VH1's 100 Greatest Women In Music: Do you agree with the list?

*~The Doctor's Rose♥~* 2012/02/16 19:42:46
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100. Pussycat Dolls

99. Demi Lovato

98. Ashanti

97. Grace Potter

96. Mandy Moore

95. Wilson Phillips

94. Colbie Caillat

93. Feist

92. Jordin Sparks

91. Monica

90. Regina Spektor

89. Hillary Scott (Lady Antebellum)

88. SWV

87. Robyn

86. Ingrid Michaelson

85. Faith Evans

84. Avril Lavigne

83. Meg White (The White Stripes)

82. Miley Cyrus

81. Spice Girls

80. Sara Bareilles

79. PJ Harvey

78. Kim Gordon (Sonic Youth)

77. Hayley Williams (Paramore)

76. Leona Lewis

75. Kim Deal (The Breeders, The Pixies)

74. Paula Abdul

73. Dido

72. Brandy

71. Natalie Merchant

70. Macy Gray

69. Courtney Love

68. Indigo Girls

67. M.I.A.

66. Natasha Bedingfield

65. Liz Phair

64. Eve

63. Jill Scott

62. Leann Rimes

61. Shirley Manson (Garbage)

60. Florence + The Machine

59. Destiny’s Child

58. Miranda Lambert

57. Ke$ha

56. Gloria Estefan

55. Fiona Apple

54. Tori Amos

53. Sarah McLachlan

52. En Vogue

51. Nelly Furtado

50. Lauryn Hill

49. Amy Lee (Evanescence)

48. Aaliyah

47. Kylie Minogue

46. Toni Braxton

45. Lil’ Kim

44. Erykah Badu

43. Taylor Swift

42. Melissa Etheridge

41. Jewel

40. Nicki Minaj

39. Dixie Chicks

38. Salt N Pepa

37. Faith Hill

36. Shakira

35. Shania Twain

34. Queen Latifah

33. Norah Jones

32. Fantasia

31. Cher

30. Sade

29. Bjork

28. k.d. Lang

27. Fergie

26. Amy Winehouse

25. Sheryl Crow

24. Jennifer Hudson

23. Carrie Underwood

22. Annie Lennox

21. Celine Dion

20. Rihanna

19. Kelly Clarkson

18. Missy Elliott

17. Katy Perry

16. Jennifer Lopez

15. Alanis Morissette

14. Alicia Keys

13. Gwen Stefani

12. TLC

11. Britney Spears

10. P!nk

09. Mary J. Blige

08. Christina Aguilera

07. Janet Jackson

06. Whitney Houston

05. Adele

04. Lady Gaga

03. Beyoncé

02. Mariah Carey

01. Madonna

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  • peaches 2012/02/16 20:53:25
    I don't agree with some of the choices...
    Some people *cough*cough* Miley Cyrus, Ke$ha, Nicki Minaj *cough* don't even belong on this list. And people like Katy Perry, Rihanna, Britney Spears, and Kelly Clarkson hardly belong so high up on the list. And people like Hayley Williams and Florence and the Machine belong higher up on the list....
    Sad that popularity sometimes wins over true talent.

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  • Lemuel John Bagtas 2013/11/19 14:45:32
    I don't agree with some of the choices...
    Lemuel John Bagtas
    Mariah Carey? JUST SECOND? She must be the first one. She has 18 no. 1 singles, the most for any solo-artist. She is now close to the Beatles with 20 #1s. She is active in her career for two decades and she is WAY BETTER than Madonna. She has whistle register. She has an 5-octave range. She must be placed at the top of the list.
  • Adam Dodge Lemuel ... 2013/11/19 18:31:48
    Adam Dodge
    No way. If anyone belongs at the #1 position, it's Aretha Franklin.
    Aretha's won a total of eighteen Grammy awards, has had twenty number one hits, was the first ever woman to be inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, has a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame, has been releasing albums since 1956 (as a matter of fact, she was only fourteen when her first album was released), and has even sung for president Obama's inauguration. Rolling Stone even ranked her as the single greatest singer of all time (which I agree with).
    Yet somehow VH1 has the nerve to omit her from this list completely....
  • Kayla 2013/08/14 20:11:35
  • *~The D... Kayla 2013/08/14 21:09:40
    *~The Doctor's Rose♥~*
    Quite a few of the women on this list have been doing music for awhile.. Cher, Mariah Carey, Madonna, Annie Lennox, etc. Some haven't been in the music industry for long, but have made a great impact. Others... in my personal opinion, don't belong on the list, especially Ke$ha and Nicki Minaj.. though I think they have some catchy songs, neither of them have made a positive impact on the music industry.
  • vincentia yovita 2013/08/04 16:47:13
    I don't agree with some of the choices...
    vincentia yovita
    I think Demi Lovato is better than Nicki Minaj
  • Adam Dodge vincent... 2013/08/05 22:45:47
    Adam Dodge
    It's hard to find someone who ISN'T better than Nicki Minaj.
  • lolo 2012/06/22 00:19:57
    lil kim should be infront of nicki minaj she basically made her in a way
  • Adam Dodge lolo 2012/06/23 04:37:19
    Adam Dodge
    I agree. I don't know if you've heard about this or not, but Nicki and Kim actually got into a feud because Nicki didn't give Kim credit where credit was due. Either way, I don't think that Nicki Minaj should be on this list at all.
  • Kates 2012/06/16 11:54:55
    Where's Janis Joplin, Niki Minaj rated higher than Melissa Etheridge?, Where's Ann and Nancy Wilson?, What about Wynonna Judd? This is just a popularity competition.. If It wasn't, there'd be a lot more of the greats and alot less of those who... well, lets just say, get their boobs out for money. P!nk has a rightful place on this. It's nice to see Sheryl Crow and k.d. Lang higher up too.
  • zaakira 2012/06/13 21:55:33
    I don't agree with some of the choices...
    miley should have been in the top 10 but i'm just glad that selena is not there coz she's not a good singer at all but some idiots like her
  • fizzy 2012/04/21 20:48:10
    I don't agree with some of the choices...
    ytf is demi lovato 99????? hasnt anybody heard her voice or something!
    I think Taylor swift should have been definetly higher she has an amazing voice!
    to be honest i dont know half of these singers!
    How is Lady gaga better than adele, taylor swift, demi lovato, chistina aguilera and whitney houston???
    the more i look at the list the more i hate it!
  • ☠ Live Free Or Die ☠ 2012/04/21 03:52:58
    I don't agree with some of the choices...
    ☠ Live Free Or Die ☠
    I would add Otep and Angela Gassow and take out Ke$ha Lady Gaga! \m/
  • Death On Two Legs 2012/04/21 02:24:37 (edited)
    I don't agree with some of the choices...
    Death On Two Legs
    More like "No!"

    What the hell is Nicki Minaj doing above Amy Lee? -.-

    Amy Lee, Florence + The Machine, Tori Amos, and Bjork are the ones that stand out.
  • *~The D... Death O... 2013/08/14 21:13:28
    *~The Doctor's Rose♥~*
    I agree that Nicki should NOT be above Amy Lee. Amy has been in the music business longer and has an extraordinary voice. She also writes more emotional and personal songs that people relate to.
  • Death O... *~The D... 2013/08/14 21:22:15
    Death On Two Legs
    They seem to have forgotten pretty much every single woman who helped shape rock. They even forgot Joan Jett -_-
  • JennyTH♥ 2012/03/29 08:26:58
    Yes, it's a good list.
    Demi Lovato, Colbie Caillat, Jordin Sparks, Avril Lavigne, Hayley Williams, Taylor Swift, Kelly Clarkson, etc. ^^
  • Adam Dodge 2012/03/11 04:35:00
    Adam Dodge
    Based on the fact that the list's official title is "100 Greatest Women In Music" and not "100 Greatest Women In Music From The Past Twenty Years," this list should have covered ALL women in music. It's insulting to put most of these women in front of legends like Tina Turner, Joni Mitchell, Chrissie Hynde, Grace Slick, and, of course, Aretha Franklin.
  • *~The D... Adam Dodge 2012/03/11 04:45:47
    *~The Doctor's Rose♥~*
    It was only from the past 20 years though. That title would have been too long. And they didn't forget the women that made way for the artists of today.
  • Adam Dodge *~The D... 2012/03/11 16:28:26
    Adam Dodge
    I'm just speaking my mind. I know they gave brief mentions of Aretha, Tina, and several others, but they should've been on this list. Just saying.
  • *~The D... Adam Dodge 2013/08/14 21:17:05
    *~The Doctor's Rose♥~*
    If it was 100 Greatest Women of All Time, then they would have been on the list.. but it was the past 20 years.. hence why they are not on the list. I would have preferred they take the place of Ke$ha and Nicki Minaj though.. but yeah.
  • Adam Dodge *~The D... 2013/08/15 02:55:08
    Adam Dodge
    Personally, I would've eliminated Nicki Minaj, Robyn, and Sara Bareilles first, to make room for Aretha, Stevie Nicks, and Janis Joplin somewhere in the top ten, pushing everyone else back accordingly. Nothing personal against them or the next few artists I'd eliminate, but they're just three of the best examples of artists who are either close to "one-hit wonder" status or have very little reason to call good artists (and no, song popularity is hardly a reason, unless it's actually a worthwhile song).
  • mz.djqueen 2012/02/23 21:04:58
  • Happy_Evil_Dude 2012/02/20 10:45:39
    Is this supposed to be "of all time"? Who did Mandy Moore, Avril Lavigne, Miley Cyrus & co have to sleep with to get a spot?
  • *~The D... Happy_E... 2012/02/20 15:37:31
    *~The Doctor's Rose♥~*
    It's of the past 20 years. So from 1992 to now.
  • Happy_E... *~The D... 2012/02/20 15:44:55
    I see. Still a bunch of questionable choices though.
  • Sinister Ken Doll™ 2012/02/17 20:37:52
    Sinister Ken Doll™
    britney spears should be higher
  • king bennett 2012/02/16 23:48:57
    king bennett
  • Lovatic135 2012/02/16 22:08:18
    Demi Lovato got 99? I don't even know who half the people on this list are.
  • *~The D... Lovatic135 2012/02/16 22:14:37 (edited)
    *~The Doctor's Rose♥~*
    I didn't recognize a few of them either. This of the past 20 years, so that could be why you don't know some of them. And yes Demi is 99 on the list; I'm glad she is on there. But she should have been higher on the list than Miley Cyrus. >.<
  • Lovatic135 *~The D... 2012/02/16 22:19:03
    I like Miley but some of these people don't deserve to be on the list. ex: Lady Gaga
  • *~The D... Lovatic135 2012/02/16 22:23:32
    *~The Doctor's Rose♥~*
    I agree. And also Ke$ha :P Her songs are fun, but she is NOT one of the greatest women in music.
  • John Minatree Jr 2012/02/16 20:58:37
    John Minatree Jr
    Some of the people on the list are good, but in the wrong places. Amy Lee needs to be in the top 5 at least, for starters.
  • *~The D... John Mi... 2012/02/16 22:07:59 (edited)
    *~The Doctor's Rose♥~*
    I agree! Amy Lee is one of my favorite singers.
  • John Mi... *~The D... 2012/02/17 16:50:54
    John Minatree Jr
    I didnt even see Joan Jett on this list!! Wow...
  • peaches 2012/02/16 20:53:25
    I don't agree with some of the choices...
    Some people *cough*cough* Miley Cyrus, Ke$ha, Nicki Minaj *cough* don't even belong on this list. And people like Katy Perry, Rihanna, Britney Spears, and Kelly Clarkson hardly belong so high up on the list. And people like Hayley Williams and Florence and the Machine belong higher up on the list....
    Sad that popularity sometimes wins over true talent.
  • *~The D... peaches 2012/02/16 22:11:25
    *~The Doctor's Rose♥~*
    I know right? It's ridiculous. I was shocked when I saw Ke$ha on the list. But this was based on popular vote, so whatever. At least they are quite a few talented women on the list
  • peaches *~The D... 2012/02/16 22:30:26
    Yes, I agree. Some definatly do deserve to be on the list (:
  • Adam Dodge peaches 2012/03/11 04:50:21
    Adam Dodge
    I agree with you somewhat. Miley, Nicki, and Ke$ha definitely shouldn't have been on here. However, I do disagree with your comment on Kelly Clarkson and Katy Perry. Considering that Kelly won American Idol and all but the last two of her albums have gone at least platinum (last time I checked) and Katy Perry tied Michael Jackson's record of most #1 hits off a single album, I say they both belong in the top forty at least. Paramore has been my second favorite band for the past two years, so I share your opinion on Hayley being underrated. (Sorry for the lengthy response)
  • peaches Adam Dodge 2012/03/12 02:39:53
    It's fine lol though being popular doesn't mean seriously talented... I, personally, don't think that they, as well as many others, have nearly enough talent and musicianship to be so far up... Paramore has been one of my favorite bands for a long time as well (:
  • Adam Dodge peaches 2012/03/12 03:01:49
    Adam Dodge
    Way to be. I was hooked the very first time I heard "Crushcrushcrush".

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