There's a 'Mad Men' Video Game Now: Hilarious or Horrible?

Gaming 2012/03/22 20:00:00
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TheFineBros create an interesting brand of interactive YouTube "video games" that emulate the style of "Choose Your Own Adventure" books. Their latest installment is a humorous series based on the hit AMC drama "Mad Men," about a 1960s advertising agency. The game presents you with a set-up, then allows you to choose the next chapter of the story from a few different options.

The story begins as most episodes of the show do, with Don Draper and a whiskey cart. The whole interactive series plays off of the show's quirks -- heavy drinking, ironic smoking, and misogyny. The premise is also a bit of a parody. Your first decision is whether to seek out Pete for confidence, Peggy for new ideas, or Betty for inner peace. You can play the free game in its entirety below. Let the (mad) games begin.

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  • Todd's Love 2012/03/22 22:02:32
    Todd's Love
    ppl need 2 get outta the basement & ACTUALLY live lives

    i mean, smoke,cheat on ppl, etc?? it was bad enough ppl aspired 2 do GOOD sh*t in imaginary world....imagine now BAD sh*t.hahahahahah our society is def. going low
  • A Pigeon. 2012/03/22 21:49:35
    A Pigeon.
    Mad Men is a good show, but every episode seems to follow the exact same plot, which gets tedious after a while.
  • some idiot who thinks he kn... 2012/03/22 21:29:01
    some idiot who thinks he knows everything
    Love the FineBros, one of the best mainstream youtubers.
  • RJ~PWCM~JLA 2012/03/22 21:27:45
    Inner peace? I don't think that's what most men think of when it comes to Betty.

    I know it has *something* to do with "getting inside", but I'm damn sure it's not "inner peace"!
  • Todd's ... RJ~PWCM... 2012/03/22 22:03:57
    Todd's Love
    sooo betty has full control over these mens inner peace? DAMN what "quality traits" in their manhood XD
  • DeborahLakeHelen 2012/03/22 20:55:03
    It sounds like a great game for those with low moral values.

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