Tennis Grunts: Yay or Nay?

☠Xχ∂αмι∂αякαηgєℓχX☠ 2013/09/01 20:43:24
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For those of you who watch or play tennis, you are sure of what a tennis grunt sounds like. Some are louder than others. And some are a little obnoxious. What does it mean? I think of it as a trademark, or the player's signature grunt. What's the purpose of a tennis grunt? It shows you are into the game and that you are severely focused on technique. While some of you may agree, others may find the tennis grunt unnecessary and just a waste of breath.
serena williams serena williams
This girl sure has a tennis grunt of her own. Would she be just as good in skill if she dropped her signature grunt? Or would she forfeit? I had to bring Serena Williams into this since I am currently watching a game of tennis on KTHV (CBS) It seems as if with each grunt, her hit becomes more and more powerful.

If you play tennis, do you have a signature grunt? If so, does it help you better yourself in the competition? I'm just curious, and I'm sure many others wonder the exact same thing. When I play tennis, I don't make any grunt or sound. Maybe next time I just might test it for experimental purposes.
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