Taylor Swift Says She Doesn't Like to 'Wear the Pants' in a Relationship: Is It Better to Be Aggressive or Timid When Dating?

The Big Question 2012/11/14 01:27:49
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  • missaka 2012/11/23 22:08:11
    Dis girl need help all the way
  • cathy mendoza 2012/11/15 22:02:08
    cathy mendoza
    Actually I honestly think that if you can't be yourself then you're better off alone or with someone who isn't threatened by your personality
  • Serenity Guru of lurve *wink* 2012/11/15 12:27:46 (edited)
    Serenity  Guru of lurve *wink*
    I have been more aggressive in past relationships but I think I just had some growing up to do . Much easier going these days but every body knows not to push my buttons and if they do step back and watch me go (my nick name is TAZ ) I'm not kidding . come over to the dark side
  • Nicole 2012/11/15 09:01:51
    Both, really. I think you should be able to stand up for yourself and not get walked all over, but I also think you shouldn't be bossy or pushy. You need to balance each other out and work together.
  • Willow 2012/11/15 00:52:08
    I'm just that kind of person.
  • JustBeingAtPeace 2012/11/14 23:58:19
    I am more assertive and easy going for the most part I say what I feel is necessary then it is what the end result is as long as we acknowledge all sides I am good.
  • Mya Faire 2012/11/14 21:30:03
    Mya Faire
    Actually, neither. Both parties should be assertive. But I have to say, for someone who doesn't like to "wear the pants" in her relationship, she sure is aggressive through her songs once they end.
  • P..W 2012/11/14 19:13:42
    niether really you should be able to be strong but not aggressive or back down.
  • chrisjay 2012/11/14 18:51:48
    I think more guys would appreciate a woman who is timid but has enough respect for herself that she won't let you walk all over her. Aggressive women tend to make a relationship more difficult for the guy, eventually he will get fed up. The key is balance.
  • Cher 2012/11/14 17:45:54
    Timid I would say if your dating, but if your married whooooo you better know how to be aggressive...
  • Sam 2012/11/14 16:14:43
    i can afford to be mean;)
  • Kimmie 2012/11/14 15:02:25
    If you want something; Reach out and Take it!
  • Anthony 2012/11/14 13:48:47 (edited)
  • ready46xwu 2012/11/14 12:31:09
    51 to 51!!
    sounds like subs & doms
    will have a good time together!
  • pantagruella 2012/11/14 12:19:14
    Thanks for the choice. I'm always aggressive is a massively intellectual way when I'm dating. I don't date so I am very relaxed on the issue. Taylor Swift is saying she prefer the role of a female rather than a male. Pants is a funny word. For us here across the Pond it means underwear.
  • Nika pantagr... 2012/11/15 03:26:15
    haha I didn't know that!
  • Lorenz0 W. ElMenzo 2012/11/14 11:57:57
    Lorenz0 W. ElMenzo
    I've, always been Aggressive!, It's, just my nature, eh?
  • Drummerboy 2012/11/14 11:26:58
  • Rhi-ot. 2012/11/14 11:11:53
    Both. There shouldn't be one person who is agressive or one person who is timid.
  • Lady Whitewolf 2012/11/14 11:04:19
    Lady Whitewolf
  • Cuckold 2012/11/14 10:49:23
    Since I'm timid and haven't had much luck, I'm thinking aggressive is better.
  • Roberto 2012/11/14 09:55:36
    For me anyways, seeking someone who needs looking after. I like being a big sibling in a figurative way to all my lovers.
  • ed 2012/11/14 09:25:38
    Myself I prefer the lady in my relationship to be more timid and a little aggressive.
  • LaiLaiHart 2012/11/14 07:43:36 (edited)
    If you are not my mother, dont tell me what to do. if you are not my brain, dont tell me what to say. if you are not my feelings, dont tell me what to wear. if you dont earn my paycheck, dont tell me what to buy. If you stay out all night, ima put your clothes outside so you or whoever else wants them, can pick them up. Theres a certain amount of respect that comes in a relationship. its 50-50 with me. you are going to cook, clean, pay bills, and care for the kids, just like me. womans place my left foot. if that is a problem, there is the door, please walk out in a hurry, because you are wasting my time :) that is time i could be using to find a more useful man. i want to let it be known, you are a want, not a need. #teamindependentwomen
  • Ashley 2012/11/14 07:19:47
    Well actually... neither...

    It is NEVER good to be controlling. It is equally NEVER good to be the doormat.

    Love is a give and take equation... it's mutual, not something that falls all on one of the two to fuel or to be the cornerstone that supports the entire weight..

    What a silly question. There's no correct answer here.
  • thє вluє wαndєrєr 2012/11/14 06:47:33 (edited)
  • Roberto thє вlu... 2012/11/14 09:56:56
    He he. Reptilian shapeshifter. A member of the Illuminati and the Annunaki no doubt.
  • thє вlu... Roberto 2012/11/14 21:08:10
  • Surgeon ~The Egalitarianist~ 2012/11/14 06:33:19
    Surgeon ~The Egalitarianist~
    Depends on the person. I prefer to be more passive and submissive myself (read: not a doormat, I just let him take the lead) and him be more assertive and dominating.
    Most people are a little bit of both but for me I work well with more dominating personalities, well those who I like (if I don't like you, prepare to be out dominated), because I'm submissive by nature.

    So for me it's a balance of power and I prefer to be the more passive/submissive one while the other person is more assertive/dominating. Aggression, however, scares me a bit and can cause me to react with aggression of my own. I don't like it when people come on to strong to me, it seems too forceful in my opinion. Taking the lead is one thing, but aggression is another.

    But for most people overall I'd say it's both, good to be both, but it really just depends on the people. If two personalities are aggressive then they'll butt heads all the time, if they're both too timid then the relationship wont go anywhere. So, yeah, in the end it just depends. For me though, I prefer to be the submissive one in a relationship. Not really timid, because I'm not timid, I just like someone else to take the lead.
  • MQ-American Values Again (AVA) 2012/11/14 06:26:49 (edited)
    MQ-American Values Again (AVA)
    Neither aggressive or timid ... both are extremes that turn most people off .. just be yourself ... have a good sense of humor .. don't be overly needy .. be interesting .. be supportive of your partners need for private time, etc. . relax and have fun .. let nature take its course ... don't push marriage down your partners throat too soon ... hold hands .. compliment with sincerity .. find common interests .. be trustworthy and keep your relationship between you and your mate ... don't allow 3rd parties to stick their noses into your business, or make decisions that should be made between you and your partner, or you will find yourself without your mate .. 3's a crowd in the world of a grown ups private relationship ...
    three is a crowd
  • Anna 2012/11/14 06:19:46
    A mix. You have to stand your ground, but you can't run the other person over.
  • SaraiLeaf 2012/11/14 06:06:09
    both. because if you're too timid the relationship is on only them and its not really a relationship. if you're too aggressive then it's not good because then...well yeah. in between is good
  • Shawna 2012/11/14 06:00:56
    Neither. Those are two extremes and healthy people in a healthy relationship should not be at either end. It's a partnership where each personality supports and complements the other.
  • GoDucks5 2012/11/14 05:55:11
    Well it doesn't really matter but didn't she date Tim Tebow?
  • Kiki,Pixie,Worm 2012/11/14 05:52:42
    A mix of both, you can't be too timid, and you can't be too timid :).
  • AN 2012/11/14 05:49:51
    it all depends on the relationship
  • realist 2012/11/14 05:49:51
    There is a happy median called being 'Supportive'.
  • Shawna realist 2012/11/14 05:59:48
    Oh I just fell madly in love with you!
  • realist Shawna 2012/11/14 06:18:21
    haha, its really not that difficult. I think people are just pressured into believing everything is difficult because they are all entitled individuals that should feel threatened should anyone ask them to do something or 'goodness forbid' be accommodating of compromise. No surprise when most TV shows seem to only portray broken marriages, dysfunctional families, rebellious children, cheating blah blah... lol
  • Shawna realist 2012/11/14 06:21:52
    People treat their "best friend" better than their spouse in many cases. Sure there is compromise in a relationship, but you should want to make those compromises, not resent them. If you resent them you are not in a loving relationship.

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