Tom Cruise Named Forbes Highest Paid Actor Are you surprised?

Kyle 2012/07/05 19:35:13
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tom cruise
Tom Cruise


Tom Cruise Earned $75 Million Last Year

With Tom Cruise's divorce from Katie Holmes the major headline of the summer, there's a glimmer of good news for Cruise.

He tops the Forbes list of highest paid actors.

Can money buy you happiness?

No doubt, things are about to get even more shaky for Cruise, with a custody battle brewing over their daughter, Suri.

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Cruise is the highest paid actor, so he's got that going for him --
having earned $75 million between May 2011 and May 2012, so at least he
has a steady paycheck to keep him company as his personal life falls

Among Cruise's big payouts for the year was Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol, which earned $700 million worldwide. He was reportedly paid well for his role in the upcoming Oblivion, which will be in theaters in April 2013.

Who else made the list of highest paid actors?

No surprise that Leonardo DiCaprio follows Cruise, but perhaps more
of a shock is that Adam Sandler tied with DiCaprio! Both earned $37

Dwayne Johnson lands in third place, having earned $36 million, while
Ben Stiller ($33 million) takes fourth place, and Sacha Baron Cohen
rounds out the top five, earning $30 million.

It'll be interesting to see if Cruise's star power fades with media
attention focused on his divorce and the Church of Scientology.

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  • Bill ~PWCM~JLA 2012/07/06 13:50:14
    Bill ~PWCM~JLA
    He's a good actor and has made some great movies. He's a fool about marital relationships and religion though.
  • Magical 2012/07/06 00:57:41 (edited)
    He's a good actor and is obviously quite popular. Quite diversified in his acting abilities - action, comedy, etc. In addition, he does all of his own stunts, which is a very rare and special skill.
  • reaper 2012/07/06 00:45:18
    well, i have enjoyed some of his movies.
  • The Elitist Libtard SodaJerk 2012/07/05 21:16:39
    The Elitist Libtard SodaJerk
    Not in the least. He might be nutty as a fruitcake, but he's gotta keen sense for picking scripts that translate into successful movies. Outside of Mission Impossible 2&3 I can't think of a Tom Cruise movie that everyone I know hates.
  • Sister Jean 2012/07/05 19:40:37
  • amy 2012/07/05 19:36:22
    i guess not

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