'Two and a Half Men' Star Apologizes for Comments About Show: Do You Think He Should Be Fired?

AdriHead 2012/11/28 21:24:45
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In a desperate attempt at damage control, Angus T. Jones -- the actor who plays the "half man" on "Two and a Half Men" -- has apologized for his less-than-positive comments (to put it lightly) about the show he currently works on.

"I apologize if my remarks reflect me showing indifference to and disrespect of my colleagues and a lack of appreciation of the extraordinary opportunity of which I have been blessed. I never intended that." Jones said in a statement released by his publicist. "Without qualification, I am grateful to and have the highest regard and respect for all of the wonderful people on Two and Half Men with whom I have worked and over the past ten years who have become an extension of my family."

In other words, "Please don't fire me!" Do you think the young actor should be let go for his previous comments calling the sitcom "filth"? Or was it a momentary lapse of judgement and does he deserve a second chance?

CNN.COM reports:
A day after a video posted online showed him describing "Two and a Half Men" as "filth" and advising viewers to stop watching the sitcom, actor Angus T. Jones apologized to the show's cast and crew Tuesday.
viewers watching sitcom actor angus jones apologized cast crew tuesday

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  • AdrianMcTiernan 2012/12/06 04:41:38 (edited)
    No, he just had a momentary lapse of judgement.
    I think what he said was smack on, and he defamed the show, which needed a good defaming - but the lapse of judgment was in judging how his bosses would react - I hope he is approached by a show with better standards, where he will feel more at home. Personally, I stopped watching the show for the same reasons he outlined. I hope that the bosses lift the show out of the mire in which it is wallowing at this time - and that he might just be the voice on the inside to trigger a wave of public comments along the lines he brought up. I think if the actors can't stand it, are the viewers going to be any keener. Perhaps he has better taste than some of his fellow actors - I think a poll of the cast would produce some interesting comments, if they would be honest and stand up for what they really think.
  • Greybeard 2012/12/04 02:24:52
    No, he just had a momentary lapse of judgement.
    And it wasn't a lapse of judgement. It was and is the truth.
  • AdrianM... Greybeard 2012/12/06 04:54:09
    yes, that's right. Maybe they should get him to be the director, as it can't be any worse, and he has better taste - a fresh breeze into the studio, new broom, and all that
  • DICK 2012/12/03 05:26:10
    No, he just had a momentary lapse of judgement.
  • JustMe 2012/12/03 02:24:39
    No, he just had a momentary lapse of judgement.
    He is entitled to his opinions and comments, but that's kind of weak to change tune just cuz others didn't like it
  • poopppp 2012/12/02 02:39:51
    No, he just had a momentary lapse of judgement.
    It doesn't even mater if he gets fired, Charlie Sheen has welcomed Angus onto Anger Management. So if he does get fired, he'll have a new job in no time. And Two and a half men will surely crumble, the show sucks now!
  • Sarah 2012/12/02 02:14:40
    No, he just had a momentary lapse of judgement.
    Everyone makes mistakes, why the hell does anyone care?
  • The Birdman ~ PWCM~JLA 2012/12/02 00:10:43
    No, he just had a momentary lapse of judgement.
    The Birdman ~ PWCM~JLA
    He might have had intentions of leaving the show, or has knowledge that the public does not about the future of the show. Either way, he has a right to his opinion as do we all, and he's made quite a lot of money over the years, enough to last a lifetime if managed properly. Maybe he's come to a realization that enough is enough.
  • Mark 2012/12/01 23:59:22
    No, he just had a momentary lapse of judgement.
    Actually, if he really had a backbone, he should have stood up for himself. Of course, he's used to he plush life. So, he wouldn't survive as a normal human.
  • ms jones 2012/12/01 23:09:27
    Yes, he defamed the show.
    ms jones
    Actually that's what usually happens in the real world. You bad mouth your employer and they hear you then you get plenty of time off to search for that new dream job you always wanted!
  • heck ms jones 2012/12/02 01:37:57
    it's a show. Not a thing that can be defamed. Anyway, poor guy, first he was a cute kid, witnessing all of the depravities, of that guy, who is it, Charlie Sheen, and then he was a pudgy kid, then a really awkward pudgy teen, then wasn't he almost cute for 10 minutes, now he looks as old and geeky as John Cryer, poor guy. Where's he gonna go now? He gave his life up to that crummy show and now he's what 15 and old and washed up. I know he's older than that. Back off you big Two and a Half Men Fan Tigers.
  • ms jones heck 2012/12/02 03:10:27
    ms jones
    I am actually not a fan, haven't been since before Sheen left, however in the real world you do not tell your companies customers not to by that product or you will find yourself in the unemployment line. Plus he's not washed up and he can still go far in life. This is just one of those lessons he learnt the hard way. If his beliefs and principles go against his employment status then find another line of work, don't try to drag down everyone else who may not only enjoy their job, but also need it. It's one thing to bad mouth the show it's something else to tell the viewing public to discontinue watching it so it can lose ratings and be removed from the network.No he didn't say all of that, however what else could he have meant telling people to stop watching it. No viewers ='s no show!
  • Jdogg 2012/12/01 22:19:37
    No, he just had a momentary lapse of judgement.
    I bet they won't renew his contract.
  • PeggyHawkins 2012/12/01 21:39:54
    No, he just had a momentary lapse of judgement.
    he spoke from his heart about the truth of how he perceives the show to be and it should not have anything to do with his job or his career.
  • ms jones PeggyHa... 2012/12/01 22:52:44 (edited)
    ms jones
    Yea. really, he spoke badly about his job and most employers frawn upon that. If he kept his thoughts in the privacy of his own home, or among his friends that would be one thing, however he choose to bash the show while appearing on another show/video. He also called for the veiwing public to stop watching the show, there by showing little regard for his fellow co-workers (whom might actually like/need their job). That not only shows that he's immature, but he also lacks professionalism. Hopefully he will learn something postive from this experience.
  • juneathomas 2012/12/01 20:40:41
  • judge 2012/12/01 19:26:46
    No, he just had a momentary lapse of judgement.
    CBS should allow him to exit the show and his contract if they had any sympathy.
    Murray Rothstein: AKA “Sumner Redstone.” Owner of CBS, MTV, LOGO, (Homosexual TV), Blockbuster Videos, Paramount & DreamWorks Movie studios Here.
    Promoting Pornography, Homosexuality, & Lesbianism: Jews through their Media control are hell-bent on destroying Christian morality & consciousness in America. Thus they gain control over the subverted masses.

  • the judgebigdogeagle-~PWCM~JLA 2012/12/01 17:52:01
    No, he just had a momentary lapse of judgement.
    the judgebigdogeagle-~PWCM~JLA
    The show is not the same with out Charlie.
  • ajoy the jud... 2012/12/01 19:34:22
    I'd have to agree
  • Pistol Pete 2012/12/01 17:41:19
    Yes, he defamed the show.
    Pistol Pete
    Absolutely, he should be fired. And, if there is a clause in his contract that he cannot defame and/or hurt the show, then they should ALSO sue him for the money that they already paid him.
    Spoiled Millionaires, eh? They crack me up.

    If he was a factory worker, a Salesman, a mechanic, a construction worker, etc, he would have been fired on the spot!!!!! The only other profession where you can slam your bosses is as a POLITICIAN. They slam their Constituents all the time.
  • Dave 007 2012/12/01 15:36:11
    Yes, he defamed the show.
    Dave 007
    They should have replaced him years ago on the show.
  • wrs 2012/12/01 15:34:14
    No, he just had a momentary lapse of judgement.
    whatever the reason, he got caught up in the moment and voiced his opinion. But to his defense, the show has sort of morphed into mindless jabs and silly sexual innuendos that really aren't funny. At first, it seemed cleverly written.
  • Waiting in the Wings 2012/12/01 12:54:46
    Yes, he defamed the show.
    Waiting in the Wings
    I'm not saying he should, but you never bad-mouth the workplace in public. Never bite the hand that feeds you (especially since he's old enough to remember Charlie Sheen trying something similar getting axed). He's right about the show, but he expressed this publicly and there are consequences for his actions.
  • AdrianM... Waiting... 2012/12/06 04:51:36
    I think it is always wise, when trying to saw down a tree, that you ensure you are not cutting the branch you are sitting on off.
  • Waiting... AdrianM... 2012/12/06 14:46:26
    Waiting in the Wings
    Very well said! Would you mind if I use that phrase?
  • Somkey the Hores 2012/12/01 08:39:38
    No, he just had a momentary lapse of judgement.
    Somkey the Hores
    He's right. That show sucks scrotes.
  • Grant Mad 2012/12/01 06:46:16
    No, he just had a momentary lapse of judgement.
    Grant Mad
    strike one! he's immature and He's talked himself into god
  • Kiki,Pixie,Worm 2012/12/01 04:08:47
    Yes, he defamed the show.
    I don't know. But why would he be on a show that he hates so much??! Like what the heck!
  • Dave 007 Kiki,Pi... 2012/12/01 15:36:46
    Dave 007
    He does like the money.
  • Joe Bowers 2012/12/01 02:52:38
    Yes, he defamed the show.
    Joe Bowers
    If I worked in a restaurant and told millions of my customers not to eat our food, I'd be fired. Why should he get special treatment?
  • yabbadabbadoo 2012/12/01 02:46:06
    No, he just had a momentary lapse of judgement.
    hes a friggin moron but i dont think he should get fired for it
  • star 2012/12/01 01:37:15
    No, he just had a momentary lapse of judgement.
    He said what a lot of people think. And that is a show I would never watch, To each his or her own. I am glad he stood up what what he believes. Not too many that brave. Hope he doesn't leave the show for he can be a good witness to what he believes. His co-stars should appreciate his honesty.
  • jujunme 2012/12/01 00:56:33
    Yes, he defamed the show.
    you don't bite the hand that feeds you and as far as his apology goes, it was nothing more than a desperate need to keep his job. let him go and while we're at it, cancel the show altogether since IMO,it's a waste of air time.
  • nicesteve 2012/12/01 00:42:51
    No, he just had a momentary lapse of judgement.
    Unlike Charles Sheen, I don't think that Angus T. Jones should be sacked. I'm not a big
    fan of Two and a Half Men myself though, and I wouldn't be too sad to see the entire show
    to get the axe.
  • TombstoneJim 2012/11/30 23:48:07
    No, he just had a momentary lapse of judgement.
    If what's his name can call Mr. Obama - Lord and Savior...what the heck...and the kids right about the show pretty much anyways...
  • Moneyman 2012/11/30 23:25:15
    Yes, he defamed the show.
    Why would any employer keep an employee who actively tries to put the company and its workers out of business?
  • ms jones Moneyman 2012/12/01 22:57:10
    ms jones
    Thank-you! In any other job he would have been a has-been yesterday!
  • California Hippie Chic 2012/11/30 23:11:42
    Yes, he defamed the show.
    California Hippie Chic
    You don't bite the hand that feeds you...
  • alex 2012/11/30 22:05:23
    No, he just had a momentary lapse of judgement.
    he knew what he was saying, but im sure he took it back due to backlash. but you shouldn't be apart of something you dont agree with or like.
  • koko 2012/11/30 21:42:14
    No, he just had a momentary lapse of judgement.
    every one got their own opinion so i don't know why he got to be fired for his own opinion
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