Tom Cruise And Robert Downey Jr. May Reunite For Buddy Comedy El Presidente

Kyle 2012/05/15 08:14:50

Tom Cruise And Robert Downey Jr. May Reunite For Buddy Comedy El Presidente image

If you have a serious brain for movie rumors, you may recall that way back in October of 2010, Jack Nicholson and Tom Cruise were rumored to be staging a Few Good Men reunion for El Presidente,
a comedy in which Cruise would play an overzealous secret service agent
charged with protecting a foolish former President. The rumor was
swiftly debunked and largely forgotten about, but as it turns out we
were all on to something back then: Vulture reports that the project is still happening with Game Change and the upcoming The Campaign director Jay Roach in negotiations, and he plans to offer the lead role to none other than Tom Cruise.

Actually, it gets even better from there-- instead of Nicholson, who
doesn't work that much anyway, they want to offer the ex-president role
to Robert Downey Jr., a character described in the Vulture piece as
"America's worst former presient, who is a bumbling sleaze." Apparently
Cruise's character is so into his job that he gets a little too
involved, earning some punishment by being assigned to Downey Jr.'s
character. Of course, because this is a movie, what ought to be a boring
assignment gets a little more thrilling when the ex-president's life is
threatened and the two of them have to go on the run.

Roach's work on Game Change and Recount indicate an interest in more serious political dramas, but the recent trailer for The Campaign showed him combining that with the silly physical humor more familiar from his Austin Powers movies. El Presidente sounds right in that wheelhouse as well, and while it seems very, very early to confirm any of this, a Cruise-Downey Jr. Tropic Thunder
reunion, with both of them as the leads this time, ought to be very,
very promising. Cross those fingers that this one works out.
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