Tiger Woods new endorsement- Cheetos

kevracer 2009/12/08 23:06:51
Cheetos - brilliant
Good one! I have a suggestion..........
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We all are in mourning because Tiger lost a ton of $$$ when he lost the Gatorade deal. Well, here's a suggestion for a new endorsement- Cheetos
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  • Chrissie 2009/12/14 19:29:38 (edited)
    Cheetos - brilliant
    Amazing what too much fame and money can do.
  • kevracer Chrissie 2009/12/14 20:16:38
    he felt "entitled"
  • Lisa 2009/12/12 06:45:36
    Good one! I have a suggestion..........
    "Hoe Hoe's"
  • wombat 2009/12/10 20:53:27
    Cheetos - brilliant
    Who says he was cheating in the first place.
    If they dont have sex in their marriage its not cheating it just a different way of having company.
  • kevracer wombat 2009/12/10 22:07:32
    oh c'mon you cannot be serious!

  • Zozo 2009/12/09 21:50:42
  • wow-really 2009/12/09 16:53:26
    Cheetos - brilliant
    Tiger Woods goes to the doctor and tells him,"hey doc, I have an embarrasssing situation. My penis has turned orange and I don't know what to do."
    The doctor says," Well let's see it."
    Tiger shows him his penis...
    "Yep, it sure is. How'd it get that way?"
    Tiger replies," I'm not sure. I just woke up and there it was."
    The doctor says," Ok let's retrace your steps . Tell me what what you did yesturday."
    "Well, my wife found out I was cheating, took the kids and left. I was so upset I started drinking and fell asleep watching TV", said Tiger.
    "Tell me Tiger, while you were drinking and watching 'TV', did you have something to eat?", said the doctor.
    "Yes I had a bag of Cheetos............." tv tiger tiger drinking watching tv eat doctor bag cheetos
  • <--That guy 2009/12/09 05:18:31
    Cheetos - brilliant
    <--That guy
  • Richie 2009/12/09 01:53:33
    Cheetos - brilliant
    how funny
  • mikebyrd 2009/12/09 00:06:56
  • Spider20 2009/12/08 23:45:43
    Cheetos - brilliant
  • American Rose 2009/12/08 23:23:08
    Cheetos - brilliant
    American Rose
    LOL! That's funny.
  • Fallout 2009/12/08 23:17:00
    Good one! I have a suggestion..........
  • scarecrow-Aus Cattle Dogs rule 2009/12/08 23:10:25
    Good one! I have a suggestion..........
    scarecrow-Aus Cattle Dogs rule
    His Wife should endorse Nachos...Because It's Not chos ANYMORE!!!!!LOL!!!:):)
  • Eddie scarecr... 2009/12/08 23:12:04
    There you are...again. lol
  • Eddie 2009/12/08 23:07:23
    Cheetos - brilliant
  • kevracer Eddie 2009/12/08 23:07:42
  • scarecr... Eddie 2009/12/08 23:11:45
    scarecrow-Aus Cattle Dogs rule
    DAMN YOU!!!! I swear on my Mom's grave I'm not stalkin' ya>LOL!!!!:):) You're like me... Go to the Recent posts.LOL:):)
  • Eddie scarecr... 2009/12/08 23:13:13
  • scarecr... Eddie 2009/12/09 00:03:47
    scarecrow-Aus Cattle Dogs rule
    If ya wanna go this route...

    ya wanna route
  • Eddie scarecr... 2009/12/09 00:05:42
    ha ha ha.

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