The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Producer Denies Finnick Casting Rumors

Kyle 2012/06/06 15:50:44

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Producer Denies Finnick Casting Rumors image

The rumors that emerged last week about who might play Finnick Odair in The Hunger Games sequel Catching Fire
seemed so logical they had to be true. Armie Hammer, Garrett Hedlund
and Taylor Kitsch all seemed like perfectly reasonable frontrunners to
play the charming, handsome, slightly immoral Finnick, and with
production on the film set to begin in the fall, it seemed likely the
producers would be narrowing down their hunt for a star. And yet, one of
the Catching Fire producers says it's not time to get excited yet. The Los Angeles Times
caught up with Nina Jacobson on the red carpet for the MTV Movie
Awards, and she says things aren't moving nearly that fast yet:

“That’s the thing that’s crazy -- people are like way ahead
of where we are. We’ve not narrowed things down by any means. It’s funny
to see how things can take on a life of their own.”

Of course, that's such a vague rebuttal that it's impossible to know what she really means. After all, Catching Fire
does start production in just a few months, and Finnick is such a big
characters-- and one so treasured by fans-- that Jacobson and her fellow
producers know perfectly well that they have to choose carefully. I
imagine they've at least been meeting with actors, seeing whose
schedules are clear, seeing whose salaries will fit into the budget, all
of that. They must also be doing the same for Johanna Mason, the other
major character introduced in Catching Fire, and maybe even a trickier character to play. The Hunger Games ma have been a relatively low-budget adventure film with lots of potential, but Catching Fire is the next installment of a bona fide hit franchise, and the pressure is on.

If we assume the original tipster had the right information, Hammer,
Hedlund and Kitsch are all still in the running for the part-- but so
are other actors, presumably, including some that we're not so familiar
with. After all, Catching Fire has enough name recognition that
they can pick total unknowns to play Finnick and Johanna, kind of the
way Garrett Hedlund was pretty much nobody when he starred in Tron: Legacy. If you want to make your own suggestions of who ought to get the part, though, feel free to let us know in the comments.
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  • Iris 2012/06/27 16:48:36
    Totally For Armie Hammer!!!!!
  • sally 2012/06/09 07:49:04
    I really want to know who will play Joanna, Beetee, and Mags.
  • beach bum 2012/06/08 11:11:44
    beach bum
    just rumors
  • Tori Childers 2012/06/06 20:40:06
    Tori Childers
    Can't wait for the movie.
  • Panloker 2012/06/06 19:44:57
    I had someone else in mind for Finnick but whatever. I am more excited to see who will be playing Johanna.

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