Some people (like me) cant draw very well apart from copying. is it still classified as drawing?

jen 2009/08/01 07:43:40
its not tracing. its seeing then drawing. like sketching but someones already put all the lines in
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  • mthafka 2009/08/01 08:00:47
    Try sketching out doors say at the park, just sit and sketch people while they are sitting or walking, give you practice, then move on to your own characters.

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  • rosalie 2009/11/06 23:44:12
    no, becuase its like writing a book you cant copy a book then publish it.
  • ♫ idealshine ♫ 2009/11/04 16:04:30
    ♫ idealshine ♫
    My draw is like a children´s draw :)
  • sglmom 2009/11/01 03:51:58
    Hey, if you're enjoying what you are doing .. and putting forth the effort to actually pick up the pencil and do this ...

    Who is to say whether or not it is 'drawing' at this time?

    Let me say this ..

    there are many ARTISTS (professional) nowadays that will do a small sized sketch, scan it into the computer, use such programs as Photoshop (or other drawing programs) to scale it properly -- and then project that scaled (digitally enhanced) DRAWING onto the surface of what they are using for the background .. then sketch out the outline before using whatever media (acrylics, oils, whatever) to finish the design.

    SO .. just be happy knowing that you are 'drawing' .. just part and parcel of MODERN Artistry!
  • Blistful 2009/10/31 23:06:52
    I say anything is better than drawing stick-people. What do you mean by copying? Do you trace over the picture or literally draw what you see? Or do you copy them on a Copyer?..
  • jen Blistful 2009/11/01 02:02:05
    i draw wat i see like copying the line position on the page not tracing... copier???
  • Blistful jen 2009/11/02 01:03:54
    O.k. What ever works for you...
  • Leo --Name Subject 2 Change-- 2009/10/31 13:37:23
    Leo --Name Subject 2 Change--
    yes. um.... well like, copying is still free-handing if i understand what ur saying.some people cant even trace. even tracing is a skill. so yes
  • ubiquitous_tergiversation 2009/10/31 06:04:38 (edited)
    Yep. Here's an idea... find several sources to copy and combine them into something new. ;)

    Also in copying things you learn what they look like, and eventually you will probably be able to draw without copying.
  • doofiegirl BTO-t- BCRA-F ~... 2009/10/31 01:48:29
    doofiegirl  BTO-t- BCRA-F ~PWCM~
    I started painting by doing the same thing. I'm still not great, but I love to paint. Copying helped me learn perspective and dimension
  • 5p0k3n4 2009/10/31 01:00:54
    as long as your not tracing, it may not be original, but yeah its drawing
  • Mrs. maggot 2009/10/30 23:19:53
    Mrs. maggot
    That's practicing...that's the only way to get better!
  • Chelle G 2009/10/30 21:16:23
    Chelle G
    Yeah, thats how u learn, thats what my sisters does,
  • *~Amelie~* 2009/10/30 17:54:20
    still counts as drawing in my eyes. i cant even copy something so youre one step ahead of me!
  • MelA 2009/10/30 17:18:51
    ABSOLUTELY!!!...That's how you develop your own skills and techniques. Jen, you keep drawing and before long you will have the confidence to create your own sketches!
  • ♥Isis♥ 2009/10/30 15:55:30
    Jen..Who cares if you start out tracing? you still have to have the gift to even trace..You can always just change a few things and call it your own.. I so wish I had the ability to draw.
  • I quit!!! 2009/10/30 15:08:48
    I quit!!!
    The act of copying is practicing drawing for getting better at copying. Learning technique and applying it in drawing, is part of a process making us better drawers. As an artist myself I know that copying something or tracing over it is not the same as going out and drawing what you see. Learning to copy only helps a person so far. It teaches them to copy. They learn how to draw that thing that they are copying. But ask the person to go out and draw a person on the street, most likely they wont be able to do it. The techniques in drawing are not the same as copying. It is an entirely different process evolving a different part of the brain.
  • dreamwriter12 ✲the libraria... 2009/10/30 15:03:30
    dreamwriter12 ✲the librarian of ρнaεt✲ in grammar I trust
    I count it as drawing. That's how I draw. lol.
  • madjack 2009/10/30 15:03:03
    It's part of learning to draw.Years ago,I got a scholarship to art school.Some of the assignments were to copy drawings from the masters.Drawings were also done of casts ,live models,anything.It's a step in developing your own style and techniques.Maybe you're ready to move on.Doesn't mean you leave what you're doing now,just more confident in your ability.Enjoy it.
  • tooner259 2009/10/30 14:55:28
    sounds like it,all eye-hand co-ordination.My art teacher taught us not to draw something unless we had a picture to guide us.
  • Eric ~ The Logician 2009/10/30 14:28:23
    Eric ~ The Logician
    This is the extent of drawing abilities for me

    extent drawing abilities
  • moomoof 2009/10/30 14:05:21
    Oh i do that
  • a 2009/10/30 13:57:07
    I think it does count as drawing. A artist sees things, such as a picture of the sunset. Yes it is drawing.
  • Katie! 2009/10/30 13:29:56
  • Lorenzo 2009/10/30 12:54:21
    It's drawing and it's art.
  • FREED Speaks Up 2009/10/30 12:46:22
    FREED Speaks Up
    Isn't drawing always copying? If I go to the beach and draw the ocean I'm copying from nature. It is possible you're referring more to creativity?
  • Nowonmai 2009/10/30 12:15:17
    Sure is, whether drawing from something you see, or something from memory. That is how artists get started.

    drawing memory artists
  • Hope & Love 2009/10/30 11:18:48
    Hope & Love
    If it is not tracing, then I believe it is drawing....just keep trying and practicing!!!
  • ۩Osiris۩ Loves Isis forever 2009/10/30 08:48:18
    ۩Osiris۩ Loves Isis forever
    It is drawing and its cool...

    Here are a few of mine... I am doing it now all the time...

    self portrait in my masonic apron

    drawing cool portrait masonic apron

    drawing cool portrait masonic apron

    drawing cool portrait masonic apron

    I am now doing full size paintings knowing full well my artistic limitations.. if you are compelled to produce art then just do it... It cant be wrong!
  • ♥Isis♥ ۩Osiris... 2009/10/30 09:34:17
    That is my baby! and you have so much more to put onto canvas!
    baby canvas
  • ۩Osiris... ♥Isis♥ 2009/10/30 15:59:09
    ۩Osiris۩ Loves Isis forever
    Thank you love!! :)

    .. and I need your help!!

  • ♥Isis♥ ۩Osiris... 2009/10/30 16:04:09
    you got it
  • ۩Osiris... ♥Isis♥ 2009/10/30 16:12:53
    ۩Osiris۩ Loves Isis forever
    I like-a de sphinx/mermaids on the pillars!!
  • ♥Isis♥ ۩Osiris... 2009/10/30 16:14:57
    Yes bebe!
  • ۩Osiris... ♥Isis♥ 2009/10/30 16:22:40
    ۩Osiris۩ Loves Isis forever
    She's got your elf ear!! :)

    I typed in mersphinx and this came up

    shes elf ear typed mersphinx
  • ♥Isis♥ ۩Osiris... 2009/10/30 16:28:03
    So cool!
  • T-Time1 2009/10/30 08:22:18
  • Ukraz 2009/10/30 07:59:51
    yeah, it classifies as drawing.. if you want to be able to make your own stuff, just observe things and practise
  • jen Ukraz 2009/10/30 08:03:59
    learn from other people techniques! smart one...
  • scratches 2009/10/28 15:17:36
    If this is your work in the picture above, you do very well. Even if you just trace the outline you still have to add the details. The shading and the eyes are done very well.

    In different mediums these jobs are called inkers and outliners. I know from years of avid comic book readin that inkers were the ones who brought the characters into their full vividness. Keep up the good work regardless.
  • Red high priestess in Nyx I... 2009/08/01 13:31:25
    Red high priestess in Nyx I trust
    Yes it is still classified as drawing!

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