Steve Nash Makes A 4-Year-Old Cry After Finding Out He Went To The Lakers!

zbacku 2012/07/10 01:59:03
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How Sad.
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  • Duke----The Non Racist, Fun... 2012/07/10 02:25:40 (edited)
    Care To Comment?
    Duke----The Non Racist, Funny Duke !
    aaaaaaaaw, here's another little baby crying over stupidity....but that's OK, the video has gone viral, so let's send to her lot's and lot's of money because of it.

    (Youtube, Damn made for idiots to post anything)
  • zbacku Duke---... 2012/07/10 02:28:51
    I hope you never had a four year old cry over any 'stupidity'. Find Dad you would or have made.
  • Duke---... zbacku 2012/07/10 02:43:05
    Duke----The Non Racist, Funny Duke !
    It's not the crying over something stupid that is bad, it's the posting every little thing on youtube and the really dumb ones helping it to go viral and then the real bad idiots that would then send money to who ever is on the video...like recently "The Bus Monitor" that just because some kids where bullying her and , Wow, being some Monitor that she was suppose to be, got her feelings hurt, video goes viral and she gets almost a million dollars sent to her?!

    Again, it's the real idiots that send in money over doing nothing that really gets me.

    Being a dad? Been there done that. Raised three boys, now grown and gone and thank goodness before the viral video stupidness.

    And I taught them well on what really matters in life. Unlike most of the little piss ants of today's generation that are just so shallow.

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