Tebow Trade Story Reeks of a Media Agenda: Does Media Want to Ruin Tim Tebow?

Fef 2012/09/14 18:00:00
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Jeff Capellini, a writer for WFAN.com in New York, suggests that the media has a lack of responsibility in reporting news about Tim Tebow. Capellini -- who has the Twitter handle @GreenLanterJet -- says the media rushed to report unsubstantiated rumors from unnamed sources solely as a "cheap way of creating a buzz."

I suggest that the media has an agenda to destroy Tim Tebow, an outspoken Christian. Many in the New York media have an anti-religious bigotry and mock Tebow at every chance. Now they have an unreliable story that negatively affects his relationship with his New York fans. They ran the story to discredit Tebow and possibly hurt his career in New York.

So now we're all in Tim Tebow's head. That's good to know going forward because I, for one, am dying to know how he thinks the upcoming season of "Survivor: Philippines" is going to shake out.

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  • boneman1 2012/09/14 20:11:11
    The media tries to smear any prominent figure that displays conservative, Christian beliefs.

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  • Bob DiN Joey 2012/09/15 06:47:46
    Bob DiN
    No one ever acused the media of knowing what they are talking about.
  • Joey Bob DiN 2012/09/15 06:55:01
    They talk this kid up left and right. They even had a press conference for a dang backup. And 80 people are suggesting that the media is out to get up. How many people sucking up to Tebow know what Lamaar Woodley for a lot of young people.
  • Bob DiN Joey 2012/09/15 06:56:33
    Bob DiN
    Lamaar who?
  • Joey Bob DiN 2012/09/15 06:57:08
    Thanks for proving my point.
  • Bob DiN Joey 2012/09/15 11:04:14
    Bob DiN
    Okay. However the bias MSM is still prejudice against Tebow. He does get coverage but it's negative coverage.
  • Joey Bob DiN 2012/09/15 11:21:37
    Most of this coverage is positive. You think story that is not even negative shows some bias .

    Look at all these trade rumor stories .


    but since it happen to Tim the world is out to get him.

    You know there are a lot of Christians in the NFL right ?
  • Bob DiN Joey 2012/09/15 13:22:39
    Bob DiN
    Not what I've seen and read.
  • Joey Bob DiN 2012/09/15 13:27:00
    Do you even know anything about football ?
  • Bob DiN Joey 2012/09/15 13:54:17
    Bob DiN
    Yes I been a fan for over 50 years. I also played a little back in the day.
  • Frank Joey 2012/09/17 20:37:07
    Son, You mean like they spend more time talking about Michael Vick than anyone, former felon and dog killer.....All they talked about last night on ESPN and I never saw Tebow once.....
  • Joey Frank 2012/09/18 05:38:24
    First off they talked about a lot more people than Vick . Next what should they have said about Tebow beside he had ONE good run. That is all he did last week. And they still talked about him.
  • cddjmikey 2012/09/15 05:06:05
    They can't believe there exists a person that still has morals. They must destroy him before it spreads and brings them down !
  • y so serious 2012/09/15 04:30:55
    y so serious
    They attacked him for having this pose in GQ magazine, saying he was "obviously" implying Christ's pose on the cross

    aww yeah, they don't have it out for him at all....

    Tim Tebow cross

  • john richardson 2012/09/15 02:54:25
    john richardson
    White conservative Christian the only other catching more heat is Mitt Romney
  • Lorenz0... john ri... 2012/09/15 02:58:27
    Lorenz0 W. ElMenzo
    Yep. for exactly the same reasons!
  • Georgia50 2012/09/15 02:34:18
    I don't know if the media is out to ruin Tebow or not. Fortunately Tebow is focused and will not be distracted by the media whether they're his biggest fans or his worst detractors. He's a fierce competitor and a loyal team member. That's what matters on the grid iron.
  • Todd The Libertarian 2012/09/15 02:17:43
    Todd The Libertarian
    Tim is a good kid who can not throw.These storys good n bad has helped the kid spread his faith.
  • Todd 2012/09/15 01:48:26
    Media won't ruin Tebow. His inaccuracy will
  • In Love... Todd 2012/09/15 05:47:11
    In Love With Liberty
    they have mocked his religious beliefs on occasion. I don't think he's an elite QB but he wins games, and he is a truly kind person of the field.
  • Todd In Love... 2012/09/15 05:50:09
    Yeah he was winning games with one of the best defenses in the league. Like Shannon Sharpe said on him moving to NY with Mark Sanchez, you can't start a good restaurant with two bad chefs
  • In Love... Todd 2012/09/15 05:52:36
    In Love With Liberty
    He makes plays when it counts.
  • Todd In Love... 2012/09/15 05:53:34
    Put him on your fantasy team then and good luck with his stats
  • In Love... Todd 2012/09/15 05:57:01 (edited)
    In Love With Liberty
    Well to me football isn't just about fantasy points. It's about which players are leaders, which players gather the team around them to help create a winning atmosphere. Talent is just one part of them game. If it were the only part the Patriots would win the superbowl every year.
  • Todd In Love... 2012/09/15 15:26:33
    If he was such a leader how come he got cut from his first team
  • Todd In Love... 2012/09/15 15:27:11
    And the patriots are incredibly diciplined how much football do you even watch
  • In Love... Todd 2012/09/15 17:04:29
    In Love With Liberty
    I'm saying if football relied on talent alone then talented teams like the patriots would win all the time. I do agree they are disciplined.
  • Todd In Love... 2012/09/16 00:56:31
  • Jenn 2012/09/15 01:45:28
    dont see them picking on anyother ones
  • Yes
    Jerry (Iron Priest)☮ R ☮ P ☮ 201
    They don't like him because he stands in opposition to their Darwinian opinions.
  • conservyT 2012/09/15 00:25:13
    he's a good Christian man and that upsets the Secular Media.
  • Joey conservyT 2012/09/15 06:43:57
    Really everyone time I read some of this crap I am floored . Do you know anything at all about football ? Tebow has been getting more press than a lot of better QBs out there . And now the media is out to get him ?
  • conservyT Joey 2012/09/18 00:10:57
    YES I know Football.

    This isn't about his game this is about how he’s treated because he doesn't fit the typical athlete persona.

    Now look, if you don't like my comment about him oh well, go bug someone else that gives a hoot about Your Feelings.
  • Joey conservyT 2012/09/18 05:40:12
    Yeah good a Christians never cares about others feels lol.. Besides that funny that you were not able to address the points made .
  • conservyT Joey 2012/09/18 19:08:46
    You write the following:

    “Really everyone time I read some of this crap I am floored . Do you know anything at all about football ? Tebow has been getting more press than a lot of better QBs out there . And now the media is out to get him ?”

    This sounds more like a comment; No points made here.

    Now You write the following:

    Yeah good a Christians never cares about others feels lol.. Besides that funny that you were not able to address the points made .

    What points have You made?

    Are You asking me of my knowledge with regards to Football?

    What are you asking or what points have You made?
  • Joey conservyT 2012/09/19 03:13:00
    Wow you did not understand the point that was made. I stated point blank.. Tebow is getting more press than Better QBs . That shows you right there the media is not out get him . Yet you guys want to act as if Tebow is getting Oppressed .. you know there are a ton of trade rumors going around . Why does ONE about Tebow cause an outcry .
  • conservyT Joey 2012/09/19 15:29:32
    You have no points.

    You remind me of those hateful jealous women.

    STOP hating on Tebow!

    Dude, you've bored me, now go away.

  • Joey conservyT 2012/09/19 15:38:17
    If I could not support my stance I would get bored too.
  • conservyT Joey 2012/09/19 16:13:12
  • jc 2012/09/15 00:16:31
    Of course they are.However, he can win out by succeeding .
  • Gia 2012/09/15 00:03:57
    The media is ALWAYS out to get someone! media  going crazy

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