
  • JAA VeinyBones 2014/02/09 17:18:32
    If you look up "whore" in the dictionary, you will find that the act(s) that are performed by these "stars" are indeed indicative of that type of behavior. I couldn't care less if someone wishes to "express their sexuality", as long as they do it in their bedroom, away from children, & away from adults who actually have standards.
  • douglas... DFROST 2014/03/17 01:33:22
    She is in Hollywood after J Zay got her in the club (illuminati).
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