Toad Has Been Giving Us "The Finger" Since 1985

Super Mario Bros. is the most popular game of all-time and as we already know -- the first 7 castles that Mario or Luigi go through, the Princess is not there. Instead, we bump into an old friend saying, "Thank You Mario! But our Princes is in another castle!" Really? Is that the way this little bastard mushroom says thank you?

mario luigi princess bump friend mario princes castle bastard mushroom

Now lets look closer...

mario luigi princess bump friend mario princes castle bastard mushroom

This is not an edited pic. This is from the actual 8-bit sprite of Super Mario Bros. when you zoom-in. That punk Toad!! He has been flipping us off for almost 25 years!
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  • Takashi Kamiyama 2012/01/25 21:01:38
    Takashi Kamiyama
  • buzzwald juneberry 2011/04/26 11:47:55
    buzzwald juneberry
    That son of a bitch!.....you're right! To hell with Bowser, I should have kicked Toad's ass!
  • RamiroEstrada 2010/11/26 22:12:28
    he did the f*ck you finger
  • JasonGreen 2010/06/04 03:37:05
    thumbs. thosed that lolled are easily amused.
    Sodahead still rocks tho...
    I Lolled more at the Photoshop trolls, they are doing a good job!!! :D
  • Mario 2009/11/28 21:12:09
    God,that makes me want to hump his head.
  • sunshine132 2009/11/22 20:02:49
    thts the funniest thing ive heard today
  • dimes 2009/10/29 17:47:32
    you guys are stupid... its his thumbs... it is funny though
  • Janine 2009/10/12 05:43:44
    For those who are saying it is fake, So what?! lol, it's amusing :D
  • Buttersnack 2009/08/28 15:06:22
    Has an asshole motherfucker.
  • Dangleman 2009/08/25 03:53:05
    yeah, definatly shopped. If you zoom in, you will see the discoloration around the lines that you see with normal jpeg, but in the area in question the lines are crisp and sharp and solid colored...

    You have earned...

  • ಠ_ಠ Dangleman 2010/01/25 16:24:02
  • none 2009/08/23 04:00:27
    Yea it's totally GIMP'd dude(look I just made a new term for the kids to use constantly so they sound cool and edgy). Fuck you and your photoshop baiting bullshit. Keep saying it's photoshopped enough and someone will finally respond to you? You got nothing else to fucking do? Damn sad.
  • Gun665 2009/08/05 19:52:29
  • Kirsty 2009/08/05 17:52:25
    What, people only just realised that? I notice about 9 years ago. Although I realised quickly that was supposed to be a thumbs up.
  • DarlingClarissa 2009/08/01 06:33:35
    HA HA HA HA!!!!!
  • fad 2009/08/01 06:32:40
    This is a shop. I know this from the pixels and from having seen many shops in my time.
  • Peter G... fad 2009/08/05 18:03:46
    Peter Griffin
    If you have photoshop... see for yourself when you zoom in
  • Beckwolf fad 2009/08/11 22:30:11
    This isn't a shop. It's easy to tell from the pixels, or from using a simple emulator and freezing the game at the scene and taking a Cntrl/Prt Scr of the screen and enlarging. This is EXACTLY what it looks like, but it's meant to be a thumbs up. It just looks like he's flipping you off, but it IS the exact picture. I don't know what on this makes you think it's a shop, but it's easy enough with any basic Nintendo emulator to freeze the screen at this point in the game and simply check for yourself. That's what I did.
  • boltfox20 fad 2010/08/07 11:08:14 (edited)

    Actual in game sprites. Check out Toad on the right. Same thing. Still don't believe, load up the original Super Mario Bros. and beat Castle 1.
  • jer 2009/07/26 00:08:04
    someone should make a bumper sticker of this saying: How's my driving?

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