The most boring/interesting Harry Potter movie is...

nikkie276 2010/11/28 13:53:21
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  • prarthana 2010/11/29 14:30:42
    The most interesting one is undoubtedly deathly hallows.......the least interesting one has to be order of pheonix. Compared to the book, the movie is just crap......couldnt make sense out of it....so many deleted scenes from the book made it really difficult to understand.....if you see this movie without reading the book its a absolute diaster.
  • boo boo 2010/11/29 09:44:21
    boo boo
    Let's add a third category, retarded. All of them.
  • nikkie276 boo boo 2010/11/29 15:04:03
    i agree...
  • cнιвι cυρcαқєs ~*Λℓιcє*~ ♥♥
    I reckon the most boring was the first one and that the most interesting is either Prisoner of Azkaban or Deathly Hallows.
  • ButterbeerMe 2010/11/28 19:27:56
    Most boring: Chamber of Secrets. I didn't feel like there was a lot of good action during the bulk of that movie
    Most interesting: Order of the Phoenix (epic end battle), and Deathly Hallows part I (a lot of action)

    But I really like the third one too.....I can't decide... : /
  • littlefreak121 2010/11/28 18:11:48
    the fifth i like the least, and i'd actually say that the first or the second was my favourite
  • jzambada 2010/11/28 16:45:03
    as far as the movies go, the fifth one, hands down. i mean, the fourth one at least had action, but the order of the phoenix was such a good book while the movie sucked! not a single quitach match to explain why fred and george and harry lost their brooms to begin with, which made fred and george's escape so much less epic. it probably could have done to be longer, if that was why they cut so much stuff.

    interesting movie, though, would probably be the first or second. i thought those (once again, as far as movies go) were the most "magical" because it was just the beginning of their years. :)
  • TasselLady 2010/11/28 15:07:13
    I don't know. I liked all of them. But I noticed the Deathly Hallows ran pretty slow. There were a few things happening but it was a very dark picture because alot is at stake. So it's not as uplifting and funny as it was before. Other than that this one was good. I saw it yesterday afternoon. I'm looking forward to the last one. It's a more serious part of the series because Harry's life is at stake.
  • Melian Nienor 2010/11/28 14:00:43 (edited)
    Melian Nienor
    My least favorite is the 4th one and my new favorite is The Deathly Hallows

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