The Death Of Michael Jackson: Media Hoax? videos on Youtube

I started watching them, but then stopped in the middle of the second one. What he said, about the police searching his body, Neverland, I was disgusted. Not at him. Never at him. At the police! How can they do such a thing, especially to Michael when he was innocent! It's not fair! He had to go through such horrible unbelievable searches and he didn't even do anything! If you have never heard of these videos, go to Youtube and search:

The death of Michael Jackson: Media Hoax? Part __

Watch them. Then you'll know what I'm talking about.

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  • PriyaMJ 2010/01/07 06:29:28
    You are too late.. Yes.. he faked his death.. and everyone of his family is a part of it.. Media is also in it. :)
  • HIS Darling Dear 2010/01/06 03:22:32
    HIS Darling Dear
    im crying. i am crying. why? because all of this is too true, it all fits too perfectly together. a few days ago i was actually in a little mood called "happy'. i hadn't been truly happy for a while. i thought Michael was always looking over my shoulder, sending me signs that he was in heaven and promised that he'd meet me there, or just giving me hugs in spirit. now im shaken and torn, like after i knew he died. i knew i should have just steered clear of watching the rest of the vids, cuz 'ignorance is bliss', but i had to know the truth. now, i dont know what the truth is anymore. Michael always told his fans "i love you". in his cd dedications and thank-you's, he always ended with "i love you". if he loved us, why would he hurt us so badly.
    last night, i prayed, "please god, if michael really did fake his death, don't send him to hell or purgatory. i need to know that he's happy. i need to know that he'll meet me at the gates of heaven. even if i go to hell, i need him to be happy in heaven." oh great, i've got myself crying again. . .D; send purgatory happy meet gates heaven happy heaven ive crying
  • Speechless HIS Dar... 2010/01/06 03:33:28
  • HIS Dar... Speechless 2010/01/06 03:41:13
    HIS Darling Dear
    ive been thinking. . . if he did fake his death, would the family be in on it too? i mean, maybe it was for money. his bros have a show and a tour. . .my chest hurts as i wrote tht. it's like, part of me is saying 'how could you think such a thing??? you know Michael; he'd never do it just forr money!" sorry, naive part of me, but i DON'T know michael. i don't know what goes on in his head.
  • Speechless HIS Dar... 2010/01/06 03:58:04
    I think his family would be in it too. Also, if he did do it, fake his death, he had a reason to. The 50 concerts he was going to do was going to be hard on him. First it was only 10 concerts, but then it grew to 50, and Michael just said yes cause he doesn't like to say no. If he never took the break he might be taking now, he would've died. It isn't for money. He needs a break, from the media, from the pressure, just from everything. Michael doesn't care about money, so it's not about money that this is happening.
  • HIS Dar... Speechless 2010/01/06 04:28:36
    HIS Darling Dear
    true. he even said he had a hard time saying 'no' to the ones he loved in his bio. but he'd never be able to show his face again, everyone would feel cheated and lied to.
  • Speechless HIS Dar... 2010/01/06 04:32:07
    Actually he would be able to. Wouldn't his true fans understand? And if they don't, then they must not even be a true fan of his.
  • HIS Dar... Speechless 2010/01/06 04:36:00 (edited)
    HIS Darling Dear
    i think i'd be in the middle truthfully. i'd just be hurt, no one i loved that much had ever made such a big lie to me before. (actually, i've never loved someone this much before.) but after a while i'd stop being silly and look at WHY he did it, not at what he did.
  • Speechless HIS Dar... 2010/01/06 04:51:51
    I've never loved anyone this much before too! Yeah, I know, most people will be looking at what he did, but they should be looking at the reason he faked his death. We'll know when June comes. *I can't wait till June! :(*
  • HIS Dar... Speechless 2010/01/06 04:53:43
    HIS Darling Dear
    ooh, i got a 2010 MJ calender nd i love the june pic
  • Speechless HIS Dar... 2010/01/06 04:56:48
    I have a calender of him too :)

  • HIS Dar... Speechless 2010/01/06 05:02:38
    HIS Darling Dear
    wow exact same 1
  • HIS Dar... HIS Dar... 2010/01/06 05:02:09
    HIS Darling Dear
    mind you, the july one is even better. . . mind july (june) mind july june (close enough to july, but in the calender he looks like he's smiling)
  • Speechless HIS Dar... 2010/01/06 05:10:09
  • PяєттyYσυиgTнiиg 2010/01/06 02:20:13
    I know that MJ would'nt do that to his fans...But I'd love to know he's alive...
    Cuz I'm very sad since his " death"...
    Michael I love you!
  • ☜AngelfromMars☞ 2010/01/06 02:05:13
    OMG I know! but you've got 2 watch them all! They've got sooooooo much proof. And I hate it if haters will comment on this so-TO ALL OF MY HATERS=). Stop with the stupid BS talk around here! We don't care bout' your opinoins! They will NEVER make a difference on us! Ok thank-u. :P
  • AshBash 2010/01/06 01:41:53
    michael wouldnt fake his death. he did not want to die and he wouldnt hurt his fans like that. plus, they said he was disguised as the blonde woman in the video? puh-leez. michael wouldnt even dare to go to a strip bar with madonna because it where "girls dress like guys and guys dress like girls" and thats just not his scene. he wouldnt dress up like her.
  • Pokedot7 2010/01/05 22:40:31
    Poor Michael he didnt deserve any of this
  • mindfreakloyal1 2010/01/05 18:59:32
    Don't mean to be rude but i highly doubt he was innocent and i don't blame the police for searching.
  • JayBee mindfre... 2010/01/05 21:20:49
    why do you doubt that?

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