'Twilight' Beats 'Hunger Games' at MTV Movie Awards: Fair or Foul?

Film 2012/06/04 13:00:00
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As expected, "The Hunger Games" dominated this year's MTV Movie Awards. The blockbuster based on Suzanne Collins' best-selling novel won four of the event's 10 primary awards: Best Female Performance, Best Male Performance, Best On-Screen Transformation, and Best Fight. However, it did not win the top honor. Movie of the Year went to "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part I."

Aside from the crown jewel, "Twilight" only won a single award: Best Kiss. It must have been one hell of a kiss. The remaining awards were one-offs: "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II" (Best Cast), "The Descendants" (Breakthrough Performance), "Horrible Bosses" (Best On-Screen Dirt Bag; way to go Aniston), "21 Jump Street" (Best Music), and "Project X" (Instant Cult Classic). Johnny Depp and Emma Stone also got special tribute awards. Do you think "Twilight" deserved to beat "The Hunger Games"?

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  • volley15 2012/06/04 14:19:57
    Foul, "Hunger Games" is better.
    I'm more pissed that Twilight beat Harry Potter than Hunger Games. Twilight winning anything is absurd.

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  • Miss Be... Alexis ... 2012/06/04 22:22:42 (edited)
  • Alexis ... Miss Be... 2013/01/17 23:32:29
    Alexis Sempter
    :) yeah!
  • alanoud39 2012/06/04 17:24:33
    Fair, "Twilight" is better.
    I didn't watch the hunger games yet ..but I think its really good ..twilight is really good too ..I think both really great
  • mm61675 alanoud39 2012/06/04 17:39:39
    the hunger games movie was lame
  • Rachel alanoud39 2012/06/04 18:53:17
    The Hunger Games movie was amazing :) Don't listen to that other moron that replied. If you read the books you might be a little dissapointed but I read the books and thought the movie was very good :)
  • JasonVo... alanoud39 2012/06/04 20:22:14
    Read Twilight (doesn't matter which one) then read the hunger games novel (because the book is better than the film) and compare the two, then you will see how much better HG is!
  • HiddenDVS1027 2012/06/04 17:22:38
  • Pinky 2012/06/04 17:21:09
    Foul, "Hunger Games" is better.
    But unsurprising. When it's a fan-voted awards show, you have to expect that the Twihards will make sure their fap-material wins. Really, though, this a stupid awards show. Any award in which Twilight is "better" than Harry Potter and Hunger Games is ridiculous.
  • MIRANDDAAA :) 2012/06/04 17:14:45
    Foul, "Hunger Games" is better.
    I don't think that Twilight or Hunger Games should have won. Harry Potter deserved that award.
  • MegMurry 2012/06/04 17:03:55
    Foul, "Hunger Games" is better.
    'Twilight' is okay. I'm not a hater [much] but 'Hunger Games' is more exciting, has action and characters struggle.
  • JohnT 2012/06/04 16:42:31
    Foul, "Hunger Games" is better.
    High school popularity contest, The Hunger games was a good drama, no comparison to Twilight which is not that great.
  • cddjmikey 2012/06/04 16:30:19
    Fair, "Twilight" is better.
    Aside from the obvious, Jennifer is WAY hotter then Kristen. VAMPIRES DON'T SPARKLE !!!!!!!! No movie based on that premise should earn a dime !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • cddjmikey cddjmikey 2012/06/04 16:35:03
    I HIT THE WRONG BUTTON !! AAAAARRRRRG !!!!!!!!!! IT IS WAAAAAAAAY FOUL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • RasHooD 2012/06/04 16:23:08 (edited)
    Fair, "Twilight" is better.
    I am realy dont care about The Twilight movies, the hanger game or the avengers. All that I care about is TDKR(The Dark Knight Rises) and this summer it will be all about it for me AND I will go to watch it in the theaters even if I have to go by myself on
    20-july-2012 the opening day (to remind U).
    My emotion was moving around, up and down and I couldn't control it or stop it when read
    {Christian Bale gets emotional while remembering Heath Ledger.} on MTV Movie Awards remembering Heath Ledgerremembering Heath Ledger
    and that was the only thing that I was going to cry about...I mean, my tears was on my eye
    and I couldn't do it, rather than crying and doing that I said:(Rest In Peace Heath Ledger).
    the good people are gone!!
  • 16 2012/06/04 16:01:21
    Foul, "Hunger Games" is better.
    Both of the movies suck. :P
  • Packersgirl 2012/06/04 15:57:05
    Foul, "Hunger Games" is better.
    twilights iight but Hunger Games is killer. i try not to like things that everyones obsessed with, but i have to admit the movie was amazing
  • micaela prinsloo 2012/06/04 15:54:51
    Foul, "Hunger Games" is better.
    micaela prinsloo
    why Twilight? even a dora the explorer :the movie would be better than that winning! why didn't Hunger Games win?
  • 001 2012/06/04 15:36:34
    Foul, "Hunger Games" is better.
    Yuch, that makes no sense at all.
  • Abi 2012/06/04 15:35:50
    Foul, "Hunger Games" is better.
    I hate twilight!! Hunger games is WAY WAY better!!!!!
  • Katherine the Renaissance W... 2012/06/04 15:26:31
    Foul, "Hunger Games" is better.
    Katherine the Renaissance Woman
    It also beat Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, didn't it?

    Honestly, I'm not surprised. The source is a channel/station/whatever that contains popular shows like "Teen Mom", "Jersey Shore" and "16 and Pregnant." Look at the audience for who usually watches this channel, and look at the type of audience that likes Twilight.
  • Katheri... Pixie·Ÿ... 2012/06/04 15:24:53
    Katherine the Renaissance Woman

  • Pixie·Ÿ... Katheri... 2012/06/04 19:53:41
  • Katheri... Pixie·Ÿ... 2012/06/04 19:56:34
    Katherine the Renaissance Woman
    Right on.
  • Feria~B... Pixie·Ÿ... 2012/06/05 00:30:01
    Feria~Badass of PHAET~
    Good thing he can't catch diseases, because he would have gotten something from that.
  • AngryGabby Feria~B... 2012/06/13 00:27:43
    But he DID catch one! XD

    stupidity disease
  • NinaDoctor 2012/06/04 15:15:22
    Fair, "Twilight" is better.
    It's just so hard for me to pick sides because I love both. I loved Twilight longer, and I've read all HG books in 2 days. I doesn't really matter, to me,it's a win-win situation. The truth is, I have found very little number of people here on the internet who don't make a fuss and actually like all of it. I am a part of all the fandoms that you haters are oh so passionately fighting about. And in the end, there will always be sides. I don't get this world at all.

    I like and love Twilight, Hunger Games, Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Narnia, Vampire Diaries, The Secret Circle, Vampirates, House of Night and for the love of me I can't think of a thing that I don't like, let alone hate. And just for the record, I judged all of these things by myself. I read the books without prejudice.
  • Devonly 2012/06/04 15:12:04
    Fair, "Twilight" is better.
    MTV? Seriously?? Who cares?
  • Acid Gonewild 2012/06/04 15:01:55
    Foul, "Hunger Games" is better.
    Acid Gonewild
    Neither they both are pretty horrible I would rather have bridesmaids win and that movie sucked!
  • madeinavalon 2012/06/04 14:58:52
    Fair, "Twilight" is better.
    I love the Hunger Games (books and movies), but it still has some work to do. Twilight on the other hand, has progressed 4 movies and has had almost no discrepancies from movie to book while the Hunger Games had many. Let the Hunger Games grow by a few more movies and it'll, hopefully, be beating out all the competition.
  • FELINE GESTURES IN THE DARK 2012/06/04 14:58:44
    Fair, "Twilight" is better.
    I know that Twilight is not a literature masterpiece but it is good . The movie , too .
  • tobe FELINE ... 2012/06/04 15:23:56
    they're fun weekend reads (beach books as some people call them) people get too snobby when it comes to books... Its twilight not War and Peace. People get too critical.
  • MissGates 2012/06/04 14:58:11
    Foul, "Hunger Games" is better.
    Ish... I MUCH prefer The Hunger Games.. And I really don't think Twilight deserved to win!
  • Professor Wizard 2012/06/04 14:55:30
    Fair, "Twilight" is better.
    Professor Wizard
    Why do we care?
  • RoseyRhod 2012/06/04 14:48:49
    Foul, "Hunger Games" is better.
    Bleh. Don't understand the appeal of this frankly rather boring and definitely poorly written story.
  • tobe 2012/06/04 14:47:56 (edited)
    Fair, "Twilight" is better.
    it was for best kiss. hunger games didn't have much of a kissing scene in comparison. breaking dawn kiss
  • Alexis ... tobe 2012/06/04 17:58:25
    Alexis Sempter
    Hunger Games is more about survival
  • tobe Alexis ... 2012/06/04 19:09:13
    exactly and twilight got it for best kiss. It was more of a romance.
  • Manster tobe 2012/06/05 15:54:59
    If the win is only about the kiss, even Haymitch in his message to Katniss and Peeta wrote,"You call that a kiss?" ;-)
  • Maya Zauberman 2012/06/04 14:45:46

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