The Doctor from Voyager or Dr. McCoy?

zlgriff~PWCM~JLA 2009/11/20 14:21:42
Doctor of Voyager
Doctor McCoy
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my pick is the doctor from Voyager :) i did like McCoy though:) "I'm a doctor not a plumber, dammit..." or the ever famous "he's dead Jim." :)
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  • Lucy formerly of Finchley 2009/11/25 06:15:42
    Doctor of Voyager
    Lucy formerly of Finchley
    Oh, please! This is no contest.
  • runningintriangles 2009/11/20 16:39:27
    Doctor McCoy
    No contest!

    doctor mccoy contest
  • BigwayneO 2009/11/20 15:40:48
    Doctor of Voyager
    This guy and the first mate are the only characters on the show that even let me watch the 5 to 10 episodes I watched till the end. Voyager to me is the dirty red headed step child of all the shows that where created. I even loved Enterprise of voyagers junk... The captain was what really put me over the edge.
  • Doctor McCoy
    Lady Jules ♥♥ in Lestat I trust ♥♥
    The doctor from Voyager wasn't even a real person but a hologram
  • zlgriff... Lady Ju... 2009/11/20 14:35:09
    true, but he was modeled after a real person, and it doesn't matter if he was real or not, i loved his sarcasm:) but that's just me:)
  • wombat 2009/11/20 14:24:44
    Doctor McCoy
    Liked his weired style really funny!!

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