Supergirl: A New Movie To Be Made. Whom Should Play Her?

Astro-Boy 2010/01/20 01:56:22
It's all speculation at this point but I find it fun and entertaining to talk about. It was done back before X-Men was filmed and a lot wanted Patrick Stewart To Play Professor X and they got their wish. So, lets continue our trend and wonder whom could be the next Supergirl.
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  • andreas.isaksen.75 2012/09/23 22:19:07
    Just 1 girl who can fill that role , Elle Fanning
  • connie minutolo 2012/08/04 18:06:13
  • connie minutolo 2012/08/04 18:03:21 (edited)
    connie minutolo
    Amanda Seyfried as Supergirl
  • alex.davenport.9883 2012/07/03 04:17:28
    Jamie Lynn Spears or Laura Vandervoort
  • Romel 2011/09/28 06:18:09
    Who should play Supergirl? Here! play supergirl
  • don 2011/09/26 02:18:27
    supergirl needs kaley from big bang theory she looks the part.
  • Unknown 2010/09/22 04:26:19
    If u look at wikipedia and look at the Bridget medler from good luck Charlie it has her listed to play supergirl in 2011!!!! So there is ur answer!!
  • ColinGritt 2010/05/31 18:23:21
    i think that Kaley Cuoco or Alyssa Milano
    would be great candidates to play supergirl
  • elptrek P.H.A.E.T.'s wizard 2010/01/25 04:58:58 (edited)
    elptrek P.H.A.E.T.'s wizard
    laura vandervoort
    laura vandervoort
  • Sean Em... elptrek... 2012/02/08 18:42:03
    Sean Emmert
    Loved her in smallville. She would definitely get my vote.
  • elptrek... Sean Em... 2012/02/08 20:37:06
    elptrek P.H.A.E.T.'s wizard
    So did I.
  • freedomisastateofmind 2010/01/22 20:23:24
    Penny! this would work out so great with the big bang theory story! penny work bang theory story
  • Katty 2010/01/22 00:14:41
  • RC 2010/01/21 13:55:26

    This has to be another BIG move for my choice here! She's got to be chosen to star in a movie soon anyways.I think she'd be perfect!
  • Red 2010/01/21 02:17:19
    Mary Elizabeth Winstead mary elizabeth winstead
  • Nick Name 2010/01/20 23:48:39
    Nick Name
    Kaley Cuoco from the Big Bang Theory. She has the attitude for it. And the looks. kaley cuoco bang theory attitude kaley cuoco bang theory attitude
  • neville 2010/01/20 20:42:36
  • tooner259 2010/01/20 20:12:38
    Jessica Biel
  • Pat 2010/01/20 19:06:48
  • fairiefang -annoying fashio... 2010/01/20 15:25:50
  • Superman 2010/01/20 15:23:36
    Ok, so Supergirl is supposed to be a teenage girl. So it has to be someone young or that can straddle that young line. Shes a blonde, lithe frame, could be taller.

    Yvonne Strahovski from Chuck. She could pass as an 18-19 year old with an atitude. Question is who plays villain and how would the film run? Is she already Supergirl? Is this another origin story? Maybe Silver Banshee as a villain? Her rocket finally crashes on earth after a much longer travel time. She tries to get used to the new surroundings and she keeps seeing this Superman doing heroic things on tv. She finds after a few days she has similar powers and at the same time Banshee shows up for some reason and starts causing chaos. Inspired by this Superman guy she puts together her own Supergirl costume and goes after Banshee. In the post script you get a crossover by Superman explaining who she is - Kara Zor El, his cousin. He welcomes her to Earth.

    script crossover superman explaining kara zor el cousin welcomes earth script crossover superman explaining kara zor el cousin welcomes earth script crossover superman explaining kara zor el cousin welcomes earth
  • Katty Superman 2010/01/22 00:09:03
    i LOVE chuck!!!!!!!
  • sweetypie_12 2010/01/20 14:34:11
    ME im already super!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Son of Furious 2010/01/20 12:24:59 (edited)
    Son of Furious
    I'm not sure who I'd like to see play the character. I like Supergirl though she just looks so cool in the comics and I think it would be a good movie especially for girls. It just sounds like a good idea. play character supergirl cool comics movie girls sounds But I play character supergirl cool comics movie girls sounds 'd really like to see a Green Arrow movie mainly because I'm an archer. XD But should they make one I hope they keep it innocent and non political just portray Oliver Queen as a man who discovers his purpose in life to help the less fortunate.
  • Captain America 2010/01/20 07:18:46
    Captain America
    No blonds.

    She needs to be a brunet.

    blonds brunet
  • Puck ~PHAET 2010/01/20 04:27:27
    Puck ~PHAET
    As long as it's none of the Disney kids, or Paris Hilton, I really don't care. I doubt I'd watch it anyway. I'm not a fan of Supergirl.
  • Vic~*PHAET*~ 2010/01/20 03:24:39 (edited)
    I heard a rumor that Taylor Swift was being considered, but I don't really agree with that. I'll determine it after I see Valentine's Day. lol.

    heard rumor taylor swift ill determine valentines lol
    Sienna Miller maybe...

    heard rumor taylor swift ill determine valentines lol sienna miller
    Taylor Momsen, too...

    Buuuuutt....if not an unknown actress.
  • Delilah Rasputin 2010/01/20 03:20:00
    Delilah Rasputin
    maybe Hayden Panettiere? pretty, blonde, and experience playing someone with powers... hayden panettiere pretty blonde experience playing powers
  • moomoof 2010/01/20 02:44:26
    ah crap the character that never made sense and the movie that never made sense is getting another movie

    meh some unknown blonde chick
  • Astro-Boy moomoof 2010/01/20 02:46:16
    Comic Book fans are drolling over it. Not as the character, just as seeing more and more being made. The overall picture is fr them to see their fave books as movies.
  • moomoof Astro-Boy 2010/01/20 02:52:52
    hmmm well good i never liked the superman comics or shows
    i still think the character makes no sense or the movie lol
  • Astro-Boy moomoof 2010/01/20 02:53:33
    I don't like Superman either.
  • moomoof Astro-Boy 2010/01/20 02:59:25
    lol cool i am not alone
  • Astro-Boy ♥TheQue... 2010/01/20 02:42:50
    who's that?
  • ♥TheQue... Astro-Boy 2010/01/20 02:43:59
    LOL idk
  • Astro-Boy ♥TheQue... 2010/01/20 02:44:21
  • Delilah... ♥TheQue... 2010/01/20 03:20:46
    Delilah Rasputin
    is that the chick in Nip/Tuck maybe?
  • ♥TheQue... Delilah... 2010/01/20 03:32:55
    I think so... but idk her name lol
  • Delilah... ♥TheQue... 2010/01/20 03:38:30
    Delilah Rasputin
    imdb.com best website ever for stuff like this. her name is Kelly Carlson

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