The brave little toaster remake coming soon. Are you excited to see it?

✿Britt ❤'s Steven Tyler✿ 2012/09/16 00:44:51
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The Brave Little Toaster, a story about five plucky electrical appliances on an adventure, is on everyone’s radar again after 25 years. There have been so many re-makes out that it will be nice to have a Disney classic back on the screen again. It won’t just be the old characters like our dear toaster, vacuum cleaner, radio, blanket and lamp for a second time around, though. We’ve had myriad new technology since the late 80s, and one of the new members of the family is going to be an iPhone. Imagine that… a good old first generation one, or a all-too-quickly dumped 4S? We wonder.

Waterman Entertainment bought the rights to this classic, and told The Wrap that they will do an amazing job with it. for some reason I kind of believe them. After all, they are behind family favorites Stuart Little and Casper, which are already something of new classics.

That’s all the info we’ve got on this one for now, but sit tight. We’ll keep you posted on The Brave Little Toaster and his new and old friends!

The brave little toaster remake coming soon  Are you excited to see it
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