SPCA commercials, awesome or awful?

Rawr..fear me!!plz?? 2011/12/26 20:51:27
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So we've all seen the SPCA commercials- ya' know, the ones with the depressing pictures and sad music? They certainly get the point across, but do they do it in a bad way?
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  • kobidobidog 2015/06/01 00:33:39 (edited)
    I don't like the false caring of SPCA. They are at war against the same animals they say they care about. God gave them their sexual organs. SPCA as one institution destroying them. I want them to stop doing that. I cannot support people s who do that. They make commercials about drugs given to them that are harmful in a cute happy commercial.That is sadistic to me.
  • sharon 2012/12/31 01:26:32
    Awful, they're depressing!
    What really gets me is why are they spend teh incredable amount of money it costs to do those adds. I love animail but the ads really upset me and I would never sent them a penny. They need to use that money to help the animals instead of waisting it on ads that are upsetting. I fast foward so I don't have to see the ad. I'm considering not watching shows that show those ads!
  • Kelliebabe 2011/12/27 05:42:37
    Awesome, they really get the point across.
    they seem to get to me alot since i love animals so much. i donate and i have about a hundred posters of the ASPCA communities and amazing about what they give to you in return.
  • Katie 2011/12/26 21:23:27
    Awful, they're depressing!
    They are so freakin' sad!!!
  • Doug King 2011/12/26 21:17:21
    Doug King
  • Awesome, they really get the point across.
    υяsυℓα  vεηgεαηcε ►нαя∂ cσяε sтяαιgнт ε∂gε◄
    They get their point across by being depressing, imo.

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