Subbed or dubbed?

Angel 2007/09/14 01:46:22
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The eternal debate;Do you prefer anime Subtitled with japanese audio or Full english dubbed ?
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  • verilix 2009/11/15 18:25:34
  • Kira 2009/10/01 22:33:22
    Dubbed.You're not supposed to READ a show.
    Read in book's not on TV
  • deleted 2009/07/26 22:06:05 (edited)
    Subbed.It was meant to be in Japanese.
    here in sweden, pretty much all foreign tv shows are subbed, so i guess im just used to subs

    i also dont like when the lips dont match the words..
  • Damaris 2009/05/22 00:02:59
    Subbed.It was meant to be in Japanese.
    i just prefer it that way
  • {..Britt..}need new SH account 2008/01/05 19:57:49
    Both,depends on the anime and the dub company really...
    {..Britt..}need new SH account
    I like watching both actually. I think that it's nice to see the anime in english too but japanese is sometimes better.
  • Sampire 2007/11/27 03:36:58
    Subbed.It was meant to be in Japanese.
    The original voices are much better suited for the characters.
    The only anime I can watch dubbed is Yu Yu Hakusho. I grew up watching that. xD
  • TwilightPrincess~Miharu 2007/11/14 21:35:14
    Subbed.It was meant to be in Japanese.
    Well most animes are better with subtitles, but some are better in English because of the sounds of the voices in Japanese.
  • Litbuff 2007/09/18 23:41:19
    Subbed.It was meant to be in Japanese.
    I think this is what I would prefer...although, I don't watch anime. However, I prefer foreign films subbed rather than dubbed...i can't stand it when the lips don't match the words!!!
  • Fef 2007/09/14 06:38:48
    Subbed.It was meant to be in Japanese.
    I like hearing the original voices. I also learned a bit of some foreign languages by seeing the translation and hearing the words. And, sometimes I know the original language so I like to see both.

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