The Mysterious School of Magic and Misfits RP

The Mysterious School of Magic and Misfits RP

Roleplay. Make any type/species of Character you want and as many as you want.

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Give all your characters a age and put them in the correct character forum.

Only make original characters.


You can make teachers if you want, in the school forum create a lesson discussion and put the teachers name in that. Make one for each teacher you choose to make.

Let me know if you have any questions or ideas.

forum create lesson discussion teachers teacher choose questions ideas


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Put characters ages 2 to 5 in here. Mrs Trinkle is their Principal. She is a sweet witch who is like a mother to the youngest students of the Mysterious School.


Put your characters ages 6 to 11 in here. Mr Clankus is their Principal. He is strict but nice and always as time for his students. Mr Clankus is a werewolf.


Put your aged 12 to 18 characters in here. Miss Algredge is their Principal. She is a beautiful vampire, who is a lot stronger than she looks. Anyone who thinks they can cross her will be in for a very bad surprise.


Make lessons and go to class in here.


Make homes for your characters when they are not in school. Just make one discussion for each characters home. Don't make a seperate discussion for each room in the house, I think everyones well aware that your house as a kitchen etc lol ^_^ Put random locations in here as well.

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