Vampire RolePLay

Vampire RolePLay

Jenno Payne
Come here and be what ever you want to be a demon,werewolf from Twilight or make your own dosent matter.Its all fun and games till someone gets bit.Talk with other member about Music,Anime,Poetry,and stuff going on around the world.

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What to be a vampire fangs speed and sleep well heres the place to come.
Want to be a anime demon with a tail and ears heres your territory.
Want to be a giant wolf when you want or a human at school heres you class.
anime demon tail ears territory giant wolf human school class
anime demon tail ears territory giant wolf human school class

anime demon tail ears territory giant wolf human school class Put them here and let us read them i've put most of mine up here.
tail ears territory giant wolf human school class read ive
Have stories thats bubbling on the tips of your lips put them here and let us get lost in you stories.
Like Anime music its all right here so ENJOY!!
WERE GROWING SO FAST!!I'm so proud of my grop!!Please tell all your vampire crazed freinds OR ANYONE bout us so we can try to be come the bigest rp group!!
haruka jadepsyco phychic adriaadria terrisa lynnbella cullen 391 alicealice sojajacobemmet

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Check out our story boards theres a few great stories people are just starting to write and the poetry is flowing beautifuly!!
On a nother note please dont make charecters if your not gunna rp with them.
Hitomee Bell
poetry flowing beautifuly nother charecters gunna rp love hitomee bell
Proud Shion!!

Welcome to Shadow Creek!
This is our little town we have samo samo here a bar that gives out blood shots,a high school that deals with magic an teaches vampires there born with powers.Not to mention that every one here has fangs of some kind.
Ya its a normal little town if you over look the fact of its only populated with demons, vampires,an werewolves,not to mention everything in between.So theres only a few rules here like every town
Follow the speed limit
Dont hunt humans in town
Dont kill in town
An watch out for people who hate dark myth
other then that you'll love Shadow creek!
An again Welcome to our small completely normal town.


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If you have a charector please put it here make your own or one from Twilight or what ever.Please pure a description or pic or somthing put all the need to know like power ect. IF YOU CHOOSE A POUPLAR CHARECTER PLEASE RP WITH IT IF NOT I WILL DELET IT AND GIVE THE CHARECTER TO SOMEONE ELSE THAT GOES TO ALL TWILIGHTS MAINLY.


I'll put you charectors here so people know


This is where the species meet unknowingly to most.Learn SOmthing talk have fun.


Have poems you'de like to share put them here i like poetry.


Have stories you've writen you can put these here im trying to get my stuff published so feel free.


Come here and talk about anything keep it pg please


Like Anime come here and tell us the ones you favor.Talk about act it out and give links.


I love music i bet you do tp put your fav bands here song suggestiosn what ever you like about music


If you have a question about the gruop


This is where the demons can claim the terrtory and the vegiterians can hunt a great view of the sunset places to hide very calm and relxing safe atmostphere.

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