The 90 million Dollar man?

Gยเtคг Plคאєг ( JFK Democrat ) 2012/03/18 14:06:38
I think he will play for  Denver
I think he will play for Tennessee
I think he will play for San Fransisco
None of the above
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Payton has Narrowed it down to 3 Cities. Tennessee, Denver, and late comer San Fransisco.
Out of those 3 i do not believe he will go to Denver, Denver should fire Elway because he is an Asshole and he is the one that wants Tebow gone. But lets look at the big picture, Tebow got them to the playoffs and won the first round against one of my favorite teams the Steelers and looked really good in that game. I think Tebow will be better this year and they can build a future with him.
San Fran would be a good team For Payton, but they really do not need him. They were one game from the superbowl last year with a mediocre QB in Alex Smith and are probably a Favorite this year with or without Payton
Tennessee on the other hand gives a $90 million offer to Payton and a job for life. He was raised in Tennessee, His high school and College Coaches where trying to help bring him in and They will play the Colts 2 times a year, the same team that fired all their coaches and released many of their starters. The Irsay family deserves to get theirs butts kicked for being stupid and what Better person to do this Than Manning himself. As you can tell i am not a Colts fan and i live in Indiana.
Here is an Article from the Washington Post about Manning. Where do you think he will end up? I think he will end up playing for the Titans.

Peyton Manning completed the third leg of his workout trifecta today,
showing the Tennessee Titans how the strength in his arm is returning
as he recovers from neck surgery.

Manning worked out for the Denver Broncos on Friday and did a stealth workout for the San Francisco 49ers
on Tuesday. Both of those workouts took place at an indoor facility at
Duke University. Manning worked out today at a Knoxville, Tenn., high

It appears that no further teams will emerge and that now all Manning has to do is decide where to play.

“This morning we traveled to Knoxville and had a workout with
Peyton,” Titans General Manager Ruston Webster said in a statement
released by the team. “I thought he looked comfortable throwing the ball
and we had a good visit. This is another important step in the

If that sounds familiar, it’s because John Elway, the Broncos’
executive vice-president for football operations, said much the same
thing in tweets
Friday. “We enjoyed visiting with Peyton today in N.C. He threw the
ball great and looked very comfortable out there. Watching him throw
today was the next step in this important process for our team and
Peyton. It was a productive visit and went well.”

Denver knows it will take at least $90 million to get a deal done and
Tennessee owner Bud Adams has said he wants to make Manning, who played
at the University of Tennessee, a Titan “for life.” Tennessee also
might hold additional appeal because it plays the Colts twice a year.

The Niners are playing it closer to the vest. They may be a
late-comer, at least publicly, but Manning’s former coach in
Indianapolis loves them. “You put Peyton Manning in that offense,” Tony Dungy, now an NBC analyst, said, “and people are going to be scared to play them.”

Manning, released by the Colts on March 7, turns 36 next week. He has informed Arizona and Miami that he is no longer considering them.

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  • hari 2012/03/26 05:12:54
    I think he will play for Tennessee
  • Jdogg 2012/03/19 05:17:52
    I think he will play for Tennessee
    He started his career at knoxville, It would be nice to see him finish his career in Tn.
  • Joe Shwingding BN-ZERO 2012/03/18 16:07:47
    Joe Shwingding BN-ZERO
    Denver was making the strong play for him, and Tebow is so overdone. Tennessee upped the ante with their bid .... but .....
    If Peyton wants to win a Superbowl within the next two years (which is about what he has for playing time) San Francisco is the team to earn him the ring. Top defense weak division and signing receivers right and left.
    [..]As the team awaited word from Peyton Manning on the place of his future employment, it signed former Giants wide receiver Mario Manningham to a two-year contract, according to a league source. Financial terms were not revealed. Earlier in the week, San Francisco signed Randy Moss, 35, to bolster a wide receiving corps in need of an upgrade in 2012.
  • Frank 2012/03/18 16:00:01
    There goes the price of parking, tickets, beer, and hot dogs....

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