Ted Nugent Banned From the Discovery Channel: Fair or Foul?

Fergie 2012/12/20 00:00:00
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Ted Nugent has been banned from the Discovery Channel. How did this happen? The musician believed that his recent one hour special "Ted Nugent's Gun Country" was part of a planned series on the channel, but Discovery Channel is claiming it was never intended to be anything more than a one-time thing. Along with this, a representative from the channel also confirmed Nugent will never return to the channel in "any form or fashion." Sound harsh?

Apparently this has partly to do with ratings -- a spokesperson claimed Nugent's special performed very poorly -- but the complete banning from the channel may have more to do with the musician's politics.

Nugent was recently investigated by the Secret Service after claiming, "We need to ride into that battlefield and chop their heads off in November" in reference to Democrats at an NRA convention. He also went on what Rolling Stone called a "Twitter diatribe" after Obama's re-election.

What do you think SodaHeads? The Discovery Channel certainly has a right to choose who will be on its programs, but do you think this decision was fair or foul?

Ted Nugent won't be reappearing on the Discovery Channel anytime soon, according to The Raw Story.
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Read More: http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/ted-nugent-...

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  • Robert 2013/01/25 18:42:59 (edited)
    Considering the fact that he's not a current favorite musician guitar player in the way that his contemporaries are like Jimmy Page, Keith Richards, Pete Townsend and Eric Clapton are. I'm not saying who's music is better because that's a personal issue, but who's currently among contemporaries that are still popular because of their musicianship. Now, he can still play, but he's not a popular touring act and not their level so that one's clear. His only claim for popularity is his nut job rants on guns and hate, etc. Ted said that if Obama was reelected he'd either be dead or in jail. We're waiting Ted! Now, isn't it strange that HE was a draft dodger. All of his rants on supporting the military he draft dodged the Vietnam War! And he didn't dodge it by conscientious objection; naw not him. He did it by vomiting, defecating and no bathing for a week and failing the physical; that's how he did it! Now, some of you think there's a place for him on the Discovery Channel? To learn what? Why the best place for his slimy ass is in one of those shows so that he can be with his own kind which would be to be with the rest of his own kind which is that stuff that is gets cleaned up on that dirty dangerous job show. Put him in a toxic waist dump and make a show cleaning that up on the Discovery Channel.
  • Jason 2012/12/24 05:21:07
    Ted's an idiot. Plain and simple. Plus I saw him live not long ago and it was just terrible. Dragged on and on. I do like some of his music, especially the hunting and outdoor stuff..but he's as fried as Ozzy, and the sad part is he never did drugs.
  • JAR HEAD Jason 2012/12/31 10:02:37
  • rbeas 2012/12/22 01:56:24
    You cant be filled with hate and not expect repercussions. When you choose to separate yourself from others you get more separation than you actually wanted.
  • Daryl 2012/12/21 21:59:19
    I guess righties don't get to enjoy the freedom of speech.
  • JAR HEAD Daryl 2012/12/21 23:07:59
    he has a right to say what he wants just like the Discovery channel has the right to fire him for being a huge douchebag
  • Daryl JAR HEAD 2012/12/22 00:15:51
    Funny how you left wing morons didn't say that when they fired Maher and the Dixie Chicks.

    Oh yeah...you only like liberty when it works in your favor.

    If you are a REAL USMC veteran you swore an oath to defend the constitution.

    Deny free speech and you violate that oath.

    My guess is you got bumped for butt plugging or other such dishonor.
  • rbeas Daryl 2012/12/22 02:05:56 (edited)
  • Daryl rbeas 2012/12/22 19:18:05
    Make a fist and cram it right up your mud pipe.


    Then murder yourself.
  • JAR HEAD Daryl 2012/12/31 10:12:42
    you have a very tiny penis sir
  • Daryl JAR HEAD 2013/01/01 17:52:26
    Why are you fixated on my penis?

    Get my penis off your mind, you homo. I don't swing your way.
  • JAR HEAD Daryl 2012/12/31 10:13:20
  • JAR HEAD Daryl 2012/12/31 10:12:01
    hey mr small penis try making sense please. don't question my service dick when you have not fought for the right to do so like i have.and especially the Corps that you have no right to even speak you little bitc#
  • Daryl JAR HEAD 2013/01/01 17:52:59
    Packing chutes in the rear with the gear boy.
  • sneekyfoot 2012/12/21 18:43:03
    Ted is a F*&%$@ NUT JOB
  • stevegtexas@aol.com 2012/12/21 17:14:54
  • BlunderWoman 2012/12/21 17:06:14
    It's their channel, they can choose to air whatever they feel suits their audience.
  • ProudProgressive 2012/12/21 16:57:58
    Good riddance. Now if they can add anyone named "Palin" to the list they might regain a little of their lost credibility.
  • macbeth 2012/12/21 15:50:47
    Pedophile piece of crap.
  • bluelady 2012/12/21 15:48:58
    Ted in 2016
    I am real dissapointed in Discovery...they were doing so good with Sons of Guns and other shows...must be an idiot took over
  • Dandydon 2012/12/21 15:01:19
    Makes no difference to me,i never watch the discovery channel...
  • Libertarian Right 2012/12/21 14:33:30
    Libertarian Right
    I'm surprised though that the Discovery Channel even had anything to do with him in the first place. Then again shows like "American Guns," "Family Guns," and especially "Sons Of Guns," only serve to fuel negative stereotypes about gun owners and the Second Amendment. Maybe that was their point. It would not hurt my feelings to see them all cancelled.
  • Meng 2012/12/21 13:31:10
    I swear he must have Down's Syndrome or something. How does he not realize that he has never been relevant, and that the only people who care about what he says make the term "Redneck" seem like a sweet euphemism.

    The guy who sang "Cat Scratch Fever", telling people how to "make the pussy purr", should be nowhere near the Discovery Channel, unless they do a special on America's Top 10 Redneck Failures.
  • kevin.m.koop 2012/12/21 13:27:14
  • Squatch 2012/12/21 13:10:32
    Ted for President :)
  • JAR HEAD 2012/12/21 09:57:44
    hes a giant douchebag
  • D S JAR HEAD 2012/12/21 17:11:39
  • M 2012/12/21 09:01:55
    ted nugent

    Aww... could of made a good reality show.
  • Zee Black M 2012/12/21 17:01:08
    Zee Black
    Good? GUNS< GUNS< GUNS, Obama is the devil, blah blah blah, what a bore.
  • Tea in the Harbor 2012/12/21 04:13:41
    Tea in the Harbor
    The Nug said if Obama won he'd either be in prison or in a box. I'd like to hold him to that.
  • s2k 2012/12/21 02:25:43
    If it was for ratings that's one thing. But not just because the guys not PC
  • cnchess 2012/12/21 01:11:21
    I thought America was all about freedom? I guess I was wrong... it is about State controlled speech and thought.
  • Jake Blanton 2012/12/21 00:59:28
    Jake Blanton
    I saw today where the black guy that is the spokesman for Allstate spoke out against the 2nd Amendment recently on a tweet or something. Guess I'll be boycotting Allstate from now on.
  • s2k Jake Bl... 2012/12/21 02:26:44
    State Farm is much better anyway
  • Jake Bl... s2k 2012/12/21 05:21:57
    Jake Blanton
    Price motorcycle insurance through them and you might be surprised... There's a lot of companies that *advertise* that they insure motorcycles, but when you check on their rates, it's pretty obvious that they don't want your business since their rates are 10 times what you can get at some other companies... I think that Liberty Mutual gave me better rates on my cars though... Progressive for my motorcycles...
  • s2k Jake Bl... 2012/12/21 15:26:43 (edited)
    Full disclosure, I work for SF. In our state, only Progressive can compete on motorcycle and they don't pay claims. Only SF uses OEM parts here, all others use made in China after market. Progressive doesn't pay at all they just drag it out til you give up
  • Jake Bl... s2k 2012/12/21 19:12:20
    Jake Blanton
    My experience with motorcycle wrecks (from a few decades ago) is that when I had a wreck, there wasn't enough of the motorcycle left to worry about whether the bike was going to be rebuilt with OEM or aftermarket parts. The fact of the matter is that I was more concerned with how many aftermarket parts the doctors were installing in *my body*... :)

    Back then, I didn't have full coverage on my motorcycles anyway, so it didn't really matter...

    These days, I only have full coverage on one of my bikes -- my Harley... The other bikes are not worth enough to bother...
  • s2k Jake Bl... 2012/12/22 00:31:09 (edited)
    Good point. The OEM comment also applies to cars, tho. No one will buy you a new OEM bumper cover except SF for example
  • Jake Bl... s2k 2012/12/22 06:05:33
    Jake Blanton
    That could be good or bad... I've seen aftermarket parts that were better than the OEM parts.
  • nails 2012/12/20 23:57:25
    Good for Ted.
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