Song Titles That Have The Word I in Them. Do You Know any?

Gracie ~Gun Totin' Gracie~ 2008/10/08 06:02:54
This Is  So  Easy
I  Know a Ton,,,,,,,
Not Sure......
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  • diaverde08-AmericanKilljoy 2008/10/09 19:49:21
    I Know a Ton,,,,,,,
    "I Don't Love You"
    My chemical Romance:

    What I've Done-Linkin Park

    Here I Stand-Madina Lake

    "I Never Told You What I Do For A Living" (I know it's a long-ass title)-My chem

    I Want to Hold your Hand-Beatles.

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  • Suki 2009/03/11 03:55:58 (edited)
    This Is So Easy
    If I Had a Hammer

    I Am A Rock

  • Slayer 2009/03/11 03:17:48
    This Is So Easy
    Idaho by Afroman
  • Dino 2009/01/30 05:02:29 (edited)
    This Is So Easy
    Me, Myself and I by De La Soul

  • _Rebekah's Shadow_ 2009/01/29 22:34:24
    This Is So Easy
    _Rebekah's Shadow_
    All These Things I Hate- BFMV
    I'm in love with a girl- Gavin Degraw
    What I've Done- LP
    Here I stand- Madina Lake
    I Write Sins Not Tragedies- PANIC at the disco
    I'm not alright- Sanctus Real
    I Hate Everything About You- 3 Days Grace

    And if I'm allowed to use other langauges translated
    Ich Bin Nich' Ich -TH
    Ich Brech Aus -TH
    Ich Liebe dich- TH
  • Мередит Энн 2008/12/13 22:50:37
    I Know a Ton,,,,,,,
    Мередит Энн
    okaayy, i know A LOT.
    and i started amking a list, and it ended up taking more than ten pages up in microsoft word. so im not gonna post it right here out of benefit for everyone, but ill put it in a blog of anyone cares to see it.
  • madi 2008/11/15 05:27:40
    I Know a Ton,,,,,,,
  • divajinx 2008/10/19 15:14:34
    This Is So Easy
    Do I really need to list 'em all? Get real.....this was a dumb question! To name a few: "I Will Always Love You", "I'm Leaving On A Jet Plane", "I Am The Walrus", "When Will I Be Loved".....the list goes on and on and on.....
  • Gracie ... divajinx 2008/10/19 19:34:07
    Gracie ~Gun Totin' Gracie~
    divajinx ......Do I really need to list 'em all? Get real.....this was a dumb question!

    And you took the time to answer.
    The dumb one is you ! But i don't have to deal with your petty
    remarks... I am going to make sure you will be passing up my polls
    from now on , at least with this stupid name you are using now.
    Go troll elsewhere!
  • muffincake 2008/10/18 19:25:22
    This Is So Easy
    "hate to say I told you so" - the hives
    "I'll kill her" - soko
    "I might be wrong" - radiohead
    "I hope you die" - bloddhound gang
    "I gave my life" - friska viljor
    "I remember nothing" - joy division
    "I want you" - the kooks
    "I don't like you anymore" - the last shadow puppets
    "I could have done this myself" / "everyone I know listens to crunk" - lightspeed champion
    "if I leave you" - mando diao
    "I want you to stay" / "the night I lost my head" / "now I'm all over the top" - maximo park
    "I'm a lady" - santogold
    "tonight I have to leave it" - shout out louds
    "I hate the summer" - sixnationstate
    "I wanna die" - adam green
    "if I found out" / "I love" - athlete
    "if this hat is missing I've gone hunting" - get well soon
    "I walk the line" / "I've got stripes" - johnny cash
    "if i don't live today I might be here tomorrow" - mando diao
  • A X L E 2008/10/17 02:42:24
    I Know a Ton,,,,,,,
    A X L E
    "Somewhere I Belong" Linkin Park
    "Before I Forget" Slipknot
    "Animal I Have Become" Three Days Grace
    "I Hate Everything About You" Three Days Grace
    "I Don't Care" Apocalyptica (feat. Adam Gontier)
    "This Is How I Disappear" My Chemical Romance
  • Anna.™ 2008/10/17 02:10:59 (edited)
    This Is So Easy
    I want you ti want me by cheap trick...
    i love this song!
  • GeoffGirardin 2008/10/11 11:48:35
    This Is So Easy
    I am so surprised no one has put the most obvious one of all up here. 'I Ran' by A Flock of Seagulls!
  • Dead Star ~ In MUSE I trust 2008/10/10 20:12:39
    Not Sure......
    Dead Star ~ In MUSE I trust
    This cocaine makes me feel like I am on this song

  • JennyTH♥ 2008/10/10 18:01:54
    I Know a Ton,,,,,,,
    I Wish by Hilary Duff
    Who Will I Be? by Demi Lovato
    Here I Am (Camp Rock)
    If I Could Have You Back by Aly & AJ...

    There's tons.
  • wedase 2008/10/10 17:10:26
    This Is So Easy
    I stand alone by Godsmack
  • diaverde08-AmericanKilljoy 2008/10/09 19:49:21
    I Know a Ton,,,,,,,
    "I Don't Love You"
    My chemical Romance:

    What I've Done-Linkin Park

    Here I Stand-Madina Lake

    "I Never Told You What I Do For A Living" (I know it's a long-ass title)-My chem

    I Want to Hold your Hand-Beatles.
  • diaverd... diaverd... 2008/10/09 19:58:22
    And a large number of Ramones songs.
    I don't wanna be a pinnhead no more
    I wanna be sedated
    I wanna be your boyfriend.
    I wanna sniff some glue.
  • Olyvia 2008/10/09 18:27:14
    I Know a Ton,,,,,,,
    I Caught Fire-The Used
    I Don't Care-Apocalypica
    I Never Told You What I Do For A Living-MCR
    I Want It All-Queen
    I Want A Mohawk But My Mom Won't Let Me Get One-AFI
    Here I Stand-Madina Lake
    When I Go Out I Want To Go Out On A Chariot Of Fire-Escape The Fate
    All These Things I Hate-Bullet For My Valentine
    I Was Wrong-Social Distortion
  • Shane - oldschoolelf 2008/10/09 16:01:02
    This Is So Easy
    Shane - oldschoolelf
    I am the one and only - Chesney Hawks
    I could fall in love - Selena
    I don't wanna be a hero - Johnny Hates Jazz
    I just died in your arms - Cutting Crew
    I know - Dionne Farris
    I like your smile - Shanice
    I believe I can fly - R. Kelly
    I miss you - Klymaxx
    I swear - All 4 one
    I wish - Gabrielle
  • hell.bound.bxtch.x 2008/10/09 15:05:50
    I Know a Ton,,,,,,,
    i believe i can fly...? this who i am...../ here i am!
  • Autumn 2008/10/09 07:49:56
    This Is So Easy
  • Macki 2008/10/09 06:49:32
    I Know a Ton,,,,,,,
    I will possess your heart, I wanna love you, i'd hate to be you when people find out what this song is about, i'll run, i'm a wonder, I'm Like A Lawyer With The Way I'm Always Trying To Get You Off, I Don't Care. the list goes on and on
  • Chelsea 2008/10/09 05:19:55
    This Is So Easy

    I knew you'd never fly ~ Eye Alaska
  • Strudel 2008/10/09 04:26:20
    This Is So Easy
    I Don't Love You-My Chemical Romance
    I Want You To Want Me-Cheap Trick
    I Am-Zebrahead
  • A7X.saved.my.life.[Zacky V.] 2008/10/09 03:27:57
    I Know a Ton,,,,,,,
    A7X.saved.my.life.[Zacky V.]
    I won't see you tonight
    Before I forget
    Somewhere I belong
    This I promise you
    and I know more..but I don't feel like typing the others..
  • thumbelina328- In God I Tru... 2008/10/09 03:27:09
    This Is So Easy
    thumbelina328- In God I Trust!!
    "I Love You" by Barney!
  • JennyTH♥ thumbel... 2008/10/10 18:02:40
    Omg that was what I was thinking when I read the question. haha
  • thumbel... JennyTH♥ 2008/10/10 21:12:49
    thumbelina328- In God I Trust!!
    LOL. every few weeks someone puts up a question like this. and i always use this song and video.
  • JennyTH♥ thumbel... 2008/10/10 21:35:16
    haha I used to love barney
  • thumbel... JennyTH♥ 2008/10/10 21:39:43
    thumbelina328- In God I Trust!!
    me too. but i haven't seen the show in like 10 years. lol.
  • JennyTH♥ thumbel... 2008/10/10 23:10:09
    I haven't in like 4.
  • thumbel... JennyTH♥ 2008/10/11 04:00:51
  • Kissmysong 2008/10/09 03:26:56 (edited)
  • Drama (SHTPP) 2008/10/09 02:39:02
    I Know a Ton,,,,,,,
    Drama (SHTPP)
    i won't see you tonight pt.1 & pt. 2
    Best i ever had (don't know this 1 found it in music library)
    everything i ask for
    Here i am
    Here i am to worship
    Here i go again
    Do i love her
    I am a rock
    I believe
    I can only imagine
    I can sing of your love forever
    I feel you
    I go to extremes
    I hate everything about you
    I know
    i still believe
    I will possess your heart
    I write sins not tragedies
    Just the way i am
    The older i get
    The one thing i have left
    Platypus (i hate you)
    Somewhere i belong
    What if i stumble
    When i come around
    Why don't you & i
    and that is all of the songs in my music collection with the letter I
  • SouthernB 2008/10/09 01:50:42
    Not Sure......
    ...this is what happens when I don't come in for awhile and all of the good answers are used up!
  • Gracie ... SouthernB 2008/10/09 04:08:10
  • burple17 2008/10/09 01:08:23
    I Know a Ton,,,,,,,
    I Wrote This Song - Making April
    I know lots more. But I don't feel like typing them out
  • Jules 2008/10/09 01:05:08
    This Is So Easy
    I wont see you tonight part 1 and 2. a7x
    before I forget, slipknot
    what I want, daughtry
    all these things I hate (revolve around me), bullet for my valentine
    somewhere I belong, linkin park
    thats five.....
  • Lynette 2008/10/09 00:51:10
    I Know a Ton,,,,,,,
    all these things i hate about you revolve around me - bullet for my valentine

    i kissed a girl - katy perry

    when i go out i want to go out on a chariot of fire - escape the fate

    plus more
  • Luna Avis 2008/10/09 00:48:42
    This Is So Easy
    Luna Avis
    "I am" by Hilary Duff is one

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