Very very short skirts?

YO_its_CAITLIN 2009/11/14 06:58:13
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personally i dont think they should be worn in public...the one that im wearing now would reveal my undies if i bent over :]
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  • RamblingVoices. 2009/11/14 11:27:04
    when i was younger i lived in mini skirts lol..now i only wear them with leggings or tights..there is only so much id be willing to inflict on the general public....
  • YO_its_... Ramblin... 2009/11/16 06:57:11
    LOL :]
  • astridsarah 2009/11/14 10:39:56
    If you have a nice body, flaunt it! I mean, though I only wear them occasionally, I think it's great that women feel confident enough to wear them! It's their choice.
  • Ada R 2009/11/14 07:26:36
    Ada R
    You didn't actually ask a real question here.... Where the question should've been there was a fragment and in the description there was a sentence. So I answered this "question" assuming that it was meant to ask whether girls should wear very very short skirts in public. While I prefer loose clothing myself, I think censorship robs people of their freedom. Usually the way someone dresses says something about who they are as a person, but still, it should be a person's right to wear what they want.
  • runningintriangles 2009/11/14 07:01:26
    How short is "very very" short?
  • Mayflower2 2009/11/14 07:00:49
    In the privacy of your own home if you want to show off your undies....or put some hotpants on under that TOOOOOO short skirt....unless your practicing to be the neighborhood flussy.

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